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10 May 2014

Eurovision Song Contest! Now! Live! Copenhagen! Text your vote! Disembowel your enemies!

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PatfromCH has reminded me that The Great annual Termite Fest is NOW, right now! Live! From Copenhagen! Click HERE! Watch! Listen! They're singing about LOVE!

(well almost everybody is singing about LOVE, a few years ago Finland won when Lordi the faux Visigoths with plastic battleaxes sang about disembowling their enemies.)

One guy from France has a haircut like the French Alps! I still got hair, I want that haircut!

Another guy, I don't know where he's from, he solves Rubik's Cubes (maybe he's from Hungary).

1 comment:

PatFromCH said...

Dear Historian
What is the 27th century like ? The internet obviously still exists but have you found out what Dark Matter or Cold Fusion is yet ?

Anyways, if you are studying our period like we studied the Romans, medieval times or the Tudor era then lemme tell ya that not all people indulge in such sugarcoated mindless gobs***te. Granted, a fair majority enjoys this TermiteFest of overblown talentless monstrosities with the half life of Einsteinium and the cultural nutritional value of a line of coke. These people need to be deluded, entertained into mindlless stupors, otherwise they would start to think for themselves or develop sophisticated taste and suddenly ignore the garbage being fed to them on a daily basis by the Big Evil Corporations.

And yet, dear historian in the 27th Century, there is a small minority of people who can ignore these follies or, like Vleeptron, use satire as a weapon of (self-)defense and instead of being bitter like me just ‘ave a good laff. There are still people, dear historian who enjoy good music, art, writing etc. for the sake of the art form as such and not because some stupid french bugger with a funny haircut is singing a silly la-la-la song before he’s back on the doll queue on Monday.

And if, dear historian, you have never heard of Edward Gibbon, Thomas Malthus or Marshall McLuhan then I urge you to read up on them in order to understand why our society eventually collapsed, but thankfully you know more about this than I do.