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04 January 2010

PIZZAQ: Line Segment AC

Click image, gets bigger I guess.

To be precise, this is not The PizzaQ Thing Itself.

This is just a picture of the unique Shape of The PizzaQ Thing.

But the PizzaQ asks questions about The Thing Itself. The Real Thing. The Genuine Article. The McCoy.

1 Large Pizza with shitake mushrooms, shallots, garlic, and meat topping of your choice if desired.

* What is it? (Specifically, what is Line Segment AC ?)

* What is Point A?

* What is Point B?

* What is Point C?

* The Red Zone and the Green Zone are Different. How? (Not their colors; there's something very different in the Red Zone from what's in the Green Zone.)

* What up with that Shape? Is it Natural? Or Un-Natural?


* Have you ever been to Line Segment AC ? Please tell Vleeptron all about it. Including whom you went with, and how the food was. Would you go again?


RheLynn said...

you got me thinking....

Vleeptron Dude said...

Hey hey hey hey hey Dame RheLynn!

Hope everything's good with you and the kid -- or ... more than 1 singular kid by now? Sup with you and the family??

Okay, about Line Segment AC -- Free Hints as your reward for thinking about it!

It is Vleeptron's contention that there is only one unique Line Segment AC in ... well, I'll try not to make too wild a claim ... let's say: In the whole Solar System.

Now under certain (common) circumstances, LSAC may appear to a viewer to be different from this illustration ...

But not very different. The uniqueness of LSAC is in the unique way it zigs and zags left and right as it "meanders" from A to C.

No matter where you go in the Solar System, you're just never going to find another Line Segment shaped exactly like AC.

Just one. Totally unique.

But NOT arbitrary! Not random! There's a specific reason LSAC zigs and zags left and right the way it does in this illustration.

One more hint: Certain professions (or hobbies) of human beings will recognize the unique zigzagitude of LSAC instantly and unambiguously.

(And all other professions or hobbies will look at it and not have a clue.)

But I'm certain you've seen LSAC before. Probably lots of times.

Okay, no more Hints for right now.

Give me an update on your family and maybe I'll get my butt in gear and send youse guys a long-overdue congratulations giftie!

(While you're solving the unique PizzaQ.)

(now living in the middle of the Great Boreal Deciduous Hardwood Forest)

patfromch said...

I have a question. Could it be that I have seen this Line Segment lots of times as well or does that only go for RheLynn ?

Vleeptron Dude said...

Exellent Question!

You have seen this Line Segment lots of times.

Did you remember like you were supposed to? Well ...

patfromch said...

Now that last phrase is definetly giving me a headache...I am sure once we will have the answer we will all go "Ah, bloody hell, how come I didn't see THAT ?". I shall keep on stairing at that image, maybe an idea will come to me...

patfromch said...

Okay, so the basic task is to find the shape and then the line segment, right ? To which shape are you refering to, the green one or the red one ? Blast, I just hate it when I can't find out how something works. Bet it is right in front of my nose and I can^t spot the forest because of all the bloody trees...

Vleeptron Dude said...

Okay, the only thing to look at is the zig-zaggy blue line that goeas from the top to the bottom, from point A to point C.

Never mind the colored areas. They're just the zones on either side of the important thing, the blue zig-zag line. When you identify AC, then you'll immediately understsnd what the red and green zones are, and how they differ from each other.