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14 June 2015

the Promised PizzaQ Hint / The Thing / now with Pretty Colors! / Hint to the Clueless, by Moshe ben Maimon / al-Saladin takes 2 Ibuprofen and calls Maimonides in the morning

Cliquez pour le plus grande
כדי להגדיל

Vleeptron promised to maybe, if you're nice and send Bitcoin, offer a HINT to the CLUELESS regarding the most recent wtf? PizzaQ. 

("Hint to the Clueless" is the title of a classic of Jewish wisdom by Moshe ben Maimon, a.k.a. Moses Maimonides, physician to al-Saladin.)

Our Mensch-on-the-Ground in Helvetia solved this PizzaQ, but will not tell us How, and says he doesn't want our lousy Pizza. So the Pizza is still available for the first Correct Solution.

The 2 Things above are The Same Thing. The Left Thing has pretty colors, and some capital letters and positive non-zero integers. And 2 arrows.

As the Helvetian Mensch indicated, these images of The Thing were obtained by a New Scientific Technique never previously used to examine These Kinds of Things. Without the work of these Boffins, Vleeptron would have No Thing to show the blogosphere. The previous Best Image of This Kind of Thing was like the image of a polar bear in an Arctic blizzard, or a black cat in a coal bin.

So now you know Everything There Is to Know about The Thing, so giving it its Name and its Locus should be a Walk In The Park. The Pizza is practically in your mouth.

You can do this. You're smart.

Alternatively, if you can't do this, you're Not Smart.