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19 January 2014

It's BAD for you!

Click candy wrapper to enlarge.

Why do we love things (and sex companions) we know are bad for us? The USA artist (now resident in France) Robert Crumb captures this Mystery sizzlingly.

Devil Girl Choco-Bar
used to be a real candy bar, and it was fairly inexpensive, and tasted great. You could buy it in underground comic book stores, where Crumb was / is a major deity.

Crumb's most recognized work is the album cover for Cheap Thrills by Big Brother and the Holding Company (Janis Joplin).

The bio-documentary "Crumb" won an Oscar, deservedly. Crumb specialized in everything the USA tried to hide or prohibit or forget. He was also a champion of forgotten 1920s blues music, and has the distinction of recording the world's last 78 rpm phonograph record, which by that time could be played on very very few turntables.


abbas said...

crumb's work used to be uniquitous. i love his critique of american culture and how much of an influence he had.

here's an interview the guardian did back in 2005.

also, i grew up reading editions of weirdo and probably have a few stashed somewhere in some old chest.

PatFromCH said...

I used to mix up Crumb with Gilbert Shelton who created The Freak Brothers and Fat Freddy’s Cat. Crumb also did something with a short story by the fabulous Philip K. Dick, but that’s on the attic somewhere, need to look that up one of these days....

PatFromCH said...

Ahh, there it is:

Smartass Note. Around 1974 the american science fiction writer Philip K. Dick (who is responsible for the original ideas behind Blade Runner, Minority Report, Paycheck etc.) claimed to have a religious experience with a “being” he would later call VALIS. Dick at the time had serious issues with drugs, writers block, an attempted suicide, a claim that the FBI had broken into his house and tapped his phone and serious doubts about his mental condition and sanity. At the time PKD still was “underground” so it is not suprising Robert Crumb picked up the idea. How come we don’t have any people like this ‘round anymore ?