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31 October 2015

the Treasure at the Bottom of Deep Shit Lake

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e-mail to former newsie colleague of Vleeptron Dude who found me 35 years later on LinkdIn or whatever
wow okay during my confusing and painful collisions with Higher Education, I majored in theater/drama at NYU in da Bronx (i.e., in wild theater party orgies), so now you tell me D**** has reached the Zenith of All My Life Ambitions: He's writ and staged an Off-Broadway Play!!! (Did they invite him to the cast party?) What is the play's name, who reviewed it? D**** used to mutter about eventually writing a novel, but I don't think he considered me Worthy to share Deep Literary Dreams with. Once I bought him a novel I liked, "The Origin of the Brunists" by Robert Coover, and tho he appreciated the gesture, I think the book made him throw up. (Not an original reaction to reading Coover.)
But Holy Krap he's an off-Broadway Playwright now! Color me violently envious!
Here's [4-sheet at top] something inspired by one of my favorite playwrights, I saw it produced in the little experimental theater at Lincoln Center, and IMHO the production sucked. 
But the play -- originally written by a French junior high school student about a math teacher he hated -- is just -- well, it opened up a New Universe for human beings, including moi. Postalo Vleeptron is one of my postal issuing authorities from my vacation planet (I got a condo in Ciudad Vleeptron near the Shoe Mirrors UnderWay stop).
As winter approaches, i am also violently envious of your childhood in the Bahamas. C2 taught in the Caymans for a few years -- I think she still has a bank account there with like $53 plus a few decades of interest. Wow, I know somebody what's got a bank account in the Caymans.
When we've been able to swing it, we like the (former) Dutch islands, particularly Statia. Stay away from the French half of Sint/Saint Maarten, you'll get shot or stabbed there, sometimes accidentally by les Gendarmes themselves. The Dutch half prohibits all such non-Calvinist misbehavior.
We don't have to do anything about our Leach Field, but it's not advised to eat stuff C2 grows on top of it. Most enjoyable story I covered in Miami was this huge garbage truck that had sunk into the landfill's Deep Shit Lake, and any foole who wanted to put on a deep-sea diver soot and go down there could have the big truck for free if he was successful. Took him 3 days of diving into Solid Waste, but he managed to hook a chain to that truck. (He told me it wasn't worth it, and he sure wasn't doing anything like that ever again. I think his gf operated the air pump topside.)
Pardon my senile dementia, I think M*****'s Pulitzer was for her Herald reporting, not for the girls basketball book. Do you know folks who shifted to the Palm Beach Whatchamacallit? Who?
Envious Bob

25 October 2015

PIZZAQ -- What kind of car was it?

Click to enlarge.
Courtesy of a guy on IRC.

Okay, after it knocks you down and speeds away, the cop will ask you what kind of car it was.

What kind of car was it?

... and, if you're a car buff, what else do you know about it?

Free 6-pack of good beer if you own one or ever drove one. Please supply details, routes and opinions. Did it make you happy? Did it make you unhappy?

1 Large Gluten-Free Pizza with endives, shallots, garlic and Camembert.