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04 December 2016

First Day Issue: BjörkGuðmundsdóttirPost / computer-printer wi-fi test scrawl by S.W.M.B.O.

Click to enlarge stamp.

First Day Issue: BjörkGuðmundsdóttirÞost
computer-printer wi-fi test scrawl by S.W.M.B.O.

BjörkGuðmundsdóttir is the most recently discovered planet in the Vleeptron system in Galaxy Dwingeloo-2. 

BjörkGuðmundsdóttirÞost is its postal issuing authority. Stamps and postal material from BjörkGuðmundsdóttir are very rare.

Everything -- shops, trademarks, brands, etc. -- is called 66 because Iceland lies at 66° North Latitude. (The Arctic Circle wobbles a bit, and was 66°33′46.5″ as of 5 December 2016.)

All Iceland's coins have a fish on them, because the King of Iceland is a fish. 

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