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30 July 2016

TdS●Posta / reissue: die Zauberbana

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28 July 2016

Get-Rich-Quick $cheme$!

        "So I got this postcard from my friend and
        it said Let's go to Paris and be writers so
        we won't have to work."
                                                      -- William Faulkner
What does a fellow or girl do who's lazy and self-indulgent and doesn't like to work for a living? The chief trouble with working is Bosses and Alarm Clocks. I don't like getting up early and suddenly in the morning, and I really dislike Bosses.

By the way, did you know that the moment of the week when people have the most heart attacks is Monday morning? My medical advice to everyone is:
Stop Working for Bosses Immediately.
            "Jack's always talkin' about the Workin' Man. The Workin' Man
            wants this. The Workin' Man wants that. You wanna know what
            the Workin' Man wants?  I'll tell ya what the Workin' Man wants.
            He wants to stop workin'."
                                                                -- Eugene O'Neill (Jack Nicholson), "Reds"

Get-Rich-Quick Schemes are extremely important long before they ever make you rich. Daydreaming about the moment you dig up a buried pirate treasure and what you'll do with all the Loot is certainly one of life's great pleasures.

Of course you can't be silly or irresponsible about your get-rich-quick fantasy. It has to be a realistic fantasy; you can't just generically slobber and drool and mutter "Pieces of eight, pieces of eight" all day for years on end. You'll never get anywhere that way.

Here are two realistic get-rich-quick schemes, most of which you can pursue in the privacy of your home computer.
   £   $   ¥   ¢   £   $   ¥   ¢   £

Get-Rich-Quick $cheme No. 1

The Ing Prize

The ancient game Go comes from China and Japan. The rules are very simple, but playing well requires decades of fierce competitive play and intensive study. Most Westerners who play Go are chessplayers who were looking for a new challenge; most players familiar with both games believe Go is more difficult than chess.

Go game in progress. Black made the first move; thereafter Black and White alternately place a stone on one of the 19 x 19 intersections (or a player may pass). Go games typically generate aesthetically beautiful patterns of stones; some players say the beauty of the pattern is more important than winning. Players also take pleasure in the click sound a stone makes when it's placed on the board. (Image believed pilfered from Samarkand.)
In the past twenty years, computers have become superb chessplayers; many $100 boxes play at the Master level and beyond. The special-purpose chess machine Deep Blue, the souped-up child of a grad-school project, Deep Thought, recently defeated the world's best human player, Gary Kasparov. (He was a sore loser, but Deep Blue was a very gracious and sportsthinglike winner.)

During that same period, an enormous amount of work by a lot of very smart people has gone into trying to make computers play Go well.

The latest news -- see the results of the latest Fost Cup tournament below -- is that they're making progress, but still way behind the strength of human Go masters. (Currently there's a big debate on the Newsgroup between "Go programs are making great progress! Victory's just around the corner!" vs. "Hogwash. Go programs are still dopes compared to humans.")

Why this is nobody is quite sure. A lot of the lessons chess programmers learned ought to be applicable to computer Go -- but obviously they aren't.

And Go seems like such a simple game, much simpler than chess. There's only one kind of piece, the stone; and given any intersection (x,y), either there's a black stone there, or a white stone, or nothing at all. There are no dice or elements of chance. There are no hidden things; you always see exactly what your opponent sees, which is all there is to see. A computer ought to eat this kind of situation up with a spoon.

One constraint on your brilliant computer-Go program is Time ... your box not only has to figure out The Right Move, but has to do it within time limits that also apply to its human foe. As it is, one nickname for Go is rotten axe handle, from a legend about a woodsman who paused to watch a fascinating Go game, and when it was over, his brand new axe handle had rotted away. As a spectator sport, we are talking Paint Drying here.


For many years now, a Taiwanese businessman named Mr. Ing Chang-Ki has offered

to the computer Go program which can defeat his designated Human Go Master.


Mr. Ing Chang-Ki

died 27 August 1997 at age 84.
But his Prize is still waiting to be won!

Danny Swarzman, of the San Francisco Goe Club (he keeps spelling it that way, which is fine) reports that the
97 World Computer Go Congress

was held in San Francisco on 21-23 November, and here's what happened after the programs had competed:
Rank  Program           Programmer                Nation
   1  Handtalk          Chen Zhixing              China
   2  Go4++             Michael Reiss             UK
   3  Go Intellect      Ken Chen                  USA
   4  Silver Igo        Naritatsu Yamamoto        Japan
                        (Silver Star Japan)
   5  Many Faces of Go  David Fotland             USA
   6  MODGO             Alfred & Walter Knoephle  Germany
   7  FunGo             Park Yong Goo             Korea
   8  Star of Poland    Janusz Kraszek            Poland
   9  Explorer          Martin Mueller            Austria
. 10  Super Ego         Bruce Wilcox              USA   .

Then "... Handtalk was matched against three human players. Handtalk was allowed to place 11 stones as a handicap. [A huge handicap! Nine stones is the most you get in a human-human game.] Handtalk defeated Lin Ting-Chao, a 13-year-old Taiwanese 2 Dan by three points and Jonathan Wang, an American 6 Dan by 21 points. Hwang Yi-Tsuu, an 11-year-old Taiwanese 4 Dan soundly defeated Handtalk."

Notice that Handtalk was also the winner of the Fost Cup competition in August!

Summing up: An 11-year-old boy prevented the smartest Go program in the world from winning a million bucks. Apparently your Go Monster Revenge Robot has to trash THREE human opponents in a row to establish that victory isn't a fluke.

So. There you are. Simple as that.
If you don't know how to program a computer ...

Well. I really don't know what to say. You have my sympathies.

Imagine spending $1000 or $2000 on a box and only being able to use one percent of its power and potential! Hahahahaha! You ought to be ashamed of yourself ... especially since you can learn to program in QBasic (which they threw in with your DOS/Windows machine for FREE!) with just one night's study!

But if you do know how to program, Get to Work on a Go Program Now!!!


To sample the flavor of the Web community that's trying to write stronger, faster, smarter Go programs and win the million bucks, you might want to subscribe to
the Computer Go Newsgroup

(and I guess type SUBSCRIBE in the subject and body; that ought to do it. They've recently moved from Australia to France.) If you expect to find a lot of people perpetually drooling over what they plan to do with Mr. Ing's Million Bucks, you'll be disappointed; these people are focused big-time! Most of the time I haven't the foggiest notion what they're talking about. (The Greeks, who naturally don't say "It's all Greek to me!" say instead: "It's all Chinese to me!")
But you can sort of intuit through the GeekSpeak that a frighteningly high percentage of these Computer Go correspondents are real smart! Reading their correspondence as they toss ethereal ideas back and forth just sorta makes a feller proud to belong to the same species. (At least I think I belong to the same species.)
Now you're going to need a Go board and a set of stones. You can get 'em cheap. Or expensive. Top-of-the-line Go boards are carved from a single tree grown specially for the purpose, and can cost $50,000. But you can get a more modest board and stones for about $65.

As for books, if you start getting good at Go, eventually there's a problem for English-speakers: About 95 percent of Go literature is written in Asian languages. A math professor friend of mine solved this by living with a Japanese Go master for a year; he now also teaches Japanese. But there are plenty of English Go books to get you beyond beginner.
The Japanese Go Master's Tale

The Japanese Go Master lived with his wife and maybe a kid or two in your basic Japanese apartment/flat, which is like your basic USA linen closet -- essentially one room for eating, sleeping, dancing, playing Go, etc. (Married Japanese men are strongly encouraged to leave home after dinner so they won't be underfoot during the dining-dormitory transition, so the entire husband population goes to Pachinko pinball parlors for two or three evening hours.)
One evening my pal and the Master are chatting, and the Master says, "My wife would really love a small house in the suburbs. But they are so expensive, I cannot afford it." Then he looks at his Go board, which is worth about $50,000. "Now and then I think about maybe selling this board ... naaaaah!"

"Well," my pal explained to me, "marriage is a little different in Japan." 


Here are some Computer Go buzzwords you should become familiar with:
  trees (not the wooden ones, the Platonic Objects)
*   alpha-beta
*   life and death, joseki
*   minimax
*  hashing codes
the Game of Life

Incidentally, there's a theory about computer chess that the best programmers tend to be fairly lousy players -- the idea being that after years of humiliating evidence (often provided by 13-year-old boys with thick glasses and pimples) that you're always going to be a hopeless potzer, something snaps, and you seek Revenge by constructing a Frankenstein Monster Chess Robot that will crush and annihilate all those who made you feel like such a schmuck all those years. I suspect the same is true for computer Go.

I also suspect spending years to become a very fine Go player might even be counterproductive to try for the Ing Prize. Becoming a human Go master is an  intellectual task that requires no knowledge of computers. Writing an ass-kicking computer Go program is an entirely different task, and it's quite possible the less you know about the advanced strategic aspects of Go, the better, because the idea is to make the computer do all the fancy thinking.

The 3rd International
  Fost Cup
... the annual slugfest between the world's best computer Go programs, was held in Nagoya Japan on 27-28 August 1997. (Computer Go isn't an isolated phenomenon; the tournament was part of an important world conference on artificial intelligence.)

Many of the top programs and their creators are old friends to Computer Go Newsgroup subscribers. They may not be posting every one of their trade secrets and magic tricks, but many of them are very generous with their highly interesting and obviously successful ideas. Besides the Ing Prize, there's a Great Deal of Money to be made (mostly in Asia) by writing a strong Go program that can be sold in a handheld machine or as a home computer program -- just like home chess programs and machines.

    So far income from sales in Japan has been much higher
    than the [tournament] prizes. I have one 2nd, and a
    couple of 3rd's in the world.

    But software is a great get-rich scheme. I sent a
    Japanese company my source code on a floppy, they did
    all the work of making a Japanese version and selling
    it, and they send me royalty checks.
    It's like money for nothing.

right right, money for nothing, this is a real underachiever talking, a real hammock & Budweiser sorta guy

    I use the money to buy bigger, faster, computers
    (I have 5 now), and to pay for travel, but not to
    anyplace very interesting yet.

                     -- David Fotland
                        author of "Many Faces of Go"

The new world champ, Chen ZhiXing's Handtalk, walked away from Nagoya with about U$16,500, which is not chopped liver. After beating all its international silicon foes, Handtalk then played an exhibition game against a Human Girl with a 2-kyu (very strong handicap -- lower the number, stronger the player), and squeaked out a one-point win. (The girl had little or no experience playing Go via keyboard, mouse and screen; but then the computer had little or no experience playing little girls.) The judges were impressed with the strength of Handtalk's game and certified Handtalk as 3-kyu -- also not chopped liver, and money in the bank for Handtalk's commercial future. Next year's Fost Cup will be held in Tokyo at the end of August.

 rank  program          programmer          nation
    1  Handtalk         Chen ZhiXing        China
    2  Go Intellect     Ken Chen            USA
    3  Go 4++           Michael Reiss       England
    4  Star of Poland   Janusz Kraszek      Poland
    5  Silver Igo       Naritatsu Yamamoto  Japan
    6  Gogol            Tristan Cazenave    France
    7  Biwako           Masahiro Tanaka     Japan
    8  Aya              Hiroshi Yamashita   Japan
    9  Jimmy            Shi-Jim Yan         Taiwan
   10  Fun Go           Park Yong-Goo       Korea
   11  Stone            Kuo-Yuan Kao        USA
CORRECTION! Fotland's Many Faces finished 11th!
(I just don't know how that changes the other standings.)
.  12  Many Faces of Go    David Fotland     USA   .

Well? What are you waiting for? Start Programming!
   £   $   ¥   ¢   £   $   ¥   ¢   £

      As I walk along the Bois de Boulogne
    With an independent air
    You can see the ladies stare --
    "He must be a millionaire!"
    You can see them sigh and wink an eye
    And to wish that they could die
    For The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carrrrrrrlo!

Merci to Didier K., an actual French guy, for correcting my spelling of Bois de Boulogne.

   £   $   ¥   ¢   £   $   ¥   ¢   £

Get-Rich-Quick $cheme No. 2

The Beale Ciphers
Okay okay in 1817 a guy from Virginia named Thomas J. Beale put together an expedition of about twenty fellow adventurers and went to explore the American wilderness west of the Mississippi. Somewhere in what's now New Mexico they stumbled upon a cave with enormously rich veins of silver and gold. They took it back to St. Louis in wagons, exchanged some of it for more portable precious jewels, then took the treasure to Bedford County, Virginia, and buried it in iron pots in a vault within four miles of Buford's Tavern (whose foundations still exist). They went back West the next year and did it all over again.
Beale wrote three documents in code:
    1. The preci$e location of the trea$ure.
    2. A detailed description of the treasure.
    3. A list of all the expedition members (shareholders in the treasure).

Here's the start of Document 1, just to give you a taste:

44,16,401,39,88,61,304,12,21,24,283,134,92,63,246,486,682,7 ...

Beale used to stay in a hotel in Lynchburg, Virginia, and became friends with the innkeeper. When he went off on another expedition into the wilderness in 1822, he left the three coded documents with the innkeeper. He never returned.

Toward the end of the Civil War, the innkeeper passed the coded documents to a friend, James Beverly Ward, who spent decades, and finally got lucky and inspired and figured out that the key to Document 2 was The Declaration of Independence. Using the Declaration, he decoded Document 2.

If Beale was telling the truth, the buried treasure is worth around

$22,000,000 !!! 

in today's money.

No one has ever decoded Documents 1 and 3 !!! (Not that anyone really cares about 3.)

But the Coded Text -- long lists of numbers -- has been carefully copied and circulated for years. You can get it all at
as well as a lot of other information about the Beale Ciphers and the Treasure!
Slobber. Drool. Well. Here we are again.

Those of you who don't believe this outlandish story; or who can't program a computer; or are sure they can never crack the Beale Ciphers; or who think it's too much of an effort ... well, just Go Away.
                     Hit the road, Jack,
                     and don'tcha come back
                     no more no more no more no more . . .


Now a word about Secret Codes ...

In The Gold Bug, Edgar Alan Poe wrote that any Code one mind could devise, another astute, determined mind could eventually break. Poe was a brilliant pioneer in Cryptography, and computed the tables of most frequently used alphabet letters in English writing. Such tables (different for different languages) remain invaluable in Cryptography to this day.

Poe was Absolutely Right for all the most important secret codes in the world -- things like the Japanese Purple and German Enigma codes of World War II -- well into very recent times. The earliest electronic digital computers were invented in secret to crack these codes, and were so successful that it seemed obvious that powerful Supercomputers would always stay one step ahead of any new secret code. (For more about the fascinating world of Secret Codes, read Kahn's The Codebreakers. It's a book. There's nothing to click on. Go to the bookstore or the library, okay?)

ADDENDA: A more recent book, The Codebreakers, by Simon Singh very vigorously suggests the TRUE value of the Beale Ciphers. Singh says every modern cryptologist, including the British Enigma codebreakers at Bletchley Park, began his/her code education by trying to break the Beale Ciphers. So even if there is no fabulous treasure waiting in Virginia, when the world desperately needs to break a secret code, the legacy of the Beale Ciphers provides the human brainpower. (The Beale Ciphers are mentioned in the recent movie about Turing and Enigma, "The Imitation Game.")

Then in 1978, Things Changed. Using large Prime Numbers, S. Pohlig and M. Hellman invented a type of code called "trap-door" or "one-way encryption," the basis for Public Key Cryptography, which computer communications use today. The best theories are (almost) absolutely certain that the world's most powerful supercomputers will take centuries to break these Large-Prime-Number codes!

But ... Beale made his codes in the early 19th century, and if the methods he used for Document 2 are those he used for Document 1, these are fairly primitive, crude codes. The reason they haven't been broken is that you need to figure out what book or document Beale used as the Key -- the way he used the Declaration of Independence for Document 2.

In modern crypto jargon, such codes are called a "one-time pad." Without knowing the key (book, usually) used to code the message, it's just about impossible to break the code. 

It probably has to be:
  • a standardized document -- that is, something which has almost exactly the same wording and spelling no matter what the edition
  • a widely-circulated, widely owned document in the early 19th century, like the King James Bible.
Oh. I forgot. You'll need to buy a shovel and rent a big truck.

By the way ...

Just what, exactly, will you do with your $1,000,000 Ing Prize,
or your $22,000,000 Beale Treasure?

The Three Stages of
Get-Rich-Quick Fantasy are:
  • Anticipation, Slobbering & Drooling
  • The Magic Touch-the-Money Moment
  • The Spending Spree
Please e-mail me your plans for these Huge Sums of Filthy Lucre. Please don't tell me you're going to invest it all in safe low-yield money-market or mutual funds for your old age. I don't want to hear that. I'll list your more imaginative fantasies, and your name (or not, your call) here.
    David Fotland, who actually has MADE
    money writing Go programs, describes
    his spending spree above.

you people thought this was a joke, right? i will try to get a .wav of Fotland laughing.

Mine involve unimaginably fast English motorcycles (there's a New Triumph!!! I've seen and touched it!), lobsters, and n beautiful, intelligent, friendly, fun-loving young women (where n > 1 ) who like to wear stuff from Frederick's of Hollywood.

Cette page est une copie de

26 July 2016

Cos an angry exploding mountain is always right / Someone's in charge and it's definitely Not You / famous last words: VANCOUVER! VANCOUVER! THIS IS IT!

Click image to increase fear & panic

As VleeptronZ's signboard attests, VleeptronZ likes VOLCANOS!!! (and PIRATES!!!)

Here's Japan's Sakurajima volcano. It popped its cork -- as is the habit of volcanos, with little or no warning despite being constantly stalked and observed with million$ of government scientific equipment -- the other day. 

Nothing to worry about, Sakurajima's in a sparsely populated rural area. 30 miles from it is a newly restarted nuclear energy plant.

This photograph, by some uncredited but Daring Photographer Fooleusse or Fool from The Asahi Shimbun, was shot at 3 minutes past local midnight. 

(I am a friend and former colleague and admirer of several top-notch newspaper photographer Fooleusses. To bring Page 1 film back, they will leap over rivulets of lava, dodge assault weapon fire, run into race riots, paddle through a supertsunami, often sneaking under POLICE TAPE DO NOT CROSS , or climbing over chain link fence with barking ferocious Weimaraners on the other side.)

Though there's never a boring show at or near an erupting volcano, always try to arrange your in-person visit at nighttime. You see stuff like this. Only at night can you see the ring of glowing fire around the crater (easily from 20+ miles away).

And only at night can you see the Wild Violent Lightning Show that erupting volcanos put on. I've seen the fire glow ring and the lightning show a few nights running, just from the hotel veranda in my underwear. (No one, local or tourist, has been allowed anywhere near the Soufriére Hills volcano since it blew and scattered half of Montserrat's population across the Atlantic between 1995 and 1999.)

By night and day, you can't miss the earthquakes. A dozen little shakies (temblors) per day on average. The Brit-uniformed schoolkids waiting for the schoolbus barely notice them. It's just Life In New Montserrat.

Shake, Rattle and Roll and Maybe Sudden Death and Evacuation. Listen for police instructions and lots of screaming.

In fact, all the great volcano eruptions of history -- within a decade, more humans come back, rebuild.

Ask the Napoli funzionario di polizia where Vesuvio is, he or she will point to a big mountain looming over the city, and then resume her or his polizia business. Life in New Pompeii.

They return and plant crops. Because after the Mass Death and Fear pass, the volcano has covered a huge area with a deep coating of the most fertile soil on the planet. Volcanic ash. Plants sprout up like Miracles from the Gods.

(Specifically Vulcan, Pluto, those kind of Gods.)

Have you seen one of these Hot Potatoes or Supervolcano Calderas? Were you near Krakatau in '84? (1884). She's long gone, but you can take a boat to see Anak Krakatau -- Daughter Of Krakatau, she's smokin' hot, and tourists have to duck flying hot rocks.

Actually, contrary to Hollywood, most volcano deaths are from the Lahar -- hundreds of people drowned in a sudden flood of mud. Not boiled or baked or blown to death. Your last experience and thought is Mud followed by Death.

But I like the Pyroclastic Flow, or Pyroclastic Event. I saw Soufriere Hills put one on just for me and S.W.M.B.O. We were on a hilltop miles away. But if you're at the foot of an active volcano, and look up and see a Pyroclastic Event begin, you have just enough time to Think Of Mother. 

Gravitational Acceleration + 
Hot Rocks As Big As Cars

Arrivederci Napoli. Hope for Life Everlasting in the Next World, because This World expires in 9.2 seconds. You're toast. 

No, really, you're toast. Crushed toast.

I have long recognized that I have a behavioral issue regarding active and erupting volcanos. But thankfully & helpfully, my health insurance will not pay for a cure.

(I don't even know if there is a cure for this behavioral issue. When you arrive at any Hot Volcano, the parking lot has a dozen or so other sufferers of your affliction, sometimes in polar gear, sometimes in Hawaiian shirts and Bermuda shorts. All with cameras. My first photos of active volcanos were on 35mm silver film.)

They give us those nice bright colors
They give us the greens of summers
Makes you think all the world's a sunny day
I got me a Nikon camera
I love to take a photograph
So mama don't take my Kodachrome away

-- Paul Simon


If you click HERE , a pretty Icelandic girl with a ukulele will sing a song about one of her volcanos.

Eyjafjallajökull slept for a hundred and eighty seven years
And the gods awoke and spew ashes into the atmosphere
Eyjafjallajökull teach us a thing or two
Don't mess with mother nature
Someone's in charge and it's definitely not you

Cancel all your plans and cancel all your flights
Cos an angry exploding mountain is always right
It's always right
It's always right
It's always right

See All 500 Earth's Active Volcanos!

The one they call The Big Rock Candy Mountain, you got to safari and trek through wild animal and armed bandit territory for three days, then back again -- if you come back again. A vulcanologist professor woman has gone down into this unique fizzy crater maybe 20 times. (And brought her camera. And came back. And made a website about her behavioral issue.)

When we approached the mountains south of Reykjavik, I asked the taxi driver if there were was really a mountain Sneffels and a Skartaris volcano, and he got very excited and started pointing up at this and that mountain. 

I was within sight of the Entrance to the Center of the Earth. You can take a taxi and some spelunking gear on the Kalends of July ...

In Sneffels Joculis craterem quem delibat Umbra Scartaris Julii intra calendas descende, Audax viator, et terrestre centrum attinges. Quod feci, Arne Saknussemm.

Descend, bold traveller, into the crater of the jokul of Sneffels, which the shadow of Scartaris touches before the kalends of July, and you will attain the centre of the earth. I did this, Arne Saknussemm.


VleeptronZ pledges to cover all Earth's violently erupting  VOLCANOS!!! As They Explode. Video at 11.

25 July 2016

let's scare the Baptists with this old Jew atheist / there's more than one way to scape a goat

The Forward
Jewish-American daily
English edition (also Yiddish edition)
New York City / founded 1897
Sunday 24 July 2016


How Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s 

DNC Tried To Weaponize 
Bernie Sanders’s Jewishness

by Ari Paul 

It was around this time last year that I first waded into coverage of the 2016 presidential race for this newspaper, asking whether Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, a democratic socialist, was being subjected to anti-Semitic treatment from his critics. The short answer was that in some cases yes, in some cases no, so we better just be on our guard and see.

Well, now a cache of emails coming from the Democratic National Committee and leaked by WikiLeaks is being heralded as proof that the party, which swore to be indifferent to the race and favor no candidate, actively campaigned against Sanders in favor of the establishment-backed Hillary Clinton. And Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the DNC chairwoman and standard-bearer for Jewish Democrats, has announced her resignation in light of the email scandal.

In one particular email from DNC CFO Brad Marshall, there’s clear evidence that the party wanted to use Sanders’s Jewishness and his alleged atheism against him in states with plenty of religious Christian voters.

“It might may no difference [sic], but for KY [Kentucky] and WVA [West Virginia] can we get someone to ask his belief,” Marshall wrote. “Does he believe in a God. He had skated on saying he has a Jewish heritage. I think I read he is an atheist. This could make several points difference with my peeps. My Southern Baptist peeps would draw a big difference between a Jew and an atheist.”

Let’s unpack this, shall we?


27 July 2016

Is Bernie Sanders 

Getting Anti-Semitic Treatment?

by Ari Paul

While this email does not prove that Marshall and his group are actual Jew haters, it does show that they view religious bigotry as a force to be leveraged against a political opponent in the field, rather than as a force needing to be confronted and destroyed at all costs.

What’s particularly troubling here is not that Marshall is saying that the Clinton campaign should overplay Sanders’s Jewishness -- it’s that he’s saying they should call it into question, hoping to play off some Americans’ fear of atheists, and in this case, of how close atheism is thought to be close to socialism (although I can tell you there are plenty of religious socialists out there).

Although this is not classic anti-Semitism as we generally understand it, if you ask me it’s still discrimination of a sort, because it’s essentially saying that there is only one way to be a Jew -- and that if you don’t have a certain ideology or level of religious observance, then you aren’t really Jewish.

This single standard for what counts as a Jew doesn’t harm only non-religious cultural Jews, it also harms groups who don’t conform to what gentiles often think a Jew looks like (think non-white Jews, specifically).

Sanders doesn’t seem like the religious type, but he exudes something that is so culturally Jewish among Brooklyn Jewish radicals that to question his membership in the tribe is laughable.
- 30 -

Debbie Wasserman Schultz blows dead rats / WikiLeaks kix ass

Click to enlarge.

I can't e-mail this creep unless my Zip code is within her Florida congressional district (Miami Beach and adjacent Miami). Maybe some Concerned Citizen will bring this open letter to her attention. She likes to send creepy angry  e-mails, and I'd love to get hers. She doesn't have to tell me her Zip code.


Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Member, U.S. House of Representatives
ex-Chair, Democratic National Committee

You're the latest in a lifetime of pond scum who've driven me from all association with the Democratic Party since 1980. 

Three generations of my family have been lifelong exclusive FDR ethnic coalition Democrats.

Do America a favor and vanish from public life. 

As Florida's first Jewish member of Congress, how'd you enjoy attacking Bernie Sanders' religious beliefs? Feel good? Did you borrow that from Elizabeth Dole's last (losing) Senate campaign?

If Trump wins in November, you can proudly take a lot of the credit.

I donated to Bernie Sanders' campaign. Now I'm going to donate to Wikileaks.

Bob Merkin
Chesterfield, Massachusetts 

registered Unenrolled voter since 1980

P.S. Stop blaming Russia. Look in the mirror.


Vleeptron and moNGO apologize for publicly cursing Debbie (geboren Deborah) Wasserman Schultz without explaining to VleeptronZ's 12 or 13 worldwide followers who the fug Debbie is exactly or vaguely. 

All I'll say first is that Debbie is Very Hot in USA presidential politics the last few days. She's been flashing her great earnest smile to all the TV networks from the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia -- where hundreds of angry people are booing her and demanding she resign and flee.


Wikipedia (the free encyclopedia):

Chairperson of the Democratic National Committee

On April 5, 2011, Vice President Joe Biden announced that Wasserman Schultz was President Barack Obama's choice to succeed Tim Kaine as the 52nd Chair of the Democratic National Committee. Until she assumed office, current DNC Vice-Chair Donna Brazile served as the interim Chair of the Democratic National Committee. Wasserman Schultz was confirmed at the meeting of the DNC held on May 4, 2011, in Washington, D.C.[52]

During an appearance on Face the Nation, Wasserman Schultz said, "The Republicans have a plan to end Medicare as we know it. What they would do is they would take the people who are younger than 55 years old today and tell them, 'You know what? You're on your own. Go and find private health insurance in the health-care insurance market.'".[53] Four non-partisan fact-checkers called her claim false.[54] She then came under criticism for her comments on Washington Watch with Roland Martin, in which she said, "You have the Republicans, who want to literally drag us all the way back to Jim Crow laws and literally—and very transparently—block access to the polls to voters who are more likely to vote for Democratic candidates than Republican candidates". The next day, she stated that "Jim Crow was the wrong analogy to use".[55]

Wasserman Schultz has also been criticized for what has been termed her "frequent absences" from Congress. In 2011, she missed 62 votes of Congress, placing her 45th of 535 in missing Congressional votes. The bulk of those who missed votes did so due to family circumstances, illness, or the presidential campaign.[56] She has been criticized for her frequent appearances on MSNBC. Dylan Ratigan accused her of coming on his show and just "doing talking points". He later was forced to apologize for being "rude".[57]

2016 Presidential election

Clinton's opponents, Martin O'Malley and Bernie Sanders, separately criticized the decision by Wasserman Schultz to schedule only six debates in the 2016 Presidential Primary, fewer than in previous election cycles, as well as the timing of the debates.[58][59]

She has been criticized for her handling of a data breach of the NGP Van system, a Democratic voter database, for shutting down access by Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign. "The national committee and the Sanders campaign said they had come to an agreement to restore his campaign’s access to the voter file, which resulted in access to the VAN system being restored the next day.[60]

In May, MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski called on Schultz to step down over the DNC's bias against the Bernie Sanders campaign.[61] The 2016 Democratic National Committee email leak revealed that Schultz was furious at the negative coverage of her actions in the media, and she emailed Chuck Todd that such coverage of her "must stop".[62] Describing the coverage as the "LAST straw", she ordered the DNC's communications director to call MSNBC president Phil Griffin to demand an apology from Brzezinski.[63][64][65]

On June 28, 2016, both Schultz and the DNC were sued by a Miami-based law firm, over allegations of misleading donors into thinking she was impartial in the endorsement contest for President.[66]


See also: 2016 Democratic National Committee email leak

After Wikileaks published Democratic National Committee emails that proved that DNC staffers had inappropriately backed Hillary Clinton in the primary campaigns while criticizing the Bernie Sanders campaign, Wasserman Schultz tendered her resignation as the head of the DNC, to become effective as of the close of the nomination convention in Philadelphia. According to reports in the Washington Post, Wasserman Schultz strongly resisted suggestions she resign, requiring a phone call from President Barack Obama to finally force her resignation.[67]

[Of course Donald Trump's famous signature line on his "Apprentice" reality TV show is "You're fired!"]
Former DNC head Donna Brazille was to assume the chairperson's post through January 2017.[68] Soon after resigning, the Hillary Clinton campaign announced that Wasserman Schultz "would serve as honorary chair of the campaign's 50-state program as well as continuing as a surrogate nationally and in Florida."[69]


(((Vleepron Dude))):

(((She))) still blows dead rats. I particularly like her secret  kike-bashing (((Bernie the alleged Atheist))).

24 July 2016

what's on Dr. Ben Carson's mind / all the evangelical news that's fit to post / maybe almost our 2nd USA African-American President

Click to enlarge.

Christian Today /
evangelical Christian media, established 2004
Sunday 24 July 2016

Ben Carson says being 

transgender 'doesn't make 
any sense' -- like leopard
wanting to change its spots

by Czarina Ong

[photo] Former Republican U.S. presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson speaks during the second day of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, U.S. on 19 July 2016.

Former Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson thinks being a transgender just "doesn't make any sense," likening their situation to a leopard wanting to change its spots.

"[Gender] is not based on your feelings, it's based on what you are," Carson tells The Hill [US Congressional news service, Washington DC]. "Can a leopard change its spots? No. It can't because it feels like maybe it's a different creature. No, it's still a leopard. Sorry."

For the former neurosurgeon, anyone who wakes up thinking that they belong to a different sex just because they feel differently that day has lost their marbles.

Carson says a person who claims to have changed gender based on feelings has as much sense as a person who says, "I'm Afghani today because I saw a movie about that last night, and even though my genetics might not indicate that, that's the way I feel, and if you say that I'm not, then you're a racist."

"It's the same kind of situation," he continues. "What we ought to do is utilize our brains, utilize our common sense as human beings. We've known what men are and what women are for thousands of years. So we don't know anything, everything is relative -- this doesn't make any sense."

This was not the first time Carson talked about LGBT issues. Just last month, Carson said members of the LGBT community were trying to get as many people as they could to join their bandwagon because they were not "comfortable with what they are doing."

"I personally believe that many people in the LGB[T] community don't feel comfortable with what they are doing, and that is why it is so important for them to get affirmation from everybody else and that is why they try to enforce everybody else to accept them and to say that this is what needs to be done," Carson said. "But there comes a time when people of faith have to be able to stand up for the Word of God."

- 30 -

22 July 2016

another affordable automaton from Mechanical Cabaret Theatre: Lord Horatio Nelson's dying words

 Play in FULL SCREEN mode

Durrell School of Corfu wrote:

> Harold Bloom told me that the ' Ballad of the Good Lord Nelson' was 
> one of his favourite poems, to be recited in depression. RP

That is classic Bloom.  A reading through /Falstaff/ as much as 
/Freud/.  And a good and merry rejoinder to Durrell's ballad.

    "Turning like the hour-glass in his lonely bunk"

1943.  Is this a war poem?  Perhaps it is rather more post-coital than 
post-colonial.  The approach would tell us much.

Back to my "various rigs."


Durrell, Lawrence
[from /Collected Poems: 1931-1974 / (1985), Faber and Faber]

The Good Lord Nelson had a swollen gland,
Little of the scripture did he understand
Till a woman led him to the promised land
                     Aboard the Victory, Victory O.

Adam and Evil and a bushel of figs
Meant nothing to Nelson who was keeping pigs,
Till a woman showed him the various rigs
                     Aboard the Victory, Victory O.

His heart was softer than a new laid egg,
Too poor for loving and ashamed to beg,
Till Nelson was taken by the Dancing Leg
                     Aboard the Victory, Victory O.

Now he up and did up his little tin trunk
And he took to the ocean on his English junk,
Turning like the hour-glass in his lonely bunk
                     Aboard the Victory, Victory O.

The Frenchman saw him a-coming there
With the one-piece eye and the valentine hair,
With the safety-pin sleeve and occupied air
                     Aboard the Victory, Victory O.

Now you all remember the message he sent
As an answer to Hamilton's discontent---
There were questions asked about it in Parliament
                     Aboard the Victory, Victory O.

Now the blacker the berry, the thicker comes the juice.
Think of Good Lord Nelson and avoid self-abuse,
For the empty sleeve was no mere excuse
                     Aboard the Victory, Victory O.

'England Expects' was the motto he gave
When he thought of little Emma out on Biscay's wave,
And remembered working on her like a galley-slave
                     Aboard the Victory, Victory O.

The first Great Lord in our English land
To honour the Freudian command,
For a cast in the bush is worth two in the hand
                     Aboard the Victory, Victory O.

Now the Frenchman shot him there as he stood
In the rage of battle in a silk-lined hood
And he heard the whistle of his own hot blood
                     Aboard the Victory, Victory O.

Now stiff on a pillar with a phallic air
Nelson stylites in Trafalgar Square
Reminds the British what once they were
                     Aboard the Victory, Victory O.

If they'd treat their women in the Nelson way
There'd be fewer frigid husbands every day
And many more heroes on the Bay of Biscay
                     Aboard the Victory, Victory O.


Charles L. Sligh
Department of English
Wake Forest University
slighcl at

21 July 2016

reasonably affordable (maybe BREXIT Panic has strengthened U$ v. Pound) handmade miniature automata from Mechanical Cabaret Theatre

Watch video in Full Screen Mode.
Brush teeth at least 2 times a day.
Floss after every meal.
Keep away from bootleg hooch
When you're on a spreeeeee
Take good care of yourself
You belong to me 

"Button Up Your Overcoat"
(DeSylva / Brown / Henderson)
sung by Helen Kane

Mechanical Cabaret Theatre is the Best Tourist Trap I have ever been abducted and trapped into. I didn't want to leave. It was / maybe I hope still is / in Covent Garden in London. From the outside as you pass by, it screams 


That's not exactly what's inside MCT. They lied to the suckers.

There's a small turnstile admission, but they really rake in the Big Bucks with their handmade coin-operated wooden automata. If you want to see the automaton in action, first you must place a Local Coin in a slot on the automaton, and then the crazy thing or things just start doing all sorts of odd things you've never seen a machine even try to do or think about doing. 

MCT is Crazy Weird Useless Machine Place. It's like DisneyWorld with issues and behavioral difficulties and should get professional help or maybe prescription pills from Big Pharma. 

But I went in there and just Enabled MCT's troubles with tourist coin after coin after coin. So CMT is not getting any professional help with its problems any time soon. This month they have a wildly popular exhibit in China.

Should I buy this for S.W.M.B.O.? She just LOVES the dentist, begs him for More Appointments rather than Fewer. If you have Feelings about The Dentist or Dental Hygienist, Leave A Comment.

17 July 2016

they're Out There in some virtual locus, Collect 'em All, lads x lassies! / @ Yoyodyne, the Future Begins Tomorrow / CitiTrans Bus pulverizes Idiot in Road Chasing Virtual Objects on SmartPhone, taken to Helvetica ER, admitted, prognosis: iffy

Click to enlarge.
New Yorker cartoon (1935) by James Thurber

I think I'm love with this Periodical,


How do I subscribe for free without contracting me in some way to Bulgarians and Gold Statue Turkmenbashites? I am hopelessly mesmerized by the Brave New World and Such People who Dwell in ’t, which is their beat & niche. They cover stuff i never suspected existed (and actively resisted verifying).

To paraphrase Neffe A.'s explanation of Facebook ("It's a Time Suck, Uncle Bob")

• Video Games = Big Time Suck

• Video Games on SmartPhone =
   Big Time Suck & Die 
   or get Fucked Up Bad 
   & get SmartPhone & wallet stole

      Oh, wonder!
How many goodly creatures are there here!
How beauteous Poketopia is! O brave new world,
That has such Weedle and Rattata in ’t!


no Pizza, if u don't know what it's from, contact Education Ministry & demand Bad Education Refund

In Socialist Praha/Prague, Capek was Okay & Revered at 2 crappy Peoples Grey Dark Bookstores, but Kafka was kaput, verboden, defense a fumer. The Invisible Non-Goofball Not Czech Novelist -- I guess the Peoples Ministry of Literature called him Doctor Who? Now he's Big In The Window of a dozen Big Great colorful well-lighted Bookstores, and he's New Prague's Poster Boy for the world's Literaturistas. 

***** PUBLIC NOTICE ******

as a Do-Gooder NuttyCrunch Sustainable Resource Service to All Sentients, Emperor-for-Life Ming the Merciless XXIV, now CMFIC of moNGO, will lead 


whose object all sublime, which will be reached on time, is to compile



in all known Human and Non-Human lingi, Natural Language & Unnatural Language, because without this, there you are, in the middle of a big mob all shrieking


and you can't even grok if it's finno-ugrik or indo-euro, let alone what its Significance might be. Such a list in a laminated wallet card could be invaluable. Otherwise your best instinct is to pee in your pants, stick your thumb up your ass, and burst into sobs.

* * *

Should PROJECT RUN4HIGROUND also compile all language renderings of Option C?





so all Vleeptroids, or just e-folks what took a wrong turn in the Labyrinth, just send Ming the Merciless of moNGO via e-mail (no tweets, no hashtag drek) any phrase you think is useful in these kinds of unexpected situations in a faraway Lingoland. Yo. Leave A Comment.


is our new filched motto & Sacred Holy Vow. Also no negative cyberbullying. Alles Affengesselschaft (tm) verboten.

Does anyone know if Little League besbol (from whom we filched the motto) now lets Human Youth Females play? If you have Opinions -- and remember, VleeptronZ honors the Dumb & Brain-Dead as it honors the insightful and valuable -- please Leave a Comment.

More parsing of the remarkable Vow Shoulder Patch of Little League.

It's not

i Don't Cheat

whose auxiliary verb Don't implies ... well, less somehow. 

Also there is no contract with the reader, no vow, no pledge, no accountability.


is the Lad or Lass's personal vow to expect & accept World Besbol Shame in 2 Big Indo-Euro languages and a huge Sino-Japanese lingo. There can be no escaping a miserable remainder of your miserable life anywhere the crack of a wooden or aluminum bat is a familiar sound, on the diamond, or at night down a dark street.

► That's the boy who cheated in Little League.

► They caught her cheating in Little League.

That's a Brand (not a laser-erasable Tattoo) that sorta sticks with you forever. Recover from THAT!

I was well into print newspapering (or Dead Tree Media, as RamanuJohn calls it), enough to fancy that I'd now Seen Everything and heard of All Ethically Whack (human) Krap, when the Winner of the big North America Kids' Soap Box Derby got caught out.

The Rules say Billy can spend no more than $100 on Billy's homemade balsa wood Downhill Gravity Car. 

But Billy's winning lead over all other cars in the final heat was so great, that they suspected more than just Skilled Youth Garage Science was at work.

Billy's doting Rich Uncle Max had happily blown $30,000+, including Wind Tunnel Time, but the real Cherry On Top was, at the Starting Line when the Green Light went on, Billy would push back his helmet to activate a switch in his head cushion, and turn ON a strong battery-powered electromagnet. Then the Starting Gate -- made of ferromagnetic steel -- would drop, and beyond Gravity, Billy's car was thrust forward by 79.3 watts (femtogausses, whatever, Leave A Comment) of magnetic attraction. (A whiff of which the cars of Tommy, Joey, Rick & Todd got naught.)

That was maybe 30+ years ago. Leave A Comment if you know what became of Billy. He showed poor judgment in his actions and choice of Favorite Rich Uncle. In low-rent criminal District Court, I always tell the Judge

I Fell In With Bad Companions.

(see cartoon at top)

And now to Pocketgamer's coverage of

Everything Dusty Springfield sang was remarkable -- UK Catholic Girls Schools just keep churning out musical genius and Nobel Scientists by the brigade -- but here is her lyrical introduction to The Land You're About To Visit. Does anyone know who produced this, who the side musicians were?

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The complete Pokémon GO Pokedex - a list of every confirmed Pokemon in the game

From Abra to Zubat

Product: Pokemon GO | Developer: Niantic | Publisher: The Pokemon Company | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: Action   

by Mark Brown

So you're playing Pokémon GO. Welcome to the club. Everyone on the internet seems to be obsessed with this brilliant augmented reality RPG.

To help you catch 'em all, as is the destiny of any Pokémon Trainer, we've put together a list of every Pokemon that has been confirmed to exist in the game.

Some, especially the legendary Pokémon, will likely be added later in special events.

As for the rest, remember that boosting your trainer level will help you find rarer critters. That Pokémon are easier to find in areas that match their type (grass in forests, water by lakes, etc), and that some nocturnal Pokémon only come out at night.

If you've spotted any that we don't have on our list, let us know in the comments below.

Pokémon GO    #001 - Bulbasaur

Type: Grass / Poison

Evolves into: Ivysaur
Pokemon GO    #002 - Ivysaur

Type: Grass / Poison

Evolves into: Venusaur
Pokemon GO    #003 - Venusaur

Type: Grass / Poison
Pokemon GO    #004 - Charmander

Type: Fire

Evolves into: Charmeleon
Pokemon GO    #005 - Charmeleon

Type: Fire

Evolves into: Charizard
Pokemon GO    #006 - Charizard

Type: Fire / Flying
Pokemon GO    #007 - Squirtle

Type: Water

Evolves into: Wartortle
Pokemon GO    #008 - Wartortle

Type: Water

Evolves into: Blastoise
Pokemon GO    #009 - Blastoise

Type: Water
Pokemon GO    #010 - Caterpie

Type: Bug

Evolves into: Metapod
Pokemon GO    #011 - Metapod

Type: Bug

Evolves into: Butterfree
Pokemon GO    #012 - Butterfree

Type: Bug / Flying
Pokemon GO    #013 - Weedle

Type: Bug / Poison

Evolves into: Kakuna
Pokemon GO    #014 - Kakuna

Type: Bug / Poison

Evolves into: Beedrill
Pokemon GO    #015 - Beedrill

Type: Bug / Poison
Pokemon GO    #016 - Pidgey

Type: Normal

Evolves into: Pidgeotto
Pokemon GO    #017 - Pidgeotto

Type: Normal / Flying

Evolves into: Pidgeot
Pokemon GO    #018 - Pidgeot

Type: Normal / Flying
Pokemon GO    #019 - Rattata

Type: Normal

Evolves into: Raticate
Pokemon GO    #020 - Raticate

Type: Normal
Pokemon GO    #021 - Spearow

Type: Normal / Flying

Evolves into: Fearow
Pokemon GO    #022 - Fearow

Type: Normal / Flying
Pokemon GO    #023 - Ekans

Type: Poison

Evolves into: Arbok
Pokemon GO    #024 - Arbok

Type: Poison
Pokemon GO    #025 - Pikachu

Type: Electric

Evolves into: Raichu
Pokemon GO    #026 - Raichu

Type: Electric
Pokemon GO    #027 - Sandshrew

Type: Ground

Evolves into: Sandslash
Pokemon GO    #028 - Sandslash

Type: Ground
Pokemon GO    #029 - Nidoran F

Type: Poison

Evolves into: Nidorina
Pokemon GO    #030 - Nidorina

Type: Poison

Evolves into: Nidoqueen
Pokemon GO    #031 - Nidoqueen

Type: Poison / Ground
Pokemon GO    #032 - Nidoran M

Type: Poison

Evolves into: Nidorino
Pokemon GO    #033 - Nidorino

Type: Poison

Evolves into: Nidoking
Pokemon GO    #034 - Nidoking

Type: Poison / Ground
Pokemon GO    #035 - Clefairy

Type: Fairy

Evolves into: Clefable
Pokemon GO    #036 - Clefable

Type: Fairy
Pokemon GO    #037 - Vulpix

Type: Fire

Evolves into: Ninetales
Pokemon GO    #038 - Ninetales

Type: Fire
Pokemon GO    #039 - Jigglypuff

Type: Normal / Fairy

Evolves into: Wigglytuff
Pokemon GO    #040 - Wigglytuff

Type: Normal / Fairy
Pokemon GO    #041 - Zubat

Type: Poison / Flying

Evolves into: Golbat
Pokemon GO    #042 - Golbat

Type: Poison / Flying
Pokemon GO    #043 - Oddish

Type: Grass / Poison

Evolves into: Gloom
Pokemon GO    #044 - Gloom

Type: Grass / Poison

Evolves into: Vileplume
Pokemon GO    #045 - Vileplume

Type: Grass / Poison
Pokemon GO    #046 - Paras

Type: Bug / Grass

Evolves into: Parasect
Pokemon GO    #047 - Parasect

Type: Bug / Grass
Pokemon GO    #048 - Venonat

Type: Bug / Poison

Evolves into: Venomoth
Pokemon GO    #049 - Venomoth

Type: Bug / Poison
Pokemon GO    #050 - Diglett

Type: Ground

Evolves into: Dugtrio
Pokemon GO    #051 - Dugtrio

Type: Ground
Pokemon GO    #052 - Meowth

Type: Normal

Evolves into: Persian
Pokemon GO    #053 - Persian

Type: Normal
Pokemon GO    #054 - Psyduck

Type: Water

Evolves into: Golduck
Pokemon GO    #055 - Golduck

Type: Water
Pokemon GO    #056 - Mankey

Type: Fighting

Evolves into: Primeape
Pokemon GO    #057 - Primeape

Type: Fighting
Pokemon GO    #058 - Growlithe

Type: Fire

Evolves into: Arcanine
Pokemon GO    #059 - Arcanine

Type: Fire
Pokemon GO    #060 - Poliwag

Type: Water

Evolves into: Poliwhirl
Pokemon GO    #061 - Poliwhirl

Type: Water

Evolves into: Poliwrath
Pokemon GO    #062 - Poliwrath

Type: Water / Fighting
Pokemon GO    #063 - Abra

Type: Psychic

Evolves into: Kadabra
Pokemon GO    #064 - Kadabra

Type: Psychic

Evolves into: Alakazam
Pokemon GO    #065 - Alakazam

Type: Psychic
Pokemon GO    #066 - Machop

Type: Fighting

Evolves into: Machoke
Pokemon GO    #067 - Machoke

Type: Fighting

Evolves into: Machamp
Pokemon GO    #068 - Machamp

Type: Fighting
Pokemon GO    #069 - Bellsprout

Type: Grass / Poison

Evolves into: Weepinbell
Pokemon GO    #070 - Weepinbell

Type: Grass / Poison

Evolves into: Victreebel
Pokemon GO    #071 - Victreebel

Type: Grass / Poison
Pokemon GO    #072 - Tentacool

Type: Water / Poison

Evolves into: Tentacruel
Pokemon GO    #073 - Tentacruel

Type: Water / Poison
Pokemon GO    #074 - Geodude

Type: Rock / Ground

Evolves into: Graveler
Pokemon GO    #075 - Graveler

Type: Rock / Ground

Evolves into: Golem
Pokemon GO    #076 - Golem

Type: Rock / Ground
Pokemon GO    #077 - Ponyta

Type: Fire

Evolves into: Rapidash
Pokemon GO    #078 - Rapidash

Type: Fire
Pokemon GO    #079 - Slowpoke

Type: Water / Psychic

Evolves into: Slowbro
Pokemon GO    #080 - Slowbro

Type: Water / Psychic
Pokemon GO    #081 - Magnemite

Type: Electric / Steel

Evolves into: Magneton
Pokemon GO    #082 - Magneton

Type: Electric / Steel
Pokemon GO    #083 - Farfetch'd

Type: Normal / Flying
Pokemon GO    #084 - Doduo

Type: Normal / Flying

Evolves into: Dodrio
Pokemon GO    #085 - Dodrio

Type: Normal / Flying
Pokemon GO    #086 - Seel

Type: Water

Evolves into: Dewgong
Pokemon GO    #087 - Dewgong

Type: Water / Ice
Pokemon GO    #088 - Grimer

Type: Poison

Evolves into: Muk
Pokemon GO    #089 - Muk

Type: Poison
Pokemon GO    #090 - Shellder

Type: Water

Evolves into: Cloyster
Pokemon GO    #091 - Cloyster

Type: Water / Ice
Pokemon GO    #092 - Gastly

Type: Ghost / Poison

Evolves into: Haunter
Pokemon GO    #093 - Haunter

Type: Ghost / Poison

Evolves into: Gengar
Pokemon GO    #094 - Gengar

Type: Ghost / Poison
Pokemon GO    #095 - Onix

Type: Rock / Ground
Pokemon GO    #096 - Drowzee

Type: Psychic

Evolves into: Hypno
Pokemon GO    #097 - Hypno

Type: Psychic
Pokemon GO    #098 - Krabby

Type: Water

Evolves into: Kingler
Pokemon GO    #099 - Kingler

Type: Water
Pokemon GO    #100 - Voltorb

Type: Electric

Evolves into: Electrode
Pokemon GO    #101 - Electrode

Type: Electric
Pokemon GO    #102 - Exeggcute

Type: Grass / Psychic

Evolves into: Exeggutor
Pokemon GO    #103 - Exeggutor

Type: Grass / Psychic
Pokemon GO    #104 - Cubone

Type: Ground

Evolves into: Marowak
Pokemon GO    #105 - Marowak

Type: Ground
Pokemon GO    #106 - Hitmonlee

Type: Fighting
Pokemon GO    #107 - Hitmonchan

Type: Fighting
Pokemon GO    #108 - Lickitung

Type: Normal
Pokemon GO    #109 - Koffing

Type: Poison

Evolves into: Weezing
Pokemon GO    #110 - Weezing

Type: Weezing
Pokemon GO    #111 - Rhyhorn

Type: Ground / Rock

Evolves into: Rhydon
Pokemon GO    #112 - Rhydon

Type: Ground / Rock
Pokemon GO    #113 - Chansey

Type: Normal
Pokemon GO    #114 - Tangela

Type: Grass
Pokemon GO    #115 - Kangaskhan

Type: Normal
Pokemon GO    #116 - Horsea

Type: Water

Evolves into: Seadra
Pokemon GO    #117 - Seadra

Type: Water
Pokemon GO    #118 - Goldeen

Type: Water

Evolves into: Seaking
Pokemon GO    #119 - Seaking

Type: Water
Pokemon GO    #120 - Staryu

Type: Water

Evolves into: Starmie
Pokemon GO    #121 - Starmie

Type: Water / Psychic
Pokemon GO    #122 - Mr. Mime

Type: Psychic / Fairy
Pokemon GO    #123 - Scyther

Type: Bug / Flying
Pokemon GO    #124 - Jynx

Type: Ice / Psychic
Pokemon GO    #125 - Electabuzz

Type: Electric
Pokemon GO    #126 - Magmar

Type: Fire
Pokemon GO    #127 - Pinsir

Type: Bug
Pokemon GO    #128 - Tauros

Type: Normal
Pokemon GO    #129 - Magikarp

Type: Water

Evolves into: Gyarados
Pokemon GO    #130 - Gyarados

Type: Water / Flying
Pokemon GO    #131 - Lapras

Type: Water / Ice
Pokemon GO    #132 - Ditto

Type: Normal
Pokemon GO    #133 - Eevee

Type: Normal

Evolves into: Vaporeon, Jolteon, or Flareon
Pokemon GO    #134 - Vaporeon

Type: Water
Pokemon GO    #135 - Jolteon

Type: Electric
Pokemon GO    #136 - Flareon

Type: Fire
Pokemon GO    #137 - Porygon

Type: Normal
Pokemon GO    #138 - Omanyte

Type: Rock / Water

Evolves into: Omastar
Pokemon GO    #139 - Omastar

Type: Rock / Water
Pokemon GO    #140 - Kabuto

Type: Rock / Water

Evolves into: Kabutops
Pokemon GO    #141 - Kabutops

Type: Rock / Water
Pokemon GO    #142 - Aerodactyl

Type: Rock / Flying
Pokemon GO    #143 - Snorlax

Type: Normal
Pokemon GO    #144 - Articuno

Type: Ice / Flying
Pokemon GO    #145 - Zapdos

Type: Electric / Flying
Pokemon GO    #146 - Moltres

Type: Fire / Flying
Pokemon GO    #147 - Dratini

Type: Dragon

Evolves into: Dragonair
Pokemon GO    #148 - Dragonair

Type: Dragon

Evolves into: Dragonite
Pokemon GO    #149 - Dragonite

Type: Dragon / Flying
Pokemon GO    #150 - Mewtwo

Type: Psychic
Pokemon GO    #151 - Mew

Type: Psychic

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Mark Brown 11 July 2016
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