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04 July 2017

Foo Fighter: nice fuzzy bunny or genocidal freakazoid?

 Click to enlarge maybe. 

Plastic kit glue now contains nasty odor and you can't huff it anymore to get high or suppress appetite.

Forwarded by my old Army buddy what resideth in the USA state shaped like the palm of a right-hand mitten. This UFO has many hostile anti-Earth characteristics. Hawking says we can only guess what real aliens will be like from the only actual example of sentient life we have encountered: Us. (We drop nuclear weapons on our human neighbors, and do genocide stuff. That's our only authentic example. We ain't bunnies.)

The first UFOs human claim to have seen were called (by Allied pilots in World War 2) Foo Fighters. They'd whizz past and around and over and under our propeller planes as if we were standing still.

At bottom, a recent scrum of outer-space aliens (as opposed to illegal aliens) photographed at Ann Arbor, Michigan USA county fair.

Why do they fly 891.4 parsecs to look up our butts?

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