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30 July 2016

TdS●Posta / reissue: die Zauberbana

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Copyright © 2005 by Robert Merkin, All Rights Reserved.

... but if you have a strong argument for the Creative Commons model of public access to most of the universe of intellectual property, please Leave A Comment.


PatFromCH said...

Creative Commons is a good thing. There is also more than one Creative Commons label, so you are pretty flexible and it is my understanding that you keep your copyright, you just give people more options.

We live in a Copy/Paste society where people filch and bugger and steal everything on the web without permission so we need to think about Copyright in the 21st Century. Let me give you two examples.

The canadian SF writer Cory Doctorow who is also a net activist (net neutrality, copyright issues, DCMA etc.) who also runs BoingBoing is giving away his books for free – but he can make a living. He is giving away the ebook version under a CC license, if you want hardcopy you must cough up. Doctorow claims he can make a good living out of this and is also brilliant advertising.

And suppose you are an artist. Let’s say you work with fractal animations. You need music to accompany your animations but what if you can only play 4 punk chords, but you want to use the piano music of Bach ? How good then that a german pianist released her recording of the Goldberg Variations under a CC licence so you can use it without asking for permission or having to pay a license fee ? It has happened and it will happen again...(hinthint).

Does that start to sound convincing to you ?

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