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10 March 2010

Myanmar junta can suck the corn from my shit / join the ALTSEAN-Burma e-mail news list / loathsome skin diseases to all the generals

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It's here. Don't go and spend any money here while the junta runs the joint by brute genocidal force. Don't even take the day trip across the border from Thailand to shop for cheap crap.

I'd really like to visit the Andaman Islands. If you've been to the Andaman Islands, Leave A Comment.

I really hate the Burma/Myanmar junta. I hope they all get horrible loathsome skin diseases and have to spend all day in the bathtub like Marat. I hope their hot young mistresses steal all their billions of embezzled dollars, and run Venezuela.

If you don't know about the junta, you call it Myanmar, because the generals changed the name to Myanmar.

If you know about the junta and want to end it, you call it by the previous name, Burma. The junta calls the capital city Yangon, the previous name was Rangoon. But the junta generals have moved their control center to a new isolated, security zone deep in the rain forest, invitation only. There's some cool YouTube of one of the junta's elaborate partied. The junta and its extended family and friends live the High Life.

You might consider getting on the ALTSEAN-Burma e-mail news list. Mostly it's business as usual in one of the world's most brutal and oppressive regimes, but under international condemnation and pressure, small elements of the political structure of Burma/Myanmar are in flux, in play, being slightly liberalized.

But don't bet a lot of money on this trend. These corrupt genocidal creeps make Fu Manchu look like a Boy Scout troop leader.

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Sent: Wednesday, March 10, 2010 4:00 AM
Subject: [Altsean-Burma] 2010 Election Watch

Dear Friends,

ALTSEAN-Burma has launched a new web section called "2010 Election Watch". It is available at

The "2010 Election Watch" provides background information and analysis on the events leading up to Burma's general election as well as up-to-date information on election related issues and activities. We provide our analysis of events in Burma as they happen to monitor whether the electoral process is conducted in a free and fair manner.

However, even if the elections are remotely deemed free and fair, the SPDC's 2008 constitution prevents the establishment of true democracy in Burma. After the election, the constitution will perpetuate military rule, legitimize subjugation of ethnic nationalities, and threaten basic human rights of the Burmese people.

Pro-democracy and ethnic nationality groups inside and outside Burma as well as the international community, including ASEAN and the UN, have repeatedly called for the 2010 elections to be free and fair. But the junta has refused to release political prisoners, cease its assault on ethnic nationalities, and engage in genuine dialogue with pro-democracy and ethnic groups. These are necessary conditions for free and fair elections.

The section will continue to be updated as more information becomes available. If you have any comments or suggestions, please email us at

Yours, in solidarity,


If you are not on this mailing list, but would like to be, you can sign up at:

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