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03 July 2016

at Halftime, things are looking bleak for Vleeptron Dude's EUFA team

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Longtime Vleeptroidz may recall that several years ago, on the confident advice of the Official Vleeptron Footie Expert, we bet our Life Savings on Brazil to win the World Cup. 

This is why we now live in our car.

Fast-Forward to Right Now. As about 22 percent of the population of Island, Vleeptron Dude has flown IcelandAir (with a quick stopover to wallow in the Blue Lagoon volcanic sulfur mud) to Saint Denis, France to cheer on our favorite Footie team, who have astonished the world by beating the shit out of several teams to advance to the Quarter Finals of the EUFA Cup.

... but there is no joy in Mudville
Mighty Casey has struck out.

It's Halftime, and things look megableak for my Viking Pillagers. Using trickery and deceit and a Latvian referee who took a bribe of unpasteurized soft bleu fromage, France is up 5-nil.

BUT there's still a Whole Half -- and maybe MORE, 'cause these things can't end in a tie.

Dum spiro spero. And again, I've bet my Life Savings, every króna (all the coins have fish on them), on ISLAND. I got GREAT odds with my Internet Turf Accountant. If Island can pull this one out of the Green Jaws of Froggy Doom, I'll be richer than Elon Musk.

Win or Lose, it's all S.W.M.B.O.'s fault. She has an old professor buddy from Caledonia who has addicted her to this game (which is unknown in the United States of America, except for its strange little Foreign Kickers who, often barefoot, kick The Extra Point in Our Game, American Football).

Now about 61 percent of our Big Flat Screen Hi-Def Smart TV time is The Footie -- mostly English Premier League, but Furrin Euro stuph if her big sweaty multiply-tattooed Anglo-Saxons are playing.

You still have time to bet YOUR Life Savings on Island -- and now you'll get REALLY great odds, like 382-to-1.

See Comments below for Corrected FINAL Score.


Vleeptron Dude said...

5-nil France FINAL

Vleeptron Dude said...

whoops sorry, i missed the thrilling second half. Island scored 2 goals!


Island France
2 5