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24 June 2010

Wedding! (the Nachbarschaft in Berlin) / Much less crappy V.4 / Postalo Vleeptron: Civil Courage / Zivilcourage

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Postalo Vleeptron: Civil Courage / Zivilcourage
Somebody's little kid made some Refrigerator Art for me, and I e-mailed his folks some of my Refrigerator Art in return. (They say the kid likes it.) Anyway, it returned my attention on this stamp, which is about 3 or 4 years old, and I found myself putting a lot of time and energy on it to make it Less Crappy. (You may have noticed: I'm NOT a Visual Artist, and even my Drafting and Collage Filching Skills are very questionable.)
My pal Uwe from the Wedding neighborhood of Berlin put a call out for a gallery exhibit -- to celebrate the delicate web of Community, in which everyone in the neighborhood plays a role.
I've spent a little time in Wedding on two visits. This is how I see Wedding. The Main Drag is Mullerstrasse -- a century or more ago, a Street of Windmills. (They're gone.)
Wikipedia says Wedding has long been nicknamed "Red Wedding" -- a historically notorious neighborhood of political Lefties. I felt right at home. Also cheap rents, so lots of artists, lots of Asian (I think mainly Turkish) immigrants, so lots of wonderful cheap food (including Uwe's former remarkable Kantine in the basement of City Hall). Swell beer! A very exciting place, it had the feel of Baghdad from The Arabian Nights. Lots to gawk at.
This is Wedding as re-created from a child's Toy Chest; this is Toy Wedding, reflecting the child's daily experiences in Real Wedding.
Uwe's wife is a policewoman, but I couldn't find any action figure German policewomen, so Uwe found one and sent it to me. The closest I'd been able to filch were the wooden Danish cops.
I didn't see any horses in Wedding, but the child had a wooden horse in the Toy Chest.
It is, indeed, a stamp; the perforations are Alphabet Blocks.
The deutsches translation is a controversial saloon brawl between what I was trying to say in English, and how Agence-Vleeptron Presse's Mensch-on-the-Ground in Helvetia thought it's supposed to be in deutsches. But it's not a Translator Robot Job.
UWE -- are you there? How are you? What's up? How's Susanne? How's Wedding?

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