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15 June 2017

a bit late, but Vleeptron wishes all Ramadan Kareem

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I ask the world to pardon me for being a week late to celebrate the holy month Ramadan.

This time it wasn't my Despair at the vile cloud of hate and violence that has darkened our human world for years. (But I certainly haven't found a cure, or a pill, for the Despair caused by this never-ending 9th Crusade.)

I'm told Roman Catholics have one Unforgiveable Sin: Despair. Because it is an insult to God to lose hope that no matter how horrible the world is, God will not help us fix it.

Much less profound. I was laid up with a minor stupid unserious disease. All I could do was shriek with pain. This dumb illness has, thankfully, subsided.

Now I can get to Vleeptron's wishes for all my neighbors on Earth for Ramadan Kareem -- a Generous month of Ramadan, in which Allah spoke the Arabic words that Muhammed wrote down as the Quran.

(No, my Arabic is almost non-existent, I read an English translation of the Quran published by Penguin -- some say it's the most read Quran translation on Earth. Vleeptron would be deeply grateful if readers -- particularly readers knowledgeable in these matters -- would comment on or critique the Penguin translation.)

Generous ... as Muslims celebrate this holy month, they take upon themselves the obligation of being generous to the poor, to those less fortunate. The greeting is simple: Ramadan Kareem. (Almost universally, the reply is a smile, a brightened face.)

Now I will stumble into controversy. My ignorant controversy, but at least I will try to keep it as short as I can.

Some of the Earth Cloud of Hate and Violence can be traced to hostility between the two main branches of Islam, Shia and Sunni. Historically this ancient hostility dates to disagreement over which of the religious leaders who followed Muhammed now preach the true Islam.

I note only the tens of thousands of men, children, women who have been killed and wounded over this difference. I pray somehow Shia and Sunni will follow Islam exclusively in neighborly peace and cooperation.

(Comments also welcome.)

For the first time in memory, Shia pilgrims celebrating Ramadan in Tehran -- Iran is the great world advocate of Shia -- were attacked and murdered. The suspects are Sunni terrorists.

I will go out on a theological limb here and declare: This is not the way to observe Ramadan.

Starting with 2 USA and NATO coalition wars, the 9th Crusade -- well, we try not to flash it all the time in big red neon, but these are the longest wars the USA has ever fought. Syria, Libya, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen. I see no chance of the Long Wars ending or being politically or diplomatically settled. War without end, Amen.

Perhaps some reader can comment about a God who wants to be worshipped by never-ending wars, terror attacks, poison gas, barrel bombs. There might even be a big Greek word for this kind of God.

Dear readers, friends, neighbors -- Ramadan Kareem! At month's end, there will be great feasts and lots of candies and sweets. Worry, fear, grief will vanish, and then, in a decade or two, will fade and start to be forgotten. 

What do you remember about the Spanish-American War? Well, someday in the future, dream of a world that has forgotten today's long wars that were fought in God's name.

Vleeptron particularly wishes Ramadan Kareem to a brilliant and spiritually powerful friend, known to millions on the Internet, who is of Syrian and Palestinian ancestry. I wish all the torments of his family's land to cease -- without violence. (And I wish he could help me fix my mIRC, I downloaded the newest version and haven't been able to get back into IRC.)

25 April 2017

midnight appointment at Bahnhof Zoo / Top 5 Ways I grudgingly agree to die or perish / My Robot has no Soul

Fresh off the fire. Cheap. 

Professor Abel --

At school I studied Latin, so I could talk to Dead People and the Pope. I am good with languages, but I speak only the dialect eisenbahnwurstdeutsche. (This is sufficient for me to have many wonderful times in DE.)

Aber bitte was ist

Du bist der geliebte Mensch.

My dim acquaintance with deutsches, and my Robot, say:

You are the beloved person

... but my Robot has neither poetry nor familiarity with human meaning and social nuance.I am a Failed Poet, so I would say

You are beloved


You're a beloved guy

or maybe someone is trying to say

I like you a lot

But under what circumstances does a real deutschespracher say this? Is it an informal or sidewalk greeting, or is it a deeply felt expression of great love for the person to whom you say this?

Or is it famous from Literatur? If so, who wrote it?

Thank you for any nuance or context you can supply. My geliebte (danke fur diese Werde) Internet Relay Chat is kaput for the last year, IRC is where I go to ask Indo-European or Finno-Ugrik questions of nuance and context. You can get Icelandic questions answered in a minute on IRC, also Suomi is no problem.
In Berlin I make midnight pilgrimages to Bahnhof Zoo, they got hot Wurst, all varieties, 24/7. If we must all die, this is one of my Top 5 ways to go, I shall have died eating hot Wurst at Berlin Bahnhof Zoo at midnight. (Another on Top List is same sort of death, but at Plaza Garibaldi's 200 family food stalls in Mexico City -- also 24/7, free bonus mariachi bands.)
I am an amateur lurker on Coq-Club.


Bob Merkin

Chesterfield Massachusetts USA

P.S. The Wassa -- unglaublich!

P.P.S. This is NOT a job inquiry -- but I can fantasize about being a CS lecturer for a few years in Gothenburg, where is the harm? Do you know what Queen Christina did to Descartes in Stokholm in February at 04:00 every morning? (Later she said she was sorry.)

----- Original Message -----
From: "Andreas Abel" <>
To: "coq-club" <>
Sent: Tuesday, April 25, 2017 8:43 AM
Subject: [Coq-Club] Senior Lectureships in Computer Science at Chalmers and Gothenburg U

> We are hiring full-time permanent lecturers!
> The positions are focusing on teaching, but some time will be available
> for research as well.
> Excerpt from the description:
>   Major responsibilities
>   The scientific area is Computer Science, interpreted broadly. The
> position is a full-time tenured appointment with focus on education and
> pedagogical development.
>   You will teach a variety of topics in Computer Science; there may
> include courses such as programming, data structures, algorithms and
> databases. You will also supervise bachelor level projects and master’s
> theses. Besides teaching, you will keep up with the technical and
> pedagogical development in the areas of the position and introduce new
> methods in the curriculum.
>   As a faculty member you will share the responsibility of the
> administration and management of the department and the educational
> programmes.
>   You will collaborate with industrial, academic or governmental
> partners, and take part in the research conducted at the department. In
> addition, you are encouraged to apply for funding of further pedagogical
> advancement of our programmes, and for research funding.
> --
> Andreas Abel  <><      Du bist der geliebte Mensch.
> Department of Computer Science and Engineering
> Chalmers and Gothenburg University, Sweden

18 April 2017

CRUMMY OLD WINE DEPARTMENT: Faux Needlepoint Sampler next to inside of front door to remember all the stuff I need when I go out

....................... Click, maybe positive things happen.

I forgot all the work I'd put into this thing.

...."ye Deville makes work for idle hands."

It's in an old wooden frame hung on the wall next to my front door. The wallpaper is "Strawberry Thief" by the English designer and radical socialist William Morris. You can still buy William Morris wallpaper. If you hang it in your bedroom, it's the last thing you'll see before you fall asleep.

Winter is finally over (Thank God!!!),
but this Sampler is Winter-specific. I don't need all these things in Spring and Summer. When I leave home in the morning in a hurry, at one time or another I've forgotten almost every one of these things, and later far from home it pisses me off that I don't have it. So this is a last-minute checklist. 

But it's disguised as a "God Bless Our Humble Home" wall sampler so it won't scream to visitors that an old forgetful feeb (who was always a bit absent-minded) lives here.

If you're curious about any item, Leave A Comment. (If I forget to bring a few of them, I could Drop Dead or wind up in the ER.)

Since my remarkably successful cataract surgeries, I don't need reading GLASSES anymore. And I just noticed that I don't take SMOX with me ... I must have designed this after I finally stopped smoking cigarettes!

12 April 2017

Menger Sponge / Cantor Dust

click to enlarge maybe

A212596         Number of cards required to build a Menger sponge of level n in origami.         1
    12, 192, 3456, 66048, 1296384, 25731072, 513048576, 10248388608, 204867108864, 4096536870912, 81924294967296, 1638434359738368, 32768274877906944, 655362199023255552, 13107217592186044416, 262144140737488355328, 5242881125899906842624
(list; graph; refs; listen; history; text; internal format)


Table of n, a(n) for n=0..16.

CTRL Byte, 2010-04-13, Menger Sponge Construction

ELJJDX, Choux romanesco, vache qui rit et intégrales curvilignes, Am-stram-gram, ticket-ticket-bus-et-tram (French)

Nick Hamblet, Σidiot's Blog, 2009-03-01, Counting Cards

Michel Lucas, Défi 66 000 tickets (French)

Dr. Jeannine Mosely, The Institute For Figuring, Business Card Menger Sponge

Nicholas Rougeux, Mengermania, Instructions

Wikipedia, Menger sponge

Index entries for linear recurrences with constant coefficients, signature (28,-160).


a(n) = 4*(8^n + 2*20^n) = 2^(2*n+3)*5^n+2^(3*n+2).

08 April 2017

Trump & his Suicide-Vest Inner White House Circle / "Trump the Destroyer" by Matt Taibbi (not here, you got to click to read it) / Trump ♥ Bill O'Reilly

Click images to enlarge.

Vleeptron Dude could not restrain theyselves from filching these astonishing illustrations from RS1282 (Rolling Stone magazine 6 April 2017). Victor Juhasz's renderings of Donald Janfu Trump and his suicide-bomb-vest inner White House circle are the most brilliant RS drawings since Ralph Steadman's illustrations of Richard Nixon (and everything, including Steadman's "Alice in Wonderland") that complemented Hunter S. Thompson's Rolling Stone "gonzo" reportage circa 1972+.

But VD won't be evil and filch Matt Taibbi's cover story "Trump the Destroyer." If you want to read every word of it, click above. Then read every word of it.

Agence-Vleeptron Presse notes that "Trump the Destroyer" was published a day or two before Trump sent 59 Tomahawk missiles (60, but one fizzled out en route) to destroy chemical weapons (believed to be sarin gas) in Syria. So everything you thought about President Donald Janfu Trump last week is wrong. This week the Insane Clown President is the Saviour Of The Universe. (He became Our Saviour within hours of vocalizing his friendship and admiration for Bill O'Reilly, star of Fox News Channel.)

05 April 2017

governing system based on universal denial and national amnesia / let's all recite the Meiji Rescript in harmony and unison

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Imperial Rescript on Education of Meiji, 
Emperor of Japan
30 October 1890


"When he laid it down, it stayed there." 
.....-- Lord Buckley, on Jesus



Imperial Rescript on Education of the Emperor Meiji:

    Know ye, Our subjects:

    Our Imperial Ancestors have founded Our Empire on a basis broad and everlasting and have deeply and firmly implanted virtue; Our subjects ever united in loyalty and filial piety have from generation to generation illustrated the beauty thereof. This is the glory of the fundamental character of Our Empire, and herein also lies the source of Our education.

    Ye, Our subjects, be filial to your parents, affectionate to your brothers and sisters; as husbands and wives be harmonious, as friends true; bear yourselves in modesty and moderation; extend your benevolence to all; pursue learning and cultivate arts, and thereby develop intellectual faculties and perfect moral powers; furthermore advance public good and promote common interests; always respect the Constitution and observe the laws; should emergency arise, offer yourselves courageously to the State; and thus guard and maintain the prosperity of Our Imperial Throne coeval with heaven and earth.

    So shall ye not only be Our good and faithful subjects, but render illustrious the best traditions of your forefathers. The Way here set forth is indeed the teaching bequeathed by Our Imperial Ancestors, to be observed alike by Their Descendants and the subjects, infallible for all ages and true
in all places.It is Our wish to lay it to heart in all reverence, in common with you, Our subjects, that we may thus attain to the same virtue.

    The 30th day of the 10th month 

....of the 23rd year of Meiji.
    (October 30, 1890)


This page maintained by George Arrington
Copyright (c) 1999, George E. Arrington III. All rights reserved.


Associated Press
USA newswire service
Wednesday 5 April 2017

Cabinet OKs schools to use 
banned imperial order 
as teaching materials


TOKYO -- Opposition politicians on Tuesday criticized a decision by Japan’s cabinet to allow schools to study a 19th century imperial order on education that was banned after World War II for promoting militarism and emperor worship, saying it’s a sign that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s government is becoming more nationalistic.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga told reporters the Imperial Rescript on Education should be allowed as teaching material if it is used in line with the constitution and the education law. The cabinet adopted the policy Friday. He added, however, that schools should primarily follow the government-approved curriculum.

Opposition politicians on Tuesday called the move unconstitutional and unacceptable.

“The decision clearly underscores an attempt by the Abe government to reinstate prewar (philosophy),” opposition Democratic Party policy research chief Hiroshi Ogushi told reporters.

The rescript, which all students were required to memorize, called on Japanese to sacrifice themselves for the emperor and his empire. It was issued in the name of Emperor Meiji in 1890 at the beginning of Japan’s half century of expansionism and militarism.

The rescript was recited at schools as students and teachers bowed before photos of the emperor and empress, and was included in moral discipline textbooks until it was banned by parliament in 1948. The rescript recently captured national attention because of a political scandal involving a school whose ultra-nationalistic owner, Yasunori Kagoike, taught students to recite it daily.

Kagoike, former head of the Moritomo Gakuen group, testified in parliament that Abe donated 1,000,000  yen ($9,000) through his wife in 2015 to the school, which became embroiled in a scandal over its purchase of state property in 2016 at 1/7 (one-seventh) the appraised price. Abe, who has praised Kagoike, has denied making a donation, which is not illegal, or influencing the property sale.

Kagoike is among many Japanese conservatives who have tried to reinstate the imperial rescript. Defense Minister Tomomi Inada told a recent parliamentary session that the rescript contains universal values such as respect for parents that can help create a moral nation. “Its core spirit should be reclaimed,” she said. “I don’t think we should say the rescript is entirely wrong.”

Historian Masanori Tsujita, an expert on wartime history, disagrees, saying the family ties, friendship and other virtues advocated by the rescript were for the benefit of the imperial system, and suppressed civil rights.

“Should it be reinstated for public use? The answer is clearly no,” Tsujita wrote recently in a Gendai Business magazine article.

The cabinet said it would be “inappropriate” to use the rescript as the sole basis of national education, and officials deny that the Abe government supports militarism.

Abe has pushed educational reforms that promote traditional gender roles, respect for Japanese heritage, traditional martial arts, and a downgrading of Japan’s wartime atrocities, some experts say.

Recently, the education ministry instructed the publisher of a moral education textbook to replace a reference to a bakery with a Japanese sweet shop to encourage patriotism.

..........................- 30 -

Copyright 2017 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.


    MsDeliciousApr. 05, 2017 - 06:53AM JST

    As part of a university history class, Yes! Forced on HS kids, No!


    YubaruApr. 05, 2017 - 07:03AM JST

    Next we will be hearing of schools having their students walk around the school grounds practicing

the goose-step


    joyridingonthetitanicApr. 05, 2017 - 07:08AM JST

        allow schools to study a 19th century imperial order on education that was banned after World

War II

    The key wording here is, to study. No-one is at all promoting or allowing the idea that high school

students will be made to bow in front of the rescript every morning or recite it, word for word.

    Also it should be said that a ban on any historical text in the digital age is meaningless as

copies of its wording can be found easily enough online by any keen enough student if they so wanted.

    I suppose its similar to the German problem of Mien Kampf, when its copyright expired last year.

Their solution was elegant and also sensible, realising that a straight out ban would not work, they

allowed the book to be sold under an educational mandate with scholarly notes explaining and critiquing

the text as it went along. The result was successful. A similar approach here would probably be



    M3M3M3Apr. 05, 2017 - 07:34AM JST

    The collectivist Confucian values found in the Imperial rescript are still the source of many (or

most) of Japan's modern problems, and not simply an issue confined to the 1930/40s.

    Here is the text for anyone who hasn't read it:


    John BeckerApr. 05, 2017 - 07:55AM JST

    Teach it as part of the history of a failed empire that turned itself around and became a great country through the efforts of its people.


    Fred WallaceApr. 05, 2017 - 08:09AM JST

    And this folks is why China and Korea will never let bygones be bygones. And around and around we go!!


    CrickyApr. 05, 2017 - 08:12AM JST

    Nippon Kaigi agenda, return to 1930s make Japan Beautiful again. These old men are delusional.


    FernGullyApr. 05, 2017 - 08:18AM JST

    I don't mind if kids learn about this stuff, but they should also know about Japanese imperialism and military practices during WW2, as well.


    Fred WallaceApr. 05, 2017 - 08:25AM JST

        I don't mind if kids learn about this stuff, but they should also know about Japanese

imperialism and military practices during WW2,

    If that was the case, opposition wouldn't, you know, oppose!!


    proxyApr. 05, 2017 - 09:09AM JST

    The government is doing a good job preparing the populace to swallow the severe cutbacks in pensions and benefits that is baked into the mountain of debt that has been created. With every day it becomes harder for people to stick their heads in the sand and ignore the growing gap in prosperity between Japan and other countries. The only way to force the populace to eat the manure they are fed is through blind patriotism.


    gogogoApr. 05, 2017 - 09:12AM JST

    Wow I don't know what to make of this.


    Uwe PaschenApr. 05, 2017 - 09:17AM JST

    Teaching to reason objectively, critically and factually would have been a good goal. More brain washing and more Inductrinations are several steps into the wrong direction. We are one single humanity living on one single planet, with finite resources and limited space. It is time to face the facts.

Japan is merely two and half centuries old and the rest is hogwash.


    Lukas StrautinsApr. 05, 2017 - 09:46AM JST

    Explain what it meant in that particular period of time, but also explain why it is dated and out of touch with todays philosophies.


    bass4funkApr. 05, 2017 - 09:47AM JST

        I don't mind if kids learn about this stuff, but they should also know about Japanese imperialism and military practices during WW2, as well.

    I agree and think they should, but as far as them learning about Imperialism and their practices during the war, good luck with that. This has the potential to morph into something very bad down the road.


    marcelitoApr. 05, 2017 - 09:49AM JST

    That's what Japan gets for continuously re electing 70 year old right wing LDP dinosaurs to run the place. Hopeless.


    Osaka_DougApr. 05, 2017 - 09:51AM JST

    Awareness of the issues can help guard against future injustice and inhumanity, but anyone using controversial issues in classes needs to clarify their own values to the students and create some ground rules. I have concerns there are HS teachers who are qualified to use this resource.

    Guidelines need to be clearly stated. 

_ a classroom is not a platform 
_ items such as this should be taught through discussion.
_ discussion should protect and encourage divergent views 

_ discussing the issue should be for understanding of the problems of the past not for promotion


    dcog9065Apr. 05, 2017 - 09:57AM JST

    Although outright banning topics for study at school I think is a bit high-handed, we only need to take a quick look at that Tsukamoto Kindergarten to see how this could be taken to the extreme in the wrong way. The problem isn't the content per se (no content should really be off limits for study),

rather the problem is the teachers that are teaching these subjects and their interpretations of these topics, particularly to children in their impressionable ages..


    clamenzaApr. 05, 2017 - 09:59AM JST

    And just like that, The Japanese media has forgotten about the nationalist kindergarten the Abe's are caught up in. The government has spoken


    itsonlyrocknrollApr. 05, 2017 - 10:00AM JST

    This won't come as any surprise to the many who believed that ultra-nationalistic educator Moritomo Gakuen, and the Nippon Kaigi toxic brand of ring wing political extremism reach right into the heart of Abe san ruling LDP government.

    The Imperial Rescript on Education has no place in classrooms, in J society, alongside a constitution devoted to pacifism.

    The weasel deceit in Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga words, along with the pitiful shameless dishonesty of Defense Minister Tomomi Inada whose feeble excuse suggesting the Imperial Rescript contains universal values such as respect for parents that can help create a moral nation, as if this poisonous imperialist propaganda has any moral value in 21st century Japan, is reminiscent of 1930's Germany.

    This ruling LDP Government is incapable of managing Japan economy, education, any social change, reform or restructure. This LDP Government is chained and wedded to a long forgotten dogmatic ultra right wing ideology, an agenda totally at odds with a modern progressive culture that values social mobility, equality and a government that prioritizes family and child care.

    When are people of Japan going to wake up and smell the coffee? This Government has nothing to offer other than more of the same sluggish economic and political inertia. Angry old men well past there sell by date.


    smithinjapanApr. 05, 2017 - 10:01AM JST

    Forget the new China, Abe's aiming for Japan to surpass it and become the new North Korea. Puts himself in power for as long as he likes, wants to bring back pre-war education (since his buddies at Moritomo, who he denies being involved with, failed to implement it), wants to build an army while sacrificing the people of the national economically (for now, physically later), etc.


    Alfie NoakesApr. 05, 2017 - 10:38AM JST

        Recently, the education ministry instructed the publisher of a moral education textbook to replace a reference to a bakery with a Japanese sweet shop to encourage patriotism.

    Pardon? I'm sorry, what's that?

    Yet another bizarre story from the increasingly disturbing fantasy world of the far-right in Japan.

The Education Ministry, no less:

    "a bakery has been excluded from an elementary school "dotoku" (moral education) textbook and replaced with a "wagashi" store selling traditional Japanese sweets.

    This happened when teaching material titled "Nichiyobi no Sanpomichi" (Path for a Sunday stroll in the neighborhood) was screened by the education ministry.

    The ministry pointed out that the draft material did not do enough to "make schoolchildren familiarize themselves with and love Japanese culture and lifestyle," which is required under the government's curriculum guidelines. The publisher made the change.

    Am I to understand that a bakery is not Japanese enough?

    For a similar reason, a scene where children are enjoying playground equipment was replaced with one of a store selling traditional Japanese musical instruments".

    Are these people so insecure and so estranged from reality they have to erase bread shops and playgrounds from their version of the world?

    This almost strains the bounds of comprehension. How on earth can these people be in charge of running a country? How can they be considered competent?


    sf2kApr. 05, 2017 - 10:39AM JST

    This is going to clash with international studies like English, doesn't make any sense. Since anyone who understands or has been abroad wouldn't be able to connect or would be discriminated upon.

Group thinking only works if you're not allowed to have access to information.


    Hellokitty123Apr. 05, 2017 - 10:42AM JST

    They have also reinstated bayonet practice (jukendo) in the curriculum for junior high schools


    GWApr. 05, 2017 - 11:00AM JST

    As other already point out this would be fine IF it was taught that this kind of thinking led Japan down a path that led to 20-30million deaths on non-Japanese & another 3-4million dead Japanese then hopefully kids would LEARN about history, come to grips with it.....

    But alas we have this from the blurp:

    Defense Minister Tomomi Inada told a recent parliamentary session that the rescript contains universal values such as respect for parents that can help create a moral nation. “Its core spirit should be reclaimed,” she said. “I don’t think we should say the rescript is entirely wrong.”

    Scary stuff!! Thankfully we also have this:

        Historian Masanori Tsujita, an expert on wartime history, disagrees, saying the family ties, friendship and other virtues advocated by the rescript were for the benefit of the imperial system, and suppressed civil rights.“Should it be reinstated for public use? The answer is clearly no,” Tsujita wrote recently in a Gendai Business magazine article.

    For Japans sake the later needs to prevail, inada's road leads down a dark dangerous ruinous path!

One abe seems hell bend on trying to go down, Japan & Japanese would be wise to not heed his call, hint, it wont end well!


    CrickyApr. 05, 2017 - 11:10AM JST

    Bayonet practice....? That is laughable, my main weapon is so crap I need a knife on the end of it.

For gods sake the governments thirst to return to 1930 eara is pathetic. The glory days should be in the future not the past. But as they the government are so old and so fixated on the past Japan is stuck and can't move forward.


    Alexandre T. IshiiApr. 05, 2017 - 11:10AM JST

    Overdosed from "coerced orders" like that imperial militarism in ww2, I'm against. However, knowing what was that, not bad for me, it's is better than acting braves/ heroes who could be murder[er]s in the past, for me it's something universal. There's so many things we can see in the world to encourage us fighting for other people and never to trend warmongers, never...


    CH3CHOApr. 05, 2017 - 12:40PM JST

    What bothers me is that no one except M3M3M3 seems to have written the comment after reading the material in question.

    Wiki has an incredibly poorly written translation, but anyway thanks to M3M3M3,

    Uwe PaschenAPR. 05, 2017 - 09:17AM JST

        Teaching to reason objectively, critically and factually would have been a good goal.

    The question is which part to criticize. Main stream Japanese media actually criticizes the 2nd paragraph. I do not like the 3rd paragraph.

    Which paragraph do you criticize, and why? By the way, you should not criticize the translation for the fault is on the translator at wikipedia.


    zichiApr. 05, 2017 - 01:06PM JST

    Reinstatement of the virtues extolled in the Imperial Rescript on Education would be anachronistic when considering the role the Rescript assumed in Japan’s imperial and patriarchal systems before and during the war which glorified the values of loyalty and filial piety. The Imperial Rescript on Education was used as an absolute guiding principle of education and served as a powerful tool of ideological indoctrination.

    Making education subordinate to bureaucratic and political agenda under the control of the Ministry

of Education would be a reversal of educational progress since the end of the war.


    Aly RustomApr. 05, 2017 - 01:09PM JST

    You would think that the Moritomo Gakuen scandal would have have made this idiot administration tread a fine line, but nope- there they are- leading the country into a nationalistic abyss. Heaven help us all.


    itsonlyrocknrollApr. 05, 2017 - 01:37PM JST

    It is not a question of conflict or acceptance, in a modern parliamentary lead democracy Imperial

Rescript of this nature have no relevance. Major social, political and constitutional reform have

consigned/abolished these edicts to history, as parenting, family, and schooling installed basic human rights though nurturing love, respect and individuality, not indoctrination.

    I find it sad that politicians in this LDP government still hanker after a past that nearly brought Japans complete annihilation.


    GarthgoyleApr. 05, 2017 - 01:55PM JST

    And what will happen when teachers outright refuse to teach this technique out of the book of North Korea?


    MiceViceApr. 05, 2017 - 02:42PM JST

    There is a bit more information on jukendo (bayonet fighting) that could be included in the curriculum.


    Thunderbird2Apr. 05, 2017 - 03:22PM JST

    With the rise of nationalism around the world causing no end of tension I think this is a bad idea.


    rainydayApr. 05, 2017 - 03:37PM JST

        No-one is at all promoting or allowing the idea that high school students will be made to bow in front of the rescript every morning or recite it, word for word.

    This is exactly what the elementary school mentioned in this article was doing to kids - drilling it into their heads by forcing them to recite it word for word. Its truly creepy.

        I suppose its similar to the German problem of Mien Kampf, when its copyright expired last year.

    Do elementary schools in Germany force kids to read and recite Mien Kampf? Do ministers in the German cabinet say of Mien Kamp “Its core spirit should be reclaimed” like Defence Minister Inada is quoted as saying in this article? If not then this is nothing at all like what happened there.


    albaleoApr. 05, 2017 - 03:54PM JST

        Which paragraph do you criticize, and why?

    Fair question. For me, it's not any particular paragraph, but the interlacing of notions of subjugation to the state and the glory of nationalism amidst some arguably reasonable stuff along Confucian lines. In some ways, it's not so different from the UK national anthem, the US pledge of allegiance, the Boy Scout promise and perhaps even the Lord's Prayer. All things chanted or sung mindlessly by young kids without any reference to the meaning.

    I agree with zichi that reinstating these 'virtues' would be anachronistic. Given the social and technical progress made in Japan since the end of the war under ideas quite different from those expressed in the rescript, it would be a step backwards. I think that those who promote these ideas are themselves useless in making positive and practical contributions to society, but still seek fame and adulation.


    ScroteApr. 05, 2017 - 04:50PM JST

        Defence Minister Tomomi Inada told a recent parliamentary session that the rescript contains universal values such as respect for parents that can help create a moral nation.

    I have to disagree with Ms Inada. Respect for parents is neither universal nor automatic. Is she saying that a child should unquestioningly respect a drunken father who beats his wife? Children should be taught to question and expose those suspected of wrongdoing. They should be taught that just because someone is old does not automatically entitle them to do as they please, nor does age automatically confer respect. They should learn that they are free citizens with rights, not "subjects" or cannon fodder for crooked politicians to use when they see fit.

    As for morals: the LDP is full of dissembling, lying crooks, most of whom have no idea what morals are. If you want to teach morals, start with your own party and immediately expel anyone who commits the smallest misdeed. Anything less would be hypocrisy.


    Tony W.Apr. 05, 2017 - 09:37PM JST

    Calling Abe a dinosaur is spot on. About time he and his cohorts became extinct.


    Educator60Apr. 05, 2017 - 09:42PM JST

    rainyday, "This is exactly what the elementary school mentioned in this article was doing to kids - "

   It was a kindergarten. The elementary school isnt even getting off the ground, it was scheduled to open this month but its application has been withdrawn.

    Are some people here under the impression the Imperial rescript would be taught in high school? I think they want to incorporate it into the morals curriculum that will be used in elementary and jr high.

    I think children should be taught about how it was used pre-war and the results of that edu action system, but any good, still applicable parts of it should be taught using other means.


    JandworldApr. 05, 2017 - 10:55PM JST

    The fist means passion for a sort of Jexit?


    橋本勲Apr. 05, 2017 - 11:06PM JST

    This report is One-sided and biased.

    First, The Imperial Rescript on Education was surely promulgated under the name of Emperor Meiji.

But, there is no sentence written that "Japanese people should die for the Emperor." Do idiots deny"

The Imperial Rescript on Education" have read its contents even once?

    Second, After the Meiji Revolution, Some Japanese went to France, and they impressed the fact that, in France, The French moral teacher taught the importance of swearing loyalty to the French emperor to the children, and they taught the many morals to the children. Japanese who had studied in France thought that fulfillment of moral education was one of the ways to strengthen the nation, set moral education as one subject of school. (At that time, Education that pledges allegiance to the emperor has not been taught in schools everywhere in Europe. Idiots are going to say that this fact is also "It's militaristic education!"?Education that pledges allegiance to the emperor is not only special in Japan.)

    Third, The Japanese government denied that Japan would make use of The Imperial Rescript on Education as a teaching material, nor does it intend to do so. Despite this, media that makes a serious matter as though it had happened is strange. This is discrimination against Japan and conspiracy against Japan.

    Open MindedApr. 05, 2017 - 11:37PM JST

    Japan 0.1 Inc!


    Kobe White Bar OwnerApr. 06, 2017 - 01:50AM JST


    The key word is to study...



The Rescript on Education of the Meiji Emperor

Emperor Meiji, who reigned from 1866 to 1912, completed the Meiji Restoration of Japan in 1868. This began the "modern era" of Japan and ended nearly 700 years of the military rule which included the feudal Tokugawa shogunate. Besides ending the era of the Samurai, Emperor Meiji was keenly interested in the establishment of a national education system. His edict on education was also designed to promote morality in order to build modern Japan. The Imperial Rescript on Education (shown at top) was issued to illustrate the moral principles that each citizen [should] follow.

It is interesting to identify the passages that Prof. Henry S. Okazaki used in his Mokuroku. I leave this exercise to the reader.

Note: A "rescript" is an answer from an emperor, pope, etc. when formally consulted by particular persons on some difficult question; hence, an edict or decree. (Source:

21 March 2017

PizzaEssay! belated Besbol ᴨ Day Pageant V.3

Click to enlarge.

The Vleeptron Dewd is, as always, ripshit that we have been accused of Photoshopping. That is a Lie, Fake Lamestream Media News to distort and corrupt the Blogosphere.

Vleeptron Dude uses only MSPaint (free!) to improve and tart up images & photographs.

..........*   *   *

Anyway now we got a PizzaEssay! 1 Round Large Pizza (ᴨ r NOT Square, ᴨ r ROUND!) with extra anchovies for Best Comment regarding this topic.

Okay, Me and Ramanujan and Liebniz and other smart Earth Sentients got lots of Fancy Equations to compute out to as many damn expansion digits as you like. (Using a modification of a Ramanujan equation, the Chudnovsky Brothers took it out to a Billion Digits, I think, in their Harlem Homebrew Supercomputer.)

Every One of These Equations or Methods 

.....or Algorithms starts with 3
which is used to stretch it to 3.1
which is used to stretch it to 3.14
which is used to stretch it to 3.141 

ad infinitum. The next new digit to the right depends on all the digits you already cooked up on the left.

Which even supercomputers find tedious.

But suppose I just want to find 1 single expansion digit ...
say, I want ONLY the 62,707th digit. Screw all the digits to its left, screw all the digits to its right, I am not in the least interested in any of them.

Is that possible? 

Don't just say YES or NO. If you want the Pizza with anchovies, say Actual True Specific Things. Show your work. Cite sources. Use footnotes. Ask your Mom. Call Klaas in Rotterdam. Rotate your tires.

If you can win this Pizza, you are goddam smart!

And contrariwise, if you cannot win this Pizza, you are Not Smart.

17 March 2017

besbol team on Pi Day V.2 (more digits of infinite expansion) / screw besbol, screw Red Sox, screw Clark & Calvin Griffith / and change damn name of the [American] football Washington team

click & slide

Phroso seems to think this is a besbol team called The Colorado Rockies. I never heard of them. Screw besbol, since my beloved Washington (DC) Senators (@ Griffith Stadium) vanished. 

But I congratulate the Rockies for starting their game in this fashion on Universe Pi Day

Here is another photograph of the team wearing another bunch of the infinite decimal expansion of Pi. Although one famous ball player had only one arm, most players have TEN digits on each grasper. (I spell it TEN because 10 = TWO if you have just TWO digits on your grasper.)

btw if (like the loony Chudnovsky Brothers on their homebrew supercomputer in their Harlem slum apartment a block from the dead body on the sidewalk) you compute the decimal expansion of π out to many millions of digits, it turns out that, so far, π is NORMAL, which means it has almost precisely the same number of each of the base 10 digits 0123456789.

16 March 2017

baseball team has infinite number of players / see earlier post for numbers of next 9000+ players to the right

Click, gets bigger.

Further apology for almost forgetting my beloved Pi Day ...

Here's the start of a baseball game in the USA played on Pi Day.