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28 October 2017

PizzaQ! / greatest Adventurers in Wild Eating / commemorative vrai stamps from Union des Comores

Click stamps to enlarge.

PizzaQ: Where on surface of Earth are the Comores? (No PizzaQ Honor System, phone Klaas van Rotterdam, Google your ass off, ask mom, first correct answer wins 1 large circular with garlic, spring onions, sausage & assorted wild mushrooms.)

Are these guys from different eras, or does eating these shrooms make them dress like that and their face hair grow that way? Please Leave A Comment with your hypothesis.

A few days after you eat the Amanitas, suddenly you feel great, never felt better. Then your liver collapses and you die.

When the European family was found dead with their faces in their soup bowls, only Grandma survived. She doesn't like mushroom soup.


Anonymous said...

Union of Comoros is an Indian Ocean volcanic archipelago located in the Mozambique Channel between Africa and Madagascar. These stamps were issued in 2008. Save the pie, guy, I'm too old for solid food.

Vleeptron Dude said...

You have violated the First Rule of Vleeptron: No Anonymous Driveby Comments. Identify yourself in some way sufficient to prove you are a human sentient. (We get lots of Comments from AI bots.)

I'm old, but a few years ago I got mini-implants drilled into my lower jaw, and now I can eat almost anything. (The only exception: frozen chocolate bars, I think a Milky Way. But it was a quick 1-day fix.)

During the month of the mouthal surgery -- oh yes, horrible pain and torment --

-- I got my nutrition via liquids and Sabra brand hummus. (Beware its Super-Hot Chili Flavor. If anyone knows its Scoville Scale number, Leave A Comment.)

But when it's all over, voila! I can eat anything except frozen Milky Ways! Mini-Implants have gone mainstream and they're affordable.

After a recent contamination incident, Sabra hummus is proudly back on supermarket shelves.

Oh yeah I wiki'd the Comoros, I could find it now. (WARNING: The archipelago seems to be in one of the world's hottest PIRACY!!! zones.) Clearly whatever they are now, they used to be a colony of France.

Are you a philatelist? I live in a very liberal and tolerant area, so I don't mind if you're into philately. A professor running for office in the USA rural south was accused by his opponent of forcing female students to matriculate.