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11 June 2016

Comments invited from USA, Earth, Milky Way Galaxy

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Spike said...

Dear Vleeptron Agony Auntie

My name is Spike, I am 12yrs old. I have been watching this Presadential Erection or whatever it’s called cuz dad sez this is Demografy in action or whatever. I like Minecraft Letsplays on Twitch, that is so much more fun !

This Erection Thing scares me. There is that guy where dad sez he is a “hippie”. I dunno what a “hippie” is, we only hed the French Revelation in History just now. But he seems allright. Are hippie ideas cool ?

At first I thought that funny man with the funny hair was funny. He looks thirsty like grandad when he had a couple drinks and talks about The Old Country Eyeland or whatever and also has a red face.
But now he just scares me. He hates people and he’s always angry. Dad sez he wants to build a curtain or something. And dad sez his foreign polaticks suck. Oh man, I sure hope those Foreigners or whatever in Yerp are not scared ! But he scares me. Can you make him go away ?

There is also that Power Ranger woman. Dad sez her hubba was Prez when he was young. Maybe that was during the French Revelation, I dunno. He sometimes sez something about tulips and organs. Then he sniggers and mom makes him shut up. Can you explain that joke to me ?
That Power Ranger woman looks very hungry, but I dunno what for. Maybe someone should give her a chocolate power bar. But then she might get Evil and I don’t like her anyway. Can you make her go away also ?

That Presidential Erection sure is complicated ! You adults are strange. Can’t you make that thing like American Idol ? That is something I can understand !

Spike, 12 Years Old.

Vleeptron Dude said...

now did you say you were from the Netherlands
or was that Nether World?
if you grew up in Amsterdam
then I'm the Duke of Earl ...

-- Donald Fagen

Vleeptron Dude will not delete your Comment, but will ignore it. If you are 12 years old then

(1) I'm the Duke of Earl and
(2) in the USA you got to be 18 to vote for president

uhhhh in a related Election Matter, do you have any thoughts on the Suisse Referendum to give every citizen, waking or sleeping, a guaranteed annual income? Who voted Nein/Non/No/Na ?

For Gringo/Yanqui students of election history/herstory, the 2016 campaign is Uniquely Strange. The 2 Big Parties have, as of last week, mathematically chosen as their candidates 2 humans with the Biggest Negative Feelings among voters in living memory.

People have been hating the Power Ranger Lady since the 1980s (and in the state of Arkansas, before that). Trump Sucks is loathed by American voters even worse.

And this week, about a dozen of the most influential *Republican* politicians have publicly attacked or un-friended the presumptive Republican nominee. This is historically unprecedented.

Meanwhile, huge crowds of mostly Jungenvolk have filled stadiums for an old Jewish Socialist, Bernie Sanders. (I sent him $.) Unless you're still fighting the Cold War against all Kommies, Bernie seems to have overwhelming Positives. His campaign coffers are actually far richer than Hillary's -- and, unlike Hillary who gets traditional massive donations from Wall Street gazillionaires, Bernie gets all his loot from little donations from Ordinary non-corporate Citizens. This is the money candidates use to buy television and radio ads.

At this point, I feel a little sorry for Hillary. She keeps asking the Mirror on the Wall who is the Fairest of them all, and the Mirror keeps replying: An old Socialist Jew.

8 years ago when she asked the Magic Mirror, it kept saying: An African-American guy nobody ever heard of.

But Trump Sucks -- the USA is the most powerful economic and military power on Planet Earth, and Planet Earth seems to be rightfully terrified that Donald Trump will become the next president of the USA. President Trump will make President George W. Bush seem like a rational, wise world statesman in comparison.

One of my too many cats is named Spike. When we got this kitten, its name was Daisy Mae. Then the veterinarian noticed that Daisy Mae had testicles. We didn't want him to grow up with Gender Orientation Issues (like A Boy Named Sue), so we removed his testicles, and re-named him Spike.

PatFromCH said...

I sent Spike to bed, we are getting serious.

All this would be very bloody funny if it was not so serious and will have implications for You and Me (your taxes, America pushing TIPP in Europe etc.).

From a rational point of view Sanders would be the best choice – if your country was in good health. But it isn’t and we are surprised that the race will be between what the germans call Wutbürger (angry citizen) Donnie Trump and Corporate Power Ranger Hillary.

Is it still possible or feasable for Sanders to run as an indie third candidate if his coffers are full of ammo ? Sanders is the soundest of the bunch by far.

The case of Donnie Trump is strange. At first we thought he is taking the piss. But he is deadly serious and the media over here are slowly realizing that this is not a joke. I have noticed that so far nobody has drawn analogies to the revisionist / isolationist campaign of Charles Lindbergh just before WWII. He also looks like an alcoholic to me which is probably the least of our problems with him.....

Hillary is Corporate and as Spike has said hungry – for power. Yet her chances are excellent. As with recent elections the Average Joe in the street will have to decide between the lesser of two evils and likely go for Hillary. I am curious on what is on her foreign policiy agenda (middle east, trade agreements with Europe and China etc.). She will bring change – but not to you. Her rich mates must be pleased, there will be corporation tax cuts and lowered banking regulations in the wings and other tricks she learned from her hubba.

Soon they will choose a running mate for Veep. As you said the bigwigs at the GOP are Not Happy with Trump but I also heard that one of the most influential blokes (majority leader ?) made his peace with Trump (maybe the deal was: we support you but you must take our VP candidate ?). It will also be interesting to see who will run with Hillary The Power Ranger. Both Trump and Clinton have massive Egos so choosing a sidekick will say a lot about their character.

I better not think about all this too much, that will be up to you guys. I better create some nice ambient music and a hypnotizing fractal so you can relax from all those Scary Thoughts and check out of Reality for a while....