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31 December 2012

Happy New Year! Happy Reformed Gregorian Calendar 2013!

Click image to enlarge.
Someone -- an authentically talented visual artist -- complimented this, or got a giggle out of it, when Vleeptron first wished everybody a Happy New Year with it. 
So here it is again, and here's another Reformed Gregorian Calendar New Year again. And here are Vleeptron's very best and fondest wishes to all of you, and to all you love.
The original idea was to create a Happy New Year greeting card with no cliches. No exhausted old man in a long white beard shuffling off to make way for a newborn baby in a diaper/nappy. Vleeptron wanted a new, original cliche. So Vleeptron reached for the Einstein-Minkowski Light Cone -- the shape of Past, Present and Future, a consequence of the universe's speed limit for electromagnetic radiation (one form of which is light). When you're Here and Now, the inside of the Cone contains everything you could possibily ever perceive in the Universe, everything that was, everything that is, everything that will be.
To the distressing extent that Luck has anything to do with what's about to happen to all of us in the coming year, Vleeptron wishes everyone who sees this the Very Best Luck, the Very Best Year, sprinkled all over with Pleasant Surprises.
And my favorite magic spell: 

Banish Misfortune!
Tuesday 1 January 2013 begins in a few hours, and because the Earth revolves and is carved (awkwardly and semi-arbitrarily) into Time Zones, the whole hoopla begins (according to Wikipedia) here:
The central Pacific Ocean island nation of Kiribati claims that its easternmost landmass, uninhabited Caroline Island, is the first to usher in the New Year.
And eventually it will hit you, wherever you may be.
Oh -- just a tip about Something Wonderful coming in 2013. 
The buzz in the Comet Community (a very high-class bunch, with plenty of amateur members) is that Earth is going to see a spectacular comet
with teases that it will be the Comet of your Lifetime, will rival the full moon in the night sky, and even be visible during the day. Whatever show ISON puts on should begin around November, so you have plenty of time to plan your ISON party.
Traditionally at the Big Moment, everybody will sing a Scots song whose lyrics (by Robert Burns) begin
Should auld acquaintance be forgot
and never brought to mind
The Vleeptron Dude gets sadder and sadder as time goes by and people I loved and liked and admired and got a bang out of drift away.
I'll be thinking of every one of you when the world sings Auld Lang Syne, and I wish to hell you'd all drop me a line and let me know sup with you. I take all the blame for all the drifting.

28 December 2012

make Vleeptron Dude happy -- e-mail or phone Obama about possible Hagel nomination

to Share Your Feelings with President Obama,

The Hill
(daily newspaper covering USA Congress)
Thursday 27 December 2012

Log Cabin Republicans 

attack possible Hagel 
cabinet nomination

by Daniel Strauss

A group representing gay Republicans published an ad opposing the potential nomination of former Sen. Chuck Hagel (Republican-Nebraska) for secretary of Defense.

The ad, published Thursday in The New York Times by the Log Cabin Republicans, cites comments Hagel made 14 years about James Hormel who was then being considered for a diplomatic post. Hormel, who is gay, was nominated by then-President Clinton to be ambassador to Luxembourg.

"They are representing America [as ambassador]. They are representing our lifestyle, our values, our standards. And I think it is an inhibiting factor to be gay — openly, aggressively gay," the ad quotes Hagel as saying.

The Log Cabin Republican ad also attacks Hagel's positions on Iran and Israel.

"Chuck Hagel: Wrong on gay rights. Wrong on Iran. Wrong on Israel," the ad continues. "Tell President Obama that Chuck Hagel is wrong for Defense Secretary."

Hagel, who is seen as the president’s top choice to replace Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, has come under attack from both conservative and liberal groups.

Conservative groups have raised questions about his approach to Israel, hitting Hagel for comments he made as a senator about the "Jewish lobby" attempting to intimidate lawmakers.

Foreign policy hawks also say that Hagel would not do enough to stop Iran's nuclear program from developing weapons, citing his past votes against extending sanctions on Iran.

Earlier this month, Hagel sought to address the growing criticism, releasing a public apology for the comments about Ambassador Hormel.

But a number of senators have said if nominated, Hagel can expect to face a tough hearing.

Sen. Joe Lieberman (Independent-Connecticut.) said he would have "serious questions" about Hagel's stance on national security issues.

And Sen. Lindsey Graham said that a potential "hearing will really matter."

“He has a stellar military record, but I think these comments disturb a lot of people and he’ll have to answer those questions," said Graham on Sunday.

Deputy Defense Secretary Ash Carter and former Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Michèle Flournoy have also been mentioned to succeed current Secretary Panetta.

- 30 -

25 December 2012

Good News from Bethlehem! An unusually peaceful and easy Christmas Pilgrimage!

Click to enlarge. Give screen a good cleaning. Linger.

For best view, travel to Florence/Firenze Italy/Italia. Ask anyone: "Dove Uffrizi?"

Some readers may know that before Vleeptron or VleeptronZ, these operations were also an important NGO meddling in all affairs everywhere on Earth: moNGO, which traces its origins to the ancient Planet Mongo Rocket Forces, (sometimes known by its alternate name Verein für Raumschiffahrt / Nordamerikanisches Kapitel), originally a Model Rocket Construction & Launch Club in Western Massachusetts USA, and later, when the Rocket Launch Club sort of evaporated, a Yahoogroup concerned with Everything Everywhere. But from its inception, when not launching rockets vertically as deep into space as possible on an amateur budget, or throwing a whomp-ass apres-Launch barbecue, moNGO was always a significant NGO kvetching and advising all Sentients, carbon-based or silicon-based (both deserve our respect), about everything moNGO concluded (usually accurately) they were doing wrong, or remarkably well. If you ever did something to merit moNGO's praise and approval, maybe you wouldn't hang it in the most prominent spot on your wall, but throughout the Solar System, a moNGO Honor Certificate was Not Chopped Liver.

And woe unto any entity that could have chosen to behave differently, but pissed off moNGO.

Well -- just one small example -- how'd things work out for the Taliban rulers of Afghanistan after they really pissed off moNGO by destroying the remarkable giant reclining Buddha statues with high explosives. moNGO warned them, begged them not to blow up the statues. moNGO even tried to find the e-mail addie of the Taliban Complaint Department, but I don't think we ever found it. Either they were keeping the addie top secret, or (more likely) the Taliban had no Complaint Department.

Just one of many reminders of the important work moNGO has done, both in the Solar System, and in the near-Vleeptron region of the Dwingeloo-2 Galaxy, for many decades. (moNGO's motto and mission: Straighten Up & Fly Right.)

[open post for more about this important matter in a few hours.]

12 December 2012

Maya Long Count Calendar Doomsday commemorative t-shirt

click to enlarge

if i take hardcopy to Paradise Copies tomorrow, I can have my commemorative t-shirt by Thursday.

Please feel free to make your own End Of World Maya t-shirt, tell anyone who asks you got it on Planet Vleeptron.

It will look real nifty when it fades from lots of trips through the washing machine.

10 December 2012

humans did this to humans / the Desaparecidos of the Argentine Navy Mechanics School

Click image to enlarge.

IPS / Inter-Press Service
Monday 03 December 2012


Argentine military junta
genocide trial under way

by Marcela Valente, 

IPS Argentina correspondent

The biggest trial for human rights crimes committed by Argentina’s 1976-1983 dictatorship began Wednesday in Buenos Aires, with 68 people accused of crimes involving nearly 800 victims of the Navy Mechanics School (ESMA).

For the first time, six pilots who flew the so-called “death flights” -- where political prisoners were dumped from planes, drugged but alive, into the [Atlantic] ocean -- will be tried.

The 68 defendants will be charged in cases involving the kidnapping, torture, and forced disappearance of hundreds of victims in ESMA, the regime’s biggest clandestine prison centre, where some 5000 political prisoners were held over the years.

Most of the defendants (56) belonged to the navy, and five belonged to the coast guard. But there are also former members of the army, the police and the penitentiary service, as well as two civilians: lawyer Gonzalo Torres de Tolosa and former finance secretary Juan Alemann.

Five of the defendants are fugitives from justice. The national programme for the search for wanted suspects offers a 100,000 peso (U$20,000) award to anyone who provides information leading to their arrest.

The case is the biggest in Argentina since the human rights trials got underway again in the past decade, after the amnesty laws and pardons protecting human rights violators were declared unconstitutional.

While the accused and their defence counsel, and the families of the victims, survivors and their lawyers took their seats in the courtroom, another stage was set up for people to follow the trial.

A giant screen was installed in the Mabel Gutierrez auditorium in ESMA, which was converted into a human rights museum after it was handed over to human rights groups in 2004.

“This will be the biggest trial so far, because of the number of victims, defendants, and witnesses,” said Carolina Varsky, a lawyer with the Centre for Legal and Social Studies (CELS), a human rights group taking part in the case, told IPS.

Varsky, the director of litigation in CELS, explained that the case had come to trial in bits and pieces, which she said “hid the true magnitude of the genocide committed” in ESMA.

Progress in the ESMA case began to be made in 2007, when a single defendant, former coast guard officer Héctor Febres, was tried. But he committed suicide in his cell just four days before the verdict was to be handed down.

And in 2011, 16 of 18 defendants in another ESMA trial were convicted.

The current trial is known as the “third branch” or the “unified ESMA case”.

The defendants include former navy captains Alfredo Astíz and Jorge Acosta, who were already convicted of other ESMA crimes. Acosta was also found guilty this year of involvement in stealing babies who were either born to political prisoners in detention or kidnapped along with their parents, who were later killed or “disappeared”. The children were mainly raised by military or police families.

Rodolfo Yanzón, one of the lawyers for a group of 40 survivors and victims’ relatives, told IPS that “we had opposed the breaking up of the cases, because we believed that it was best for the witnesses to not have to testify over and over again, and also because the (imprisoned) defendants had the right to be tried and convicted in a timely manner.”

In response to such demands, and to the recommendation of a higher court aimed at expediting the case, the court where the trial is being held agreed to show filmed testimony given by witnesses in other trials against the same defendants.

One of the survivors who have most often testified is Mario Villani, a 73-year-old physicist who lives in Miami, Florida USA. After he was kidnapped in 1977, he was held in five different detention and torture centres, for a total of three years and eight months. ESMA was the last.

Villani was tortured and forced to carry out different tasks during his detention. He gave his testimony to the National Commission on the Disappearance of Persons, and testified in the trials held after the dictatorship came to an end, in the 1980s, which were cut short by the amnesty laws and pardons of the members of the military junta.

Since then he has given his testimony -- about the same crimes -- in trials in Argentina, France, Italy, Spain, Germany and Israel.

In an email response to IPS from the United States, Villani said he saw the start of the “mega-trial” as “one more step in the direction of justice.”

He said he felt “proud” to be able to help these cases move forward. But he added that “the struggle will continue as long as there are regimes in the world that need to use torture to maintain control.”

The testimony given by Villani and other survivors has helped keep the demand for justice alive for over three decades, bring the accused to trial, and identify some of the former torturers who were living their lives under other identities.

In the book “Desaparecido: Memorias de un cautiverio” (Disappeared: Memories of My Captivity), which he wrote with Fernando Reati, he said he still had nightmares. “If anyone wakes me up, I lift my arms and cover my face, in a defensive stance,” he wrote.

Like other political prisoners, Villani not only suffered torture himself, but also witnessed horrendous crimes, like the murder by torture of a Jewish schoolteacher who belonged to the Communist Party, and whose name he never learned.

“He made him strip, he tied him to the table with the bottom half of his body hanging off. He shoved a stick up his anus and gave him electric shocks,” he testified in the trial against federal police official Héctor Simón, alias “Turco Julián” or “Julián the Turk”.

Simón, who was convicted in several cases, was known for his fierce anti-Semitism. “The f***ing Jew died. Good thing, otherwise I would have had to let him go,” Villani recalls Simón saying when his victim died.

According to government figures, 14,000 people were forcibly disappeared during the dictatorship, although human rights organisations put the number at 30,000.

During the trial, which will last at least two years, three hearings a week will be held, and every seven days, DVDs will be shown, of the testimony of survivors and relatives of victims.

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04 December 2012

okay, so i didn't win Powerball, but ... / the further adventures of The Spanish Prisoner

From:Head of Accounting  Department,
International Commercial Bank.(ICB)
Mr David Kwabenya

Dear Friend,

I got your contact during my search for a reliable,trust worthy and honest person to introduce this transfer project with.My name is Mr David Kwabenya. I am the Head of Accounting Department ICB, Accra branch Ghana.

I write you this proposal in good faith; I am married with two lovely children. I am a man of peace, and have sincere respect for human feelings and opinions. I have packaged a financial transaction that will benefit you and I. I am the personal account manager to late Mrs Justina D.Williams,who was the former makerting manager of evo oil and Gas,she was also one of the major contractor of National Petroleum Authority Ghana). it is my duty to send in a financial report to my head office in the capital city, Accra at the end of each business year.

My late client deposited the sum of US$6,500,000 (Six Million,Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) with our branch since year 2001,which i happens to be her personal account manager, since the death of my late client in a fatal car accident in Bombay India in November 13 2010, I have tried all my possible best to locate her family,but all my effort prove abortive,because my late client deposited the fund without any beneficiary or next of kin,and my bank headquarters has mandated me as her personal account manager to look for her next of kins,or the fund will be confisticated and sent to Ghana Government Treasure purse.

After several attempt to locate the late deasese family or anybody that is related to her,but i could not succed,but i have reported back to my bank top officials that i have located one of her beneficiaries,which happens to be you,so kindly get back to me immediately if you are intrested in this deal, all i want from you is to stand as the next of kin to the late Mrs Justina Williams, as the personal account to my late client,i have all the vital document that will enable you receive the fund without any hintch. kindly get back to me as soon as possible,so that i can give you all the full details of the transaction.

There are practically no risks involved, the transaction will be executed under a legitimate arrangement that will protect you from any breach of the law, it will be simply a bank-to-bank transfer, and all I need from you is to stand claim as the next of kin. so that my bank headquarters can approve and order the immediate transfer of the fund into your designated bank account within some banking working days. If you accept to work with me I will appreciate it very much as you are the first and the only person I am contacting for this transaction.

I will offer 25% of the total fund as your own share,and you will also help me to invest some of fund into a lucrative business in your country,because i am planing to resign from the bank after the success of this deal,Do not be afraid,because i will be giving you all the necessary guideline and information that the bank might require.

Send me an email as soon as you receive this message, so that we can go over the details.

Thank you in advance and may God bless you and your family.

Mr. David Kwabenya.

N/B:If you are willing and interested to work with me,forward in your response the following information's to:  ( davidkwabenya@***.****.com )

COMPANY:............(IF ANY)
Frenzy Over New Diet Pill
Stores Across U.S. Sold Out of This New 'Miracle' Weight Loss Pill.

01 December 2012

legible transcription of previous post / continue to soil undergarments / seeking stuff that pegs the needle / flee for your lives / Iranian nuke guys seem to have screwed pooch bigtime / watch this space for further developments / Jennifer needs new foreign phrases

click image to enlarge

[Agence-Vleeptron Presse has retranscribed the previous post in legible text form. This legible transcription in no way diminishes your need or desire to soil your undergarments.]   

a nuke in Iran has just started to behave in an Anomalous Manner. The nuke seems to have ceased operating within design parameters. A lot of ambulances were observed racing toward area hospitals.

Nobody wants to Leave A Comment?

I got this Alert on my favorite e-list ever, a yahoogroup i like to call "Ionizing Radiation Affacianados" -- about 3000 Garage & Basement hobbyists who share a fondness for radioactive (and usually long-banned and forbidden) materials. If it wiggles oe pegs the needle, they love it and try to buy it on e-bay, or from Central Asians who have cool leftover stuff from the Soviet Union.

Meanwhile I have fallen in love with RSOE EDIS, a shoestring outfit in Hungary whose mission is to give any curious reader the 411 on any potential Life-Extincting Events on the surface of Earth, or in nearby space. I am subscribing like yesterday. It's why I own 2 Geiger-Muller counters in the first place. I I so do not want to be the last guy to hear about crap like this. With e-mails from RSOE EDIS, i can be the 8th or 9th guy to know, in time to hop the last bus out of Fukushima Prefecture.

I am also compiling a webpage with the phrase "FLEE FOR YOUR LIVES" in all known human languages. It's a lot like Jennifer's Language Page, but Jennifer limits herself mostly to unimportant memes like Please and Thank You and Hello.

Event Report
    Saturday, 1st December 2012 :: 21:20:15 UTC

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    Country Info

Event Description    
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Nuclear Event in Iran on Thursday, 29 November, 2012 at 14:08 (02:08 PM) UTC.


[NOTICE!!! This information not confirmed!] Iranian nuclear officials are being secretive about the nature of an incident in the Iranian Isfahan nuclear plant that sent many staff members to nearby hospital emergency rooms Wednesday. The head of Iran's Medical Emergency Agency told reporters that staff members of an Isfahan Nuclear plant "have observed some symptoms." He stressed that all medical emergency units in Iran should be ready to "confront nuclear incidents." "Those who have been around UCF Isfahan, have shown symptoms and are receiving treatment," said Gholamreza Masoumi to Iranian state-run news agencies. He did not mention a specific time for the incident nor did he volunteer any details about the nature of it. "We have not yet had any incident outside nuclear designated areas," he said. Masoumi said that the agency has been training the medical emergency unit staff on providing treatment for nuclear incidents. Masoumi told Mehr news agency that recently the Iranian government has formed a "Nuclear Emergency" task force to provide services that would be needed following nuclear incidents. Furthermore, Nuclear Emergency centers in provinces where nuclear sites are located will receive a boost. Masoumi stressed that there has never been an incident of nuclear leakage at any Iranian nuclear plant. Radio Free Europe reported that following the publication of this incident, Mehr news removed the article from its website, however, on June 28, the head of Iran's Atomic Energy Organization, Freidoon Abbasi, tried to play down the incident. "Any kind of incident may occur in any plant," said Abbasi to Iranian Fars News. "However it does not mean that such events lead to spread of radioactive material."

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If you know such a source, please send us an email or (Subject include: XML / CSV source)

Of course, if you know of other sources such countries (mainly India, Pakistan, Africa, Russia) are also ones interested us. In addition, we need XLS / CSV source, which indicates the status of volcano. (Smithsonnian source are excluded)

We thank you in advance for your help and hope so that more accurate data we can present the events occurred.

I thank yor for your help again!

Zsolt Boszormenyi


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