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09 December 2010

what u gonna do when you get out if jail? / i'm gonna have some fun / what do you consider fun? / Fun, natural fun!

Tom Tom Club will be celebrating thirty years as a band in 2011.  They will be launching their anniversary year by taking it back to where it all began: New York City.  Along with a performance on Jimmy Fallon Live on January 11th, they will also be headlining a show at Irving Plaza in New York City on January 12th.


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This concert will be a homecoming show of sorts for Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth as Talking Heads were the first rock band to play Irving Plaza back in 1978!

“At that time, our manager was looking for the right place for us to play, somewhere in size between CBGBs and the Beacon Theater,” Chris explains. “He took us to see Irving Plaza and we agreed that it was perfect. It had been an Eastern European social hall and included all the right ingredients for some great shows. So, our manager promoted the show himself and it was a huge success. The next band to play there were our friends The B52s. It became THE place to play when you had graduated from CBGBs. It will be a blast to return there with Tom Tom Club.”

This past fall, Tom Tom Club rocked their first U.S. tour in 10 years and released their new album ‘Genius of Love.’ The album features select tracks from classic album ‘Live At The Club House’ as well as a  remix tribute to the smash hit, “Genius Of Love.”

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European fans:  iTunes UK, iTunes France

Stay tuned for more 30th anniversary events happening in 2011 including more tour dates in the U.S., Europe and the rest of the world!

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1 comment:

PatFromCH said...

Well well, waaaaaaay back in the 80s when dinosaurs roamed the earth, phones were stationary and had dials I was a teenager and I must confess that I liked the Talking Heads. They were quirky, unusual and intellectually challenging. I had gotten fooled by the term "punk band" a la Ramones, compared to them TH neve even came close. But it fit the times. You should be ashamed if you can remember the 80s but we didn't know any better then.

And while David Byrne seems to be a grumpy old humourless bastard these days it's good to see the TomToms again, even if we all know what the game is for.

So drop some old school beats with the funky (I mean FUN-KEEE) drum machine, I'll be buggered if I have not heard this song being sampled a gazillion times

Oh btw good to see Vleeptron again, almost thought I have to switch to bloody Beck to get my daily dose of comedy and satire....