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17 July 2016

they're Out There in some virtual locus, Collect 'em All, lads x lassies! / @ Yoyodyne, the Future Begins Tomorrow / CitiTrans Bus pulverizes Idiot in Road Chasing Virtual Objects on SmartPhone, taken to Helvetica ER, admitted, prognosis: iffy

Click to enlarge.
New Yorker cartoon (1935) by James Thurber

I think I'm love with this Periodical,


How do I subscribe for free without contracting me in some way to Bulgarians and Gold Statue Turkmenbashites? I am hopelessly mesmerized by the Brave New World and Such People who Dwell in ’t, which is their beat & niche. They cover stuff i never suspected existed (and actively resisted verifying).

To paraphrase Neffe A.'s explanation of Facebook ("It's a Time Suck, Uncle Bob")

• Video Games = Big Time Suck

• Video Games on SmartPhone =
   Big Time Suck & Die 
   or get Fucked Up Bad 
   & get SmartPhone & wallet stole

      Oh, wonder!
How many goodly creatures are there here!
How beauteous Poketopia is! O brave new world,
That has such Weedle and Rattata in ’t!


no Pizza, if u don't know what it's from, contact Education Ministry & demand Bad Education Refund

In Socialist Praha/Prague, Capek was Okay & Revered at 2 crappy Peoples Grey Dark Bookstores, but Kafka was kaput, verboden, defense a fumer. The Invisible Non-Goofball Not Czech Novelist -- I guess the Peoples Ministry of Literature called him Doctor Who? Now he's Big In The Window of a dozen Big Great colorful well-lighted Bookstores, and he's New Prague's Poster Boy for the world's Literaturistas. 

***** PUBLIC NOTICE ******

as a Do-Gooder NuttyCrunch Sustainable Resource Service to All Sentients, Emperor-for-Life Ming the Merciless XXIV, now CMFIC of moNGO, will lead 


whose object all sublime, which will be reached on time, is to compile



in all known Human and Non-Human lingi, Natural Language & Unnatural Language, because without this, there you are, in the middle of a big mob all shrieking


and you can't even grok if it's finno-ugrik or indo-euro, let alone what its Significance might be. Such a list in a laminated wallet card could be invaluable. Otherwise your best instinct is to pee in your pants, stick your thumb up your ass, and burst into sobs.

* * *

Should PROJECT RUN4HIGROUND also compile all language renderings of Option C?





so all Vleeptroids, or just e-folks what took a wrong turn in the Labyrinth, just send Ming the Merciless of moNGO via e-mail (no tweets, no hashtag drek) any phrase you think is useful in these kinds of unexpected situations in a faraway Lingoland. Yo. Leave A Comment.


is our new filched motto & Sacred Holy Vow. Also no negative cyberbullying. Alles Affengesselschaft (tm) verboten.

Does anyone know if Little League besbol (from whom we filched the motto) now lets Human Youth Females play? If you have Opinions -- and remember, VleeptronZ honors the Dumb & Brain-Dead as it honors the insightful and valuable -- please Leave a Comment.

More parsing of the remarkable Vow Shoulder Patch of Little League.

It's not

i Don't Cheat

whose auxiliary verb Don't implies ... well, less somehow. 

Also there is no contract with the reader, no vow, no pledge, no accountability.


is the Lad or Lass's personal vow to expect & accept World Besbol Shame in 2 Big Indo-Euro languages and a huge Sino-Japanese lingo. There can be no escaping a miserable remainder of your miserable life anywhere the crack of a wooden or aluminum bat is a familiar sound, on the diamond, or at night down a dark street.

► That's the boy who cheated in Little League.

► They caught her cheating in Little League.

That's a Brand (not a laser-erasable Tattoo) that sorta sticks with you forever. Recover from THAT!

I was well into print newspapering (or Dead Tree Media, as RamanuJohn calls it), enough to fancy that I'd now Seen Everything and heard of All Ethically Whack (human) Krap, when the Winner of the big North America Kids' Soap Box Derby got caught out.

The Rules say Billy can spend no more than $100 on Billy's homemade balsa wood Downhill Gravity Car. 

But Billy's winning lead over all other cars in the final heat was so great, that they suspected more than just Skilled Youth Garage Science was at work.

Billy's doting Rich Uncle Max had happily blown $30,000+, including Wind Tunnel Time, but the real Cherry On Top was, at the Starting Line when the Green Light went on, Billy would push back his helmet to activate a switch in his head cushion, and turn ON a strong battery-powered electromagnet. Then the Starting Gate -- made of ferromagnetic steel -- would drop, and beyond Gravity, Billy's car was thrust forward by 79.3 watts (femtogausses, whatever, Leave A Comment) of magnetic attraction. (A whiff of which the cars of Tommy, Joey, Rick & Todd got naught.)

That was maybe 30+ years ago. Leave A Comment if you know what became of Billy. He showed poor judgment in his actions and choice of Favorite Rich Uncle. In low-rent criminal District Court, I always tell the Judge

I Fell In With Bad Companions.

(see cartoon at top)

And now to Pocketgamer's coverage of

Everything Dusty Springfield sang was remarkable -- UK Catholic Girls Schools just keep churning out musical genius and Nobel Scientists by the brigade -- but here is her lyrical introduction to The Land You're About To Visit. Does anyone know who produced this, who the side musicians were?

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The complete Pokémon GO Pokedex - a list of every confirmed Pokemon in the game

From Abra to Zubat

Product: Pokemon GO | Developer: Niantic | Publisher: The Pokemon Company | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: Action   

by Mark Brown

So you're playing Pokémon GO. Welcome to the club. Everyone on the internet seems to be obsessed with this brilliant augmented reality RPG.

To help you catch 'em all, as is the destiny of any Pokémon Trainer, we've put together a list of every Pokemon that has been confirmed to exist in the game.

Some, especially the legendary Pokémon, will likely be added later in special events.

As for the rest, remember that boosting your trainer level will help you find rarer critters. That Pokémon are easier to find in areas that match their type (grass in forests, water by lakes, etc), and that some nocturnal Pokémon only come out at night.

If you've spotted any that we don't have on our list, let us know in the comments below.

Pokémon GO    #001 - Bulbasaur

Type: Grass / Poison

Evolves into: Ivysaur
Pokemon GO    #002 - Ivysaur

Type: Grass / Poison

Evolves into: Venusaur
Pokemon GO    #003 - Venusaur

Type: Grass / Poison
Pokemon GO    #004 - Charmander

Type: Fire

Evolves into: Charmeleon
Pokemon GO    #005 - Charmeleon

Type: Fire

Evolves into: Charizard
Pokemon GO    #006 - Charizard

Type: Fire / Flying
Pokemon GO    #007 - Squirtle

Type: Water

Evolves into: Wartortle
Pokemon GO    #008 - Wartortle

Type: Water

Evolves into: Blastoise
Pokemon GO    #009 - Blastoise

Type: Water
Pokemon GO    #010 - Caterpie

Type: Bug

Evolves into: Metapod
Pokemon GO    #011 - Metapod

Type: Bug

Evolves into: Butterfree
Pokemon GO    #012 - Butterfree

Type: Bug / Flying
Pokemon GO    #013 - Weedle

Type: Bug / Poison

Evolves into: Kakuna
Pokemon GO    #014 - Kakuna

Type: Bug / Poison

Evolves into: Beedrill
Pokemon GO    #015 - Beedrill

Type: Bug / Poison
Pokemon GO    #016 - Pidgey

Type: Normal

Evolves into: Pidgeotto
Pokemon GO    #017 - Pidgeotto

Type: Normal / Flying

Evolves into: Pidgeot
Pokemon GO    #018 - Pidgeot

Type: Normal / Flying
Pokemon GO    #019 - Rattata

Type: Normal

Evolves into: Raticate
Pokemon GO    #020 - Raticate

Type: Normal
Pokemon GO    #021 - Spearow

Type: Normal / Flying

Evolves into: Fearow
Pokemon GO    #022 - Fearow

Type: Normal / Flying
Pokemon GO    #023 - Ekans

Type: Poison

Evolves into: Arbok
Pokemon GO    #024 - Arbok

Type: Poison
Pokemon GO    #025 - Pikachu

Type: Electric

Evolves into: Raichu
Pokemon GO    #026 - Raichu

Type: Electric
Pokemon GO    #027 - Sandshrew

Type: Ground

Evolves into: Sandslash
Pokemon GO    #028 - Sandslash

Type: Ground
Pokemon GO    #029 - Nidoran F

Type: Poison

Evolves into: Nidorina
Pokemon GO    #030 - Nidorina

Type: Poison

Evolves into: Nidoqueen
Pokemon GO    #031 - Nidoqueen

Type: Poison / Ground
Pokemon GO    #032 - Nidoran M

Type: Poison

Evolves into: Nidorino
Pokemon GO    #033 - Nidorino

Type: Poison

Evolves into: Nidoking
Pokemon GO    #034 - Nidoking

Type: Poison / Ground
Pokemon GO    #035 - Clefairy

Type: Fairy

Evolves into: Clefable
Pokemon GO    #036 - Clefable

Type: Fairy
Pokemon GO    #037 - Vulpix

Type: Fire

Evolves into: Ninetales
Pokemon GO    #038 - Ninetales

Type: Fire
Pokemon GO    #039 - Jigglypuff

Type: Normal / Fairy

Evolves into: Wigglytuff
Pokemon GO    #040 - Wigglytuff

Type: Normal / Fairy
Pokemon GO    #041 - Zubat

Type: Poison / Flying

Evolves into: Golbat
Pokemon GO    #042 - Golbat

Type: Poison / Flying
Pokemon GO    #043 - Oddish

Type: Grass / Poison

Evolves into: Gloom
Pokemon GO    #044 - Gloom

Type: Grass / Poison

Evolves into: Vileplume
Pokemon GO    #045 - Vileplume

Type: Grass / Poison
Pokemon GO    #046 - Paras

Type: Bug / Grass

Evolves into: Parasect
Pokemon GO    #047 - Parasect

Type: Bug / Grass
Pokemon GO    #048 - Venonat

Type: Bug / Poison

Evolves into: Venomoth
Pokemon GO    #049 - Venomoth

Type: Bug / Poison
Pokemon GO    #050 - Diglett

Type: Ground

Evolves into: Dugtrio
Pokemon GO    #051 - Dugtrio

Type: Ground
Pokemon GO    #052 - Meowth

Type: Normal

Evolves into: Persian
Pokemon GO    #053 - Persian

Type: Normal
Pokemon GO    #054 - Psyduck

Type: Water

Evolves into: Golduck
Pokemon GO    #055 - Golduck

Type: Water
Pokemon GO    #056 - Mankey

Type: Fighting

Evolves into: Primeape
Pokemon GO    #057 - Primeape

Type: Fighting
Pokemon GO    #058 - Growlithe

Type: Fire

Evolves into: Arcanine
Pokemon GO    #059 - Arcanine

Type: Fire
Pokemon GO    #060 - Poliwag

Type: Water

Evolves into: Poliwhirl
Pokemon GO    #061 - Poliwhirl

Type: Water

Evolves into: Poliwrath
Pokemon GO    #062 - Poliwrath

Type: Water / Fighting
Pokemon GO    #063 - Abra

Type: Psychic

Evolves into: Kadabra
Pokemon GO    #064 - Kadabra

Type: Psychic

Evolves into: Alakazam
Pokemon GO    #065 - Alakazam

Type: Psychic
Pokemon GO    #066 - Machop

Type: Fighting

Evolves into: Machoke
Pokemon GO    #067 - Machoke

Type: Fighting

Evolves into: Machamp
Pokemon GO    #068 - Machamp

Type: Fighting
Pokemon GO    #069 - Bellsprout

Type: Grass / Poison

Evolves into: Weepinbell
Pokemon GO    #070 - Weepinbell

Type: Grass / Poison

Evolves into: Victreebel
Pokemon GO    #071 - Victreebel

Type: Grass / Poison
Pokemon GO    #072 - Tentacool

Type: Water / Poison

Evolves into: Tentacruel
Pokemon GO    #073 - Tentacruel

Type: Water / Poison
Pokemon GO    #074 - Geodude

Type: Rock / Ground

Evolves into: Graveler
Pokemon GO    #075 - Graveler

Type: Rock / Ground

Evolves into: Golem
Pokemon GO    #076 - Golem

Type: Rock / Ground
Pokemon GO    #077 - Ponyta

Type: Fire

Evolves into: Rapidash
Pokemon GO    #078 - Rapidash

Type: Fire
Pokemon GO    #079 - Slowpoke

Type: Water / Psychic

Evolves into: Slowbro
Pokemon GO    #080 - Slowbro

Type: Water / Psychic
Pokemon GO    #081 - Magnemite

Type: Electric / Steel

Evolves into: Magneton
Pokemon GO    #082 - Magneton

Type: Electric / Steel
Pokemon GO    #083 - Farfetch'd

Type: Normal / Flying
Pokemon GO    #084 - Doduo

Type: Normal / Flying

Evolves into: Dodrio
Pokemon GO    #085 - Dodrio

Type: Normal / Flying
Pokemon GO    #086 - Seel

Type: Water

Evolves into: Dewgong
Pokemon GO    #087 - Dewgong

Type: Water / Ice
Pokemon GO    #088 - Grimer

Type: Poison

Evolves into: Muk
Pokemon GO    #089 - Muk

Type: Poison
Pokemon GO    #090 - Shellder

Type: Water

Evolves into: Cloyster
Pokemon GO    #091 - Cloyster

Type: Water / Ice
Pokemon GO    #092 - Gastly

Type: Ghost / Poison

Evolves into: Haunter
Pokemon GO    #093 - Haunter

Type: Ghost / Poison

Evolves into: Gengar
Pokemon GO    #094 - Gengar

Type: Ghost / Poison
Pokemon GO    #095 - Onix

Type: Rock / Ground
Pokemon GO    #096 - Drowzee

Type: Psychic

Evolves into: Hypno
Pokemon GO    #097 - Hypno

Type: Psychic
Pokemon GO    #098 - Krabby

Type: Water

Evolves into: Kingler
Pokemon GO    #099 - Kingler

Type: Water
Pokemon GO    #100 - Voltorb

Type: Electric

Evolves into: Electrode
Pokemon GO    #101 - Electrode

Type: Electric
Pokemon GO    #102 - Exeggcute

Type: Grass / Psychic

Evolves into: Exeggutor
Pokemon GO    #103 - Exeggutor

Type: Grass / Psychic
Pokemon GO    #104 - Cubone

Type: Ground

Evolves into: Marowak
Pokemon GO    #105 - Marowak

Type: Ground
Pokemon GO    #106 - Hitmonlee

Type: Fighting
Pokemon GO    #107 - Hitmonchan

Type: Fighting
Pokemon GO    #108 - Lickitung

Type: Normal
Pokemon GO    #109 - Koffing

Type: Poison

Evolves into: Weezing
Pokemon GO    #110 - Weezing

Type: Weezing
Pokemon GO    #111 - Rhyhorn

Type: Ground / Rock

Evolves into: Rhydon
Pokemon GO    #112 - Rhydon

Type: Ground / Rock
Pokemon GO    #113 - Chansey

Type: Normal
Pokemon GO    #114 - Tangela

Type: Grass
Pokemon GO    #115 - Kangaskhan

Type: Normal
Pokemon GO    #116 - Horsea

Type: Water

Evolves into: Seadra
Pokemon GO    #117 - Seadra

Type: Water
Pokemon GO    #118 - Goldeen

Type: Water

Evolves into: Seaking
Pokemon GO    #119 - Seaking

Type: Water
Pokemon GO    #120 - Staryu

Type: Water

Evolves into: Starmie
Pokemon GO    #121 - Starmie

Type: Water / Psychic
Pokemon GO    #122 - Mr. Mime

Type: Psychic / Fairy
Pokemon GO    #123 - Scyther

Type: Bug / Flying
Pokemon GO    #124 - Jynx

Type: Ice / Psychic
Pokemon GO    #125 - Electabuzz

Type: Electric
Pokemon GO    #126 - Magmar

Type: Fire
Pokemon GO    #127 - Pinsir

Type: Bug
Pokemon GO    #128 - Tauros

Type: Normal
Pokemon GO    #129 - Magikarp

Type: Water

Evolves into: Gyarados
Pokemon GO    #130 - Gyarados

Type: Water / Flying
Pokemon GO    #131 - Lapras

Type: Water / Ice
Pokemon GO    #132 - Ditto

Type: Normal
Pokemon GO    #133 - Eevee

Type: Normal

Evolves into: Vaporeon, Jolteon, or Flareon
Pokemon GO    #134 - Vaporeon

Type: Water
Pokemon GO    #135 - Jolteon

Type: Electric
Pokemon GO    #136 - Flareon

Type: Fire
Pokemon GO    #137 - Porygon

Type: Normal
Pokemon GO    #138 - Omanyte

Type: Rock / Water

Evolves into: Omastar
Pokemon GO    #139 - Omastar

Type: Rock / Water
Pokemon GO    #140 - Kabuto

Type: Rock / Water

Evolves into: Kabutops
Pokemon GO    #141 - Kabutops

Type: Rock / Water
Pokemon GO    #142 - Aerodactyl

Type: Rock / Flying
Pokemon GO    #143 - Snorlax

Type: Normal
Pokemon GO    #144 - Articuno

Type: Ice / Flying
Pokemon GO    #145 - Zapdos

Type: Electric / Flying
Pokemon GO    #146 - Moltres

Type: Fire / Flying
Pokemon GO    #147 - Dratini

Type: Dragon

Evolves into: Dragonair
Pokemon GO    #148 - Dragonair

Type: Dragon

Evolves into: Dragonite
Pokemon GO    #149 - Dragonite

Type: Dragon / Flying
Pokemon GO    #150 - Mewtwo

Type: Psychic
Pokemon GO    #151 - Mew

Type: Psychic

What's this?
Reviewer photo   
Mark Brown 11 July 2016
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