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25 December 2012

Good News from Bethlehem! An unusually peaceful and easy Christmas Pilgrimage!

Click to enlarge. Give screen a good cleaning. Linger.

For best view, travel to Florence/Firenze Italy/Italia. Ask anyone: "Dove Uffrizi?"

Some readers may know that before Vleeptron or VleeptronZ, these operations were also an important NGO meddling in all affairs everywhere on Earth: moNGO, which traces its origins to the ancient Planet Mongo Rocket Forces, (sometimes known by its alternate name Verein für Raumschiffahrt / Nordamerikanisches Kapitel), originally a Model Rocket Construction & Launch Club in Western Massachusetts USA, and later, when the Rocket Launch Club sort of evaporated, a Yahoogroup concerned with Everything Everywhere. But from its inception, when not launching rockets vertically as deep into space as possible on an amateur budget, or throwing a whomp-ass apres-Launch barbecue, moNGO was always a significant NGO kvetching and advising all Sentients, carbon-based or silicon-based (both deserve our respect), about everything moNGO concluded (usually accurately) they were doing wrong, or remarkably well. If you ever did something to merit moNGO's praise and approval, maybe you wouldn't hang it in the most prominent spot on your wall, but throughout the Solar System, a moNGO Honor Certificate was Not Chopped Liver.

And woe unto any entity that could have chosen to behave differently, but pissed off moNGO.

Well -- just one small example -- how'd things work out for the Taliban rulers of Afghanistan after they really pissed off moNGO by destroying the remarkable giant reclining Buddha statues with high explosives. moNGO warned them, begged them not to blow up the statues. moNGO even tried to find the e-mail addie of the Taliban Complaint Department, but I don't think we ever found it. Either they were keeping the addie top secret, or (more likely) the Taliban had no Complaint Department.

Just one of many reminders of the important work moNGO has done, both in the Solar System, and in the near-Vleeptron region of the Dwingeloo-2 Galaxy, for many decades. (moNGO's motto and mission: Straighten Up & Fly Right.)

[open post for more about this important matter in a few hours.]


all hail ming said...

who can forgot the pajama slave dancers?

Vleeptron Dude said...

ah fooey i'm slow and late getting to the Good News ... but I'll get to it.

But the Good News is that the Christmas Pilgrimage to Bethlehem was, according to Vleeptron's expert local authority, a fairly easy one not heavily burdened by military checkpoints and barriers.

Bethlehem is in the Occupied West Bank, about 5 miles from Jerusalem as the crow flies, but in recent years Israel has made getting to Bethlehem a difficult and scary ordeal.

If any Christmas Pilgrims should read this, please Leave A Comment about your experiences -- logistical and spiritual.


Before the Planet Mongo Rocket Forces model rocket club evaporated, its treasury was so fat that after our epic launch, we hired the American Legion Hall to throw a whomp-butt barbecue party, and hired The Pajama Slave Dancers, a band from Westfield, Massachusetts. to perform.

This area has always been lousy and pregnant and infested with music and bands -- but most of them suck.

The Pajama Slave Dancers did not suck. I can't find my fave PSD tune "Farm Rap," but I'll keep hunting.

All the members of the PSD were residents of Westfield, and all their last names were Westfield.

YouTube has about 20 PSD tunes.