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28 July 2015

SHARK! SHARK ATTACK! Swim for your Life! (Unless you're a woman or child ... then relax, it's all good)

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Vleeptron adds an easy PizzaQ ...

What is the only nation on Planet Earth whose Chief of State was eaten by a shark (while in office ... maybe sharks have eaten old retired kings and dowager tsarinas and PMs, but I don't care) ?

1 medium with quatro fromaggio and funghi to first correct answer.

The rigid PizzaQ Honor System is suspended for this PizzaQ.  Google, cheat, ask your mom, call Klaas in Rotterdam. If you're on holiday at the seashore, swim out and ask some sharks. 

Hey! Download that .midi and sing along! It works! (I dl'd to my beloved WinAmp! Hahaha hope you saved your WinAmp before it went belly up! Otherwise sux to be you.

Rhyme of the Chivalrous Shark
Download Midi File
Lesley Nelson-Burns

My father was a Navy captain and this was one of MY favorite songs. He always said it [his promotion to captain] was because the shark ate the Captain....

This was written by Wallace Irwin and originally printed in a collection of nautical tunes Nautical Lays of a Landsman in 1904.
Most chivalrous fish of the ocean
To ladies forbearing and mild,
Though his record be dark,
is the man-eating shark,
Who will eat neither woman nor child.

He dines upon seamen and skippers,
And tourists his hunger assuage,
And a fresh cabin boy
will inspire him with joy
If he's past the maturity age.

A doctor, a lawyer, a preacher,
He'll gobble one any fine day,
But the ladies, God bless 'em
He'll only address 'em
Politely and go on his way.

I can readily cite you an instance
Where a lovely young lady of Breem,
Who was tender and sweet
and delicious to eat
Fell into the bay with a scream.

She struggled and flounced in the water,
And signaled in vain for her bar,
And she'd surely been drowned
if she hadn't been found
By a chivalrous man-eating shark.

He bowed in a manner most polished
Thus soothing her impulses wild.
"Don't be frightened," he said,
"I've been properly bred,
And will eat neither woman nor child."

Then he proffered his fin and she took it
Such gallantry none can dispute.
While the passengers cheered
as the vessel they neared
And a broadside was fired in salute.

And they soon stood alongside the vessel,
When a life-saving dinghy was lowered
With the pick of the crew,
And her relatives too
And the mate and the skipper aboard.

So they took her aboard in a jiffy,
And the shark stood attention the while,
Then he raised on his flipper
and ate up the skipper
And went on his way with a smile.

And this shows that the prince of the ocean,
To ladies forbearing and mild,
Though his record be dark
Is the man-eating shark,
Who will eat neither woman nor child.
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From Book of Navy Songs
See Bibliography for full information.


Landscape Windscreen said...

Hmmm....wasn’t there some Dictator bloke in the Dominican Republic in the 60s who had a very unfortunate meeting with a shark ?

Winamp ? Someone is still using Winamp ? Ahahahaha...that was allright in 2005, just like America Online, Windows XP and MS Paint....

These days I highly recommend VLC Media Player. Works on every platform (Win and Mac), can play every media format known to man (including midi files, if one so desires...) and it is FREE and easy to use.

Now I have to go back to my movie script. It will be a horror movie I’m afraid. It’s called Sharks On A Plane. Anybody wants a synopsys ?

Vleeptron Dude said...

no quatrofrommagio for you.

if you will refresh your memory of the Ciudad Vleeptron UnderWay map, the name of the capital city of Vleeptron is a nod and salute to Ciudad Trujillo, which was for a decade or 2 the name of the capital city of the Dominican Republic. The tyrannical psychopathic El Supremo, Trujillo, was NOT eaten by a shark. He was shot through his Sick Evil Brain by an unidentified professional (or maybe amateur, but a sufficiently good marksman) assassin. Shortly thereafter, the name of the capital city reverted to its traditional name, Santo Domingo. (Don't try to buy cheap airline tickets to Ciudad Trujillo anymore -- ca n'existe pas, ca n'existe pas.)

Et porquoi? Et porquoi pas?

In "Day of the Jackal," the assassin trying to kill Charles deGaulle is suspected of being Charles Calthrop (an anagram or whatchamacallit of Chacal = Jackal), a leading "person of interest" in the assassination of Trujillo. But the movie ends with the Jackal being killed, deGaulle still being Not Assassinated, and nobody knows the identity of the Jackal (wonderfully thrillingly portrayed by Edward Fox).

(Do not waste time or money to see the remake starring Bruce Willis. It sucks.)

No Pizza for you. Trujillo was NOT eaten by a Man-Eating Shark. Try again.

The scenes of Godfather Part 2 that are supposed to be pre-Castro Habana were actually filmed in Santo Domingo.

(Not Ciudad Trujillo. Istanbul is Constantinople, no you can't go back to Constantinople.)

To prove that I am not a robot, I had to click on all the fotos of French Fries / Pommes Frites. A robot can't identify French Fries or Freedom Fries.

Vleeptron Dude said...

I have WinAmp and you don't. Sucks to be you.

Now I have to click on some Pommes Frites.

No, this time i had to click on everything that was soup. Robots don't know what soup is.