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12 July 2016

PizzaQ! What's This? Or These? / Revised PizzaQ Honor Code (filched from Little League besbol league) / Everybody DL free Pokemon Go Smart Phone App & start playing Right Now! / Self-Driving Tesla WHEEEEEE!

Click to enlarge. Sew Patch on shoulder.

Now Amy,Vleeptron Dude would like to see some new hands this time.

(But if nobody else raises his/her/its hand in 72 hours, sure, jump in. Typically that's the only way the Ministry of Pizza can hand out the Pizza for Things [a science term] like this.)

Mike got the Pizza for guessing I wanted the screwy loopy new Spaghetti Fusion Reactor for my birthday. 

Will you homeschool the kids? Mike was also the only sentient on the Web to decode the Intercept from Planet Yobbo what I snatched on my Heathkit RT-44 Radiotelescope I soldered together in my backyard.

(Giggle all you want, but a
Founding Giant of Radioastronomy got our first radio "listen" to the galaxy & universe with the homemade radiotelescope he built in his mom's suburban Chicago backyard.) 

Those kids are Wallowing in Smart. If you want Kindersmart, the buzz is that playing Mozart all the time now is the Fast Track to Brainiac City and an academic Full Ride at the child's preferred Brainiac U.

So ... for 1 large Square Pizza with Funghi, Shallots & Extra Fromaggio ...

What's this? Or What are These?

Be specific. Show your work. Cite sources.

No hints yet ... except 1 Secret Hint you just read.


Vleeptron PizzaQ 
Revised Honor System 

No cheating, No e-mailing Klaas van Rotterdam, No New-Age Leading Edge Google Cheats. 

The Ministry of Pizza has had enough of Cheaters, and is adopting the Motto of the Little League, a worldwide baseball league for Youth Boys (and now I think Youth Girls) (except the Winning LL Pitcher from the Caribbean a few years ago, who turned out to be 22 years old, they finally checked his teeth and beard stubble):

Every Little League youth besbol player now wears a patch on his/her uniform shoulder:


and that's the new motto of the Vleeptron Ministry of Pizza. Cheaters beware! (and that means you, Rosey Ruiz.) 

If you're playing the mega-popular free Pokemon Go app on your Smart Phone, and Pokemon tells you that The Next Sparkly Pretty Colorful Treasure awaits you at 03:17 Local Time down a dark alley in Alphabet City ...

Well, your thrilling Quest will end with you getting the crap kicked out of you by colorful Oriental magic elves with brass knuckles and shivs, and the loss of your Smart Phone, wallet, credit cards & housekeys. Don't say Vleeptron Dude didn't warn you. 

(If you're conscious when they put you in the Fleischwagen, ask for NYU Belleview -- certainly one of the most thrilling hospitals on Earth, and medically Top-Drawer. Whatever you got, their ER's seen it before.) 

UPDATE: Arlington National Cemetery -- for US war heroes -- and the Washington DC Holocaust Museum have banned visitors from playing Pokemon Go as inappropriate.


In related AI news, stream the Roman Polanski movie "The Ghost Writer." Then immediately rip your GPS Thing [a science term] out of your car. 

Are you paying attention to Our AI Friends? Are you playing Jengah while you Don't Drive your new Tesla?


PatFromCH said...

I remember seeing an image of the Ebola virus some time ago. It looked like some sort of very spooky pasta or spaghetti. A very scary bugger. This is very similar. Am I in the right area of expertise ? Virology, Epidemiology or whatever it is called ?

Vleeptron Dude said...

The Ministry of Pizza is authorized to say only that you are in the right ballpark.

PatFromCH said...

Jungian stream of conciousness...there is a clue in what I just read...but why would Bob suddenly talk about Mozart ? And babies ? Listening to that lullaby stuff is supposed to make babies smarter ? Lol. Why ? GLENN GOULD hated Mozart so much he recorded his complete piano sonatas, he was also scared of germs and hospitals.....I was right with the virus as a virus ? No...babies and a I got it

As we know Zika can have damaging effects during a pregnancy, the babies are often born with severe defects. The government in Brazil is especially concerned. As if they weren’t in enough doodoo with civil unrest, a financial crisis the upcoming Olympic Games and therefore thousands of visitors might cause some trouble and health concerns....

Vleeptron Dude said...

The 4 Top Male Professional Golfers have announced they're skipping the Rio Golf Olympics. The Olympic Golf Course was built on a mosquito-infested swamp. Men get Zika too, it can make them flu-sick and land them in the hospital. Dunno if it's killed any Swamp Golfers of either gender yet.

The Rio Olympics very closely resembles the 10 Plagues that visited Egypt because Pharaoh would not Let My People Go. Frogs. Boils. Darkness. Economic catastrophe. Petrobras Corruption. Impeachment of the woman president. Slaying of the First-Born Males. This is a Latin American JANFU -- Joint Army-Navy FuckUp. Or a FUBAR -- Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition. All the Russian athletes are either Doped Up or Not, nobody will ever know. The local Rio testing lab was just de-certified. The Favelas are as explosively violent as ever.

Vleeptron Dude said...

So I got a new Travel Advisory:

See Rio and Die

Vleeptron Dude said...

After more than a decade on f_minor, i have come to the conclusion that The Master was a great great pianist & radio documentarian ... but in certain areas The Master was Not Perfect, and sometimes Not Real Smart.

His Mozart Sonatas was the first GG album I ever bought, I fell in love with it instantly and forever. I didn't know for decades that he said he hated Mozart -- and I'm convinced he was lying and goofing on everybody.

(When S.W.M.B.O. first heard GG's Mozart sonatas, she got up to try to fix the obviously broken CD player.)

PatFromCH said...

Kids, please read up on stuff like Zika or Ebola. This is not just happening Somewhere Else. It might effect your life someday although I really hope it will not. Nota bene there are still a few deaths in North America that were caused by the plague each year. And if only half the stuff I hear about Ebola is half true then bloody hell help us if there should ever be a pandemic outbreak in a city like Lagos or Mumbai....

We are off-topic but what the hell....I first heard him play Bach. That was a wake-up call. Then I heard his Mozart. That was like punkrock ! I also never groked if he was taking the piss or if this was a searious attempt to approach the music of Mozart in a different way.....The Master was also Very Wrong about The Beatles and I never clocked what is supposed to be so fasinating about Strauss, but to each his own....