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20 May 2015

PIZZAQ! What? Where?

Click stamp to enlarge.

* What is it? Its specific name, and the name of the category of things like it.

* Where is it?

* Extra Anchovies or Pepperoni: Anything else you know about it.

1 medium pizza with shallots, garlic, endives and shitake mushrooms.


Anonymous said...

Is that a 3D computer image of that volcano in Chile?

Mike Stone said...

Looks like a 3D render of the Mount St. Helens... errr... peak?

Vleeptron Dude said...

okay, well, you both got the planet right, it's Earth.

and yeah, it's a volcano.

But you're nowhere near where it is. Or what kind of volcano it is.

No pizza for you guys yet.

PatFromCH said...

I have the solution, but I admit that I have cheated a bit and am therefore disqualified.
How ? Pfff....

I must admit I never heard of the bugger either – but ‘ere’s a Song Title Clue....reckon y’all will find it because you all are so much smarter than me....

(it is also fascinating to know that The Object was one of the first to be examined with a very new technology at that time)

Mike Stone said...

Hm, I admit that I didn't spend a whole lot of time thinking about it. The "peak" doesn't look quite right for Mount St. Helens, but I jumped on it since Monday was the 35th anniversary of it's eruption. Seemed to conveniently timed to be anything else. Shows what you get for making assumptions!

Vleeptron Dude said...

Pat has correctly identified this Thing, but won't tell us how he figured it out, and says he doesn't want the Pizza.

Been busy the past few days -- relatively Happy, but busy -- so have neglected the PizzaQ. Keep trying. But I am shortly about to post a HINT for all you Smart Earth Dwellers. Watch Vleeptron for your Easy HINT!

I saw Lotte Lenya on TV a few nights ago. She was Very Evil, and smashed Robert Shaw in the stomach (very hard! he later said) with brass knuckles. (Shaw didn't flinch.)

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