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21 May 2013

PizzaQ! wazzis?

Click to enlarge.

* what lingo?

* what's it say/mean in English?

AND ... it's not just a phrase. It's the Title of a rad phat awesome bitchin bad Thing that's like Happenin Now (in certain cultural circles).

* what's the bitchin awesome Thing?

* who made the bitchin awesome phat Thing?

1 Large Pizza with extra Goat Cheese (chevre) and Fiddleheads.

(Hurry up, the very brief Fiddlehead season's nearly over. Snooze u Loose, you'll have to settle for a crummy Domino's pizza.)

Feel free to abase your clueless self and beg Vleeptron for hints -- but if you're like really hip, there are already clues imbedded in the PizzaQ.


Mike Stone said...

I can answer this now, but I'll wait. Surely there's someone else that can beat me to it.

Abbas said...

had never heard of him, but was fairly simple to google after reading his name in the image.

simple arabic/urdu/persian script.

also, talib's my dad's name.