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10 August 2016

Brayan al-Spambot wins VleeptronZ award for muliple severe bashings & manglings of English idiom & grammar

To my barrister (horsehair wig & all) pal in London & various UK municipalities and sovereign zones:

posted to her FB page. Despite her professional rocket to the top of the UK legal profession, Vleeptron Dude has no actual evidence -- e-mails, fax e.g.) -- that this excellent person can actually Write and Read. (She appears to be an A-Level doctorate in Copy & Paste, chiefly for FB purposes.)


Please help Your Wild Colonial Boy!

What relation is this (late) nobleman:

Major-General Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor, 6th Duke of Westminster

to this nobleman:

Peregrine Andrew Morny Cavendish
12th Duke of Devonshire KCVO CBE

Can't find the answer in any obits of the former.

[PizzaQ! If YOU know the answer, 
Leave A Comment SVP. Extra anchovies!]

And of course you know my wishes for you, and superthanks again for being England's finest tour guide. (Next time we go to William Morris exhibition, you might let me know about your fabric arts skills. [Guild-level petit-point] thought you were bored and just indulging me.)



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Posted by Brayan Hooll to Vleeptron_Z at Wednesday, 10 August, 2016


Vleeptron Dude is to announcing in advance the flattery advances you not 0.1 mm = 0.003937 inch

stay away from my wife and sister, my family does not flirt with Artificial Intelligence structures.

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