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02 July 2016

PizzaQ! What? Where? Who? When? / extra credit: Why? / new Ministry rule: Cheaters will be Severely Punished & their Robots seized & destroyed

Click image to enlarge.

The Vleeptron Ministry of Pizza is Not Happy since it discovered that anybody and his or her second cousin once removed can identify any image on the web by typing a few simple abracadabras, and then scratching their dupa for a few seconds while Robots search the entire Internet and grab the doppleganger of the PizzaQ image, and drop it in your dupa-scratching lazy cheating lap.

It's a Global Fiesta for Not-Honorable Pizza lusters. The Fiesta celebrates Rosie Ruiz, patron saint of all cheaters.

BUT ... VMP has yet to investigate the loopholes and limitations of this Cheating Technique, so maybe even Klaas van Rotterdam can't figure this one out.

(Would putting colored polka dots in random places in the PizzaQ image defeat the cheat? Watch for future PizzaQs with polka dots.)

But anyway ... Honest Guessers or Cheaters, Upright Vleeptroids or Downleft Yobbos and Hoons ...

* What's this?

(Specifically, the structure in the green inset. It has a name, what's its name?)

* Where is it?

* Who built it? About when?

Okay, now the rest of this site -- all the stuff EXCEPT the Mystery Structure -- is laid out in perfectly rectangular fashion. 90°,
90°, 90°... (or π/2, π/2, π/2 ... if you're happier with radians. I can give it to you in rads, if you want.)

Only the Mystery Structure is built at an obvious skew to the rest of the rectangular design. And it has a corner arrow.

*** Super Extra Credit: What's the arrow pointing to?


Anonymous said...

Building J, AKA The Observatory, at Monte Alban located in Oaxaca, Oaxaca, Mexico. Built between 100 B.C. and 200 A. D. by the Zapotec. It has an odd shape, like an arrowhead, and is believed to be oriented as to point towards the star Capella when the sun is directly overhead.
Why? The sun is directly overhead to prevent mankind from using bacteria to bore holes in the earth to weaken it's core. If the sun were not directly overhead the bacteria would thrive and the planet would resemble Swiss cheese.

Vleeptron Dude said...

wow, u win the jalapeno pizza!

uhhh ... ever been there?

Anonymous said...

I once spent the night on the South Platform. Woke up to very loud Spanish cowboy music played on loud speakers from a ranch in valley below. Oaxacan string cheese. Monte Alban had a relief carving of a man/god with an elephant head. Many lizards ago.
I was on my way to the 'sroom fields of Palenque. Where a bunch of us were arrested for wearing tank tops. Them was days, no?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of sports...Juno will be live from Jupiter tonight...if the sky is clear.

Vleeptron Dude said...

There exists a long-time irregular Commenter on VleeptronZ who many decades ago drove Mexico's favorite hearse (ours was Green) with me from Washington DC to Oaxaca via Colorado, Texas and DF (we stayed in a brothel, cheapest room rent in the city). And of course we drove from Oaxaca to Monte Alban. I really can't compare my day at Monte Alban with any other experience of my life.

My Spanish sux (I was the Expedition's Official Translator -- it is a wonder we're not all still in a prison in Gudadalajara) but I asked the guide "Porque esto edificio ... uhhh ... es un flecha?" and I pointed in the direction of the arrow of Building J. "Aqui es donde el Sol ...?" Summer solstice I was thinking. The guy got very enthusiastic and affirmative.

It was decades later that I learned about the new theory that the flecha points to Capella. Nobody's proven it, nobody can say it with certainty. Paleoastronomers get into fistfights about Capella at conventions. My money's on Capella. Don't ask me why. What was Capella to the Zapotec? The place of the origin of the Zapotec?

We went to the little dinky fishing coast towns where the fisherfolk had a vision to follow a plumed serpent inland, and they did, and became the Aztecs of Mexico City. I mean, when the universe decides it needs a great and powerful human civilization, the universe kickstarts the civilization by all variety of scenarios -- visions, visitations from angels, a visit from a distant star.

(S.W.M.B.O. got me a subscription to Crazy Hair Giorgio's magazine "Legendary Times." Its closest cousin in journalism is another fave or mine "The Weekly World News.")

more later gotta go to the town library, truly a remarkable institution, there are books waiting for S.W.M.B.O. "50 Shades of Gray" was a real hot circulator. We live in the woods, but we're not unsophisticated prudes.