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27 June 2013

PizzaQ! FIND THE BIG TERRIBLE EMBARRASSING STOOPID MISTAKE IN THE FLYER / Poultry Ankle-Biting Zodiac Cycle / Bob is a Pig / when in DK don't forget to see Anderby

Click flyer to enlarge.

First, Vleeptron offers its deepest & sincerest apologies for being Missing or Asleep @ The Switch recently. The last few weeks have been another of those Astrological Phases (I'm a Pig, although I prefer to be designated a Boar) which closely resembles being pecked to death about the ankles by a flock of domestic poultry.

(Whenever I visit Europe, I always like to visit Anderby, in Denmark. I have loved all the poultry who live in Anderby since I was a kid obsessively reading cheap dumb comic books -- 10 or 15 cent$ each in them days. Next trip I have determined to make my first visit to Bremen DE, and hang in its legendary Music Clubs. The Manure Boys are playing at The Barn next month, then there's the chick bands Dams n Bitches, and the Splittails.)

I don't think the poultry have ceased biting me in my ankles, but it's been going on for so long now that maybe I've just learned to manage it better. Some say there is no cure for Astrological Ankle-Biting Poultry.

Now we got bears all over the place. We don't yet know for certain what the typical or inevitable outcome of cats and kittens meeting their first bears is. The cats certainly don't love or want to play with these new bears -- probably a first-time mom with her first cub. We've learned that U. americanus is fond of banana peels in the compost pile.

Now if the poultry will stop biting my ankles for a few moments -- they have other important jobs to do, chiefly pooping all over my life and carpets -- the




has a PizzaQ.

1 Large Chicago-Style (square, Pi are square in Chicago, Pi are not round) Pizza, with winner's choice of 3 toppings (but not pineapple).

Longtime faithful Acolytes of Vleeptron will recognize this community flyer. Vleeptron Dude, the most talented and respected Community Poster Artist in Galaxy Dwingeloo-2, cranked out in a hurry once for Ciudad Vleeptron's beloved public library, which is located near Club Drek, and next door to a bed & bkfst old whack who hides in the bushes to hack the library's WiFi and see if patrons are surfing for pron or Erotica ("the kind Sentients like").

The Book Sale (due largely to city-wide admiration of my poster) was a huge success. Oh, there was an Unadvertised Special, a folding table with small girls and Mom selling homemade brownies and other traditional delicious forbidden polysaccharide poisons. Very reasonable prices, we purchased 37 of them and I don't think any of them ever reached home.

(There's a great movie starring Tuesday Weld and Anthony Perkins called "Pretty Poison," don't delay, rent & see it today, goes excellent with popcorn and assorted polysaccharide poisons. Many lethal poisons are legendary for their deliciousness. This flick will make your hair stand on end, particularly if you're a guy (and still have hair which can still stand on end.)

You might also want to read the short story "Rappacini's Daughter" -- ah, shit, I'll just find it on-line somewhere and filch and post it in the Vleeptron Copyright Expired Screwy Classics Series. Watch This Space. Or find it and read it immediately, now. Leave A Comment.


So anyway, there's The Flyer, the Poster, which was Scotch-taped (tm) to many bodega, bordello and kaffeeshop windows all over CV.


(a new neighbor of our holiday condo in CV was thoughtful enough, some days After The Sale, to inform us how we'd skrood the pooch bigtime)


(details of the Original Flyer which have no bearing on Solving The PizzaQ have been Redacted (tm) & Photoshopped (tm) to conceal and protect Real Sentients hither and yon in Dwingeloo-2)

We bought lots of old books, just what we needed as we get old and our bodies falter and give out. S.W.M.B.O. came to our Life Pair Bonding with about 11 metric tonnes of her own books, to join my 22.4 gazillion books.

Please feel free to ask Simple Yes Or No Or Maybe Questions, and I will feel free to answer anyway I like, or ignore them. (But I will Not Lie to you.)

Please feel free to debase yourself and beg Vleeptron for Hints.

As always, VAMRI & Vleeptron welcome Comments with The Wrong Answer. You don't win Pizza, but you can expect sarcasm and public ridicule accessible throughout the Internet & Blogosphere.

Just because I wasn't smart enough to Get It, You're Smart, You Can Get It, You Can Do This.

Conversely, if you can't Do This, then You Are Not Smart.


Landscape Windscreen said...

There are two bookmarks in the book. And if I recall correctly I did give you the typefont (Illinois Shakespeare Festival), I reckon if fits quite nicely.

Things can go wrong, s***t happens. I for one am currently producing a DVD (we still need beta testers for that) and for bloody weeks I had not noticed that somewhere in a title card a dot was missing.

There is a famous experiment in psychology. Kids are throwing a basketball to each other in a short film, the researcher who shows you that clip will ask you if you can count all the individual throws. Hard to believe, but most people concentrate so hard on this task they will NOT notice the bloke in a gorilla costume walking into the frame, waving a few times and then walking out of the picture again...

Vleeptron Dude said...

nope nein nichts the bookmarks have nothing to do with it, the bookmarks are not the Terrible Mistake

people addicted to driving while chatting on the cell phone tell me they do it the Perfectly Safe way with hands-free bluetooth ear thing.

That's nice, especially if your hands-free conversation goes something like WHAT WAS THAT BRASIERRE AND PANTIES DOING IN THE GLOVEBOX THEY SURE AS FUCK WEREN'T MY UNDERWEAR

(the technical term for this sort of thing is Distracted Driving)

Vleeptron Dude said...

after their game, 2 golfer guys are in the locker room changing back into their street clothes, and one guy looks at the other and says Jeez Larry, since when have you been wearing a girdle???

Larry replies: Since my wife found it in the glove compartment.

Vleeptron Dude said...

Vleeptron Dude is now accepting begging and whining and debasing for Hints to assist the Clueless pizza-lovers

HOWEVER i will give this 1 away for free

there's a HINT in The Original Text of the PizzaQ. There's a hint already floating around in front of your eyeballs.

Vleeptron Dude said...

are you begging and debasing yourself yet?

I just said the Free Hint is in the original TEXT (not the image) of the PizzaQ

no, the poster got the clock hours right for the booksale. In the Army (and on choo-choo Eisenbahn Bahnhof vehicles & even AMTRAK) we also use the 24 hour clock.

You're right about the 12-hour system, but it's hardly an original or unique complaint -- the 12-hour clock is pregnant with ambiguity and confusion. I think it was a colonial invention by the 3 Stooges, or the Wise Men of Chelm.

----- Original Message -----
From: Pat
To: Robert Merkin
Sent: Friday, June 28, 2013 3:29 PM
Subject: Clue ?

Oookay, is it that am/pm thing we Europeans don’t get and which confuses us to no end ? I live on a 24 hr cycle, 00:00 to 23:59 is much more conveniant...

Hell, this irritates me to no end, I think I am going to put on some music and stare at the image untill I have an idea. I know the invisible gorilla is there and I can’t see the bugger....

PatFromCH said...

Oooookay I have been staring at this thing with Tangerine Dream’s Rubycon on the iPod for bloody ages like a stoner watching a lava lamp now.
Luckily nothing moved. So far.

I am really ashamed of myself, I am stupid, but not as stupid as I think I am. Or am I ?

I bloody well know there is an Invisible Gorilla but I can’t see the bugger ! Read the text, re-read it again. Nada. The Jungian Associations refuse to kick in. Bugger.

So I urge you, nay, beg you on my knees in full humiliation like Emperor Frederick in Canossa: Hint ? Please ?

Good grief, this is driving me nuts. Or will you at least come and visit me at the loony farm ?

And whhy the hell Denmark of all places ?