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12 December 2013

Michigan Hand Map made of burnt toast (Lower Pæninsula only)

Click on Lower Pæninsula of Toast to enlarge.

My Army pal what lives in the USA state shaped like the palm of a right-hand mitten so he can point to where he took art classes and everybody in Michigan knows where that is knows my fascination with the MHM and just sent me this one made of burnt toast. 

He will have to e-mail his old Army buddy Joe Schloblodewski (everybody who ever served in the military ends up with a buddy for life named Joe Schloblodewski) to explain how he came to be in possession of this amazing toast map of the Lower Pæninsula of Michigan (Michigan is in 2 parts). 

Some Michiganders know how to use both their hands to show both pæninsulæ, but this skill is rare. Maybe you point to where you bought a used car with your nose.

The other night they showed a really nice uninterrupted print of "Anatomy of a Murder," about a murder trial which takes place in the Upper Pæninsula. James Stewart is the jazz piano-playing and trout-fishing defense lawyer -- it's one of Stewart's most exciting and rivetting performances -- and Lee Remick is Very Attractive and enjoys playing pinball (Old School noisy Electromechanical) in the tavern near where she and her Army lieutenant husband live in the trailer park. 

I think the jazz score was by Count Basie. The judge is Joseph Welch, a very famous and much-admired lawyer who stood up to the vicious megacreep dipsomaniac US Senator Joseph McCarthy in the televised Army-McCarthy hearings in 1954.

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