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13 May 2012

phun in US military offisur kollig / the Joint Forces Staff College's course recommending nuking Mecca and Medina

Brigadier General Joseph S. Ward Jr., USAF
Joint Forces Staff College
National Defense University
Dear General Ward:
I am a U.S. Army enlisted veteran.
I have read, with horror and disgust, the syllabus of a course
"So What Can We Do?"
A Counter-Jihad Op Design Model
LTC Matthew A. Dooley [US Army]
July 2011
taught until recently at the Joint Forces Staff College.
I mention only one of dozens of horrifying contents of this course, taught to career field-grade U.S.  military officers: That the U.S. military should consider using nuclear weapons against the holy cities of Islam, Mecca and Medina.
I do not give a flying fuck whether LTC Dooley is mentally ill or just dumber than rocks.
No command of my United States military should have authorized this frothing psycho to spew such vile, hate-drenched filth. 
That this course was taught dishonors, shames and smears excrement on my uniform and on the uniforms my uncles and aunts proudly wore during World War II.
As of last week, LTC Dooley was still on staff at JFSC, and although the course has been withdrawn from JFSC curriculum, it is my understanding that no disciplinary or UCMJ action has been initiated toward LTC Dooley.
What else does JFSC teach to America's professional officer corps?
In an artificially narrow focus of strict national security, this course, and its propagation through the career officer corps, has certainly made the United States less safe. It was an advanced course in national foot-shooting.
In a broader perspective of pride in the American military, you as Commandant have permitted a profound insult and shame to take root and stain the uniform of all who serve now and all who have served in our past.
As Commandant of JFSC, I expect you, and all commanders above and beneath you in the Chain of Command, to thoroughly cleanse this stain, thoroughly purge all those responsible for it, and thoroughly insure nothing like this subhuman crap occurs again within the education structure of the U.S. military.
Robert Merkin
SP5 US Army 1969-1971
Army Commendation Medal
Chesterfield, Massachusetts

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