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31 July 2014

question re boring Middle East politics and military affairs / Bob salutes the Euro colonial legacy, thanks guys

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yo bob, what's the "for dummies" version of what's going down in palestine, gaza, west bank and israel?

Posted by abbas to Vleeptron_Z at Thursday, 31 July, 2014


As every dummy knows, the Ibrahamic God has commanded all His children ceaselessly to slaughter each other -- not merely soldier versus soldier, but including infants and unarmed civilians. The United Nations relief organizations and, I assume, International Red Cross / Red Crescent notes that the Gaza situation is particularly ghastly because Gaza has now been denuded of nearly all medical supplies and resources. (Egypt blocks supplies from the south, Israel blockades Gaza from the north.) Yesterday an Israeli strike took out Gaza City's electric power, which runs the fresh water system's pumps. My diabetes is somewhat mild, so if I were otherwise unscathed in Gaza, the lack of refrigeration for what insulin may be available would take a few weeks or a month to kill me. All Gaza's diabetics face slow, ghastly death this way.

Vleeptron will refrain from illustrating this post with photographs of dead or maimed babies. Those who want to see more such photos this week should have no difficulties finding them.

I wish to take special note of the USA's last presidential campaign. In his secret speech to Republican donors (which was rudely filmed and distributed to YouTube, I think by a startled waiter with a cel phone), Mitt Romney discussed Mideast Peace. If elected, he told the gazillionaires, he would just "kick the can down the road" -- i.e., do nothing to try to bring about peace between Israel and Palestinians, as he and all practical conservative leaders believed there was nothing USA leadership could do, so why even try? (I, like the majority of American Jews, voted for Obama in both his campaigns.)

Of course the dreadful never-ending hatred and violence in the region are the lingering legacy of the rule of European colonial powers. They're long gone -- they got kicked out of the region, and kicked out of India and what was partitioned into the two Pakistans, around 1948. The Mideast has been in regular violence and warfare ever since, as have Pakistan and India. Today many of the combatant nations in both theaters possess nuclear weapons and reasonably effective delivery systems. (Israel's delivery systems are by far the best in the region, and it's believed Israel possesses both fission and fusion bombs -- they have never acknowledged that they possess nuclear weapons.)

My family -- "Diaspora Jews," and lifelong sympathizers with Israel's right to exist in safety as a sovereign sanctuary for Jews -- has a long tradition of Lefty Peaceniks, and I make special mention of a favorite nephew who travelled to the West Bank to stand in front of Caterpillar (tm) bulldozers that the IDF soldiers were using to knock down Palestinian homes (to prepare for the construction of new Jewish settlements).

In our times, we are witnessing the total collapse of regional and international political leadership. In Israel -- which proudly describes itself as a parliamentary democracy -- only one national institution is respected and trusted by the Israeli people: The IDF, the Israeli military. From its historically victorious war generals, Israeli party politics regularly choose the next "tough guy" Prime Minister. Netanyahu is the surviving brother of the only IDF combat death of the successful hostage rescue raid in Idi Amin's Uganda, which made "Bibi" (a famed philanderer, I think he has twice had to apologize on TV) a sort of proxy war hero.

If you are waiting for me to say something nice about Hamas ...

Another casualty of this catastrophic breakdown of leadership has been the ancient respectful alliance -- dating from Ottoman times -- between Jews, Israel and Turkey. Turkey's disturbing shift from Ataturk secularism to
Erdoğan's "faith-based" form of government/politics has allowed Erdogan to break Turkey's friendship with Israel and take an active pro-Palestinian role in the region. It's unlikely I'll ever join the Erdoğan Fan Club, but one of his provocations was indeed necessary and important -- sponsoring merchant vessels with food and medical supplies to besieged Gaza.

It's inevitable and easy for the world's independent media to cover war and dead babies.

What nobody (that I've yet seen) has yet covered is the Israeli anti-war Refusenik Peacenik political pushback. (Israel has long had a fringe party called Gush Shalom -- I suspect these are excellent recruiting days for this party. That's their anti-blockade ship in foto above.)

As an interesting footnote to this new war, Israel is about to make a historic change and end the automatic conscription exemption for its Ultra-Orthodox Jews -- who are the most rabid anti-Palestinians in Israel, but have never had to wear a uniform and do the icky business of killing Palestinians themselves. Universal conscription also drafts women into the IDF. I can't wait to see how that will work for the Ultra-Orthodox. There were women soldiers when I was in the USA Army, but I don't think they had a military job specialty of bearing multiple children.

In October 1973, Israel made considerable sympathetic propaganda when it was attacked by an Arab coalition on the holiest of Jewish days, and has since been known as the Yom Kippur War.

I now officially dub this Gaza disaster the Ramadan War. I think that could grow legs historically. People in the region will remember the calendar timing of the Israeli offensive for a long time.

Eid Mubarak, Abbas, and I love ya, buddy, but your request for my Feelings about this wretched business is making me sick, and I got to take some tranquilizers and blood pressure medicine.

Great question, though!


abbas said...

interesting how everyones got skeleton's up in their closets and over get time get real good in hiding them. thanks for the read.

Vleeptron Dude said...

Well, if the contest is for Best Closet Skeleton Hiding, certainly a major Earth-class contender is Israel's "hidden" unacknowledged nuclear weapons. By refusing to acknowledge this nuclear weapons elephant in the bathtub, the world pressure against Iran's and North Korea's nuclear activities -- well, Israel isn't bothered by such pressure, because it doesn't have any nuclear weapons.

Israel seems to have partnered with apartheid-era South Africa to assist one another in developing fission weapons. There's a famous flash of light from satellite photos in the Indian Ocean which many experts attribute to apartheid South Africa's first secret A-bomb test. Or joint cooperative South African - Israeli secret test.

Strange, unpleasant bedfellows -- of which Israel has, in the past or now, had many. Since the Camp David Accords (1978), Israel's staunchest and most powerful ally in the region had been Egypt. Like Turkey's historical stance toward Israel, the Egyptian non-belligerent stance may also be dissolving.

Before Camp David there was a famous saying in the Middle East: "When the Arab world goes to war against Israel, Egyptians die." We're probably witnessing the end of 36 years in which no Israeli or Egyptian soldier has killed one another. It took 36 years, but apparently the region has chosen to revert to the Good Old Days of truckloads of body bags in the desert.

Well ... you can't stand in the way of God's Will for long. This is, after all, the Holy Land.

When you get a chance, could you shoot a few paragraphs about Shia and Sunni troubles to the Great Western Ignorami? This ISIL/ISIS thing also got me taking too many tranquiizers.