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20 May 2008

Does Bob have a future as a commercial artist? logo design for the Altruistic Benevolent Committee of the 4th Church of Suburbia

Click image, I think it gets a little bigger.

My brother is involved up to his eyeballs in a church,
and while I was visiting him in DC, he presented me with a little challenge.

A committee in the church -- I'll call it the Altruistic Benevolent Committee -- needed a logo.

The ABC committee works on issues involving community activism and social justice. Utopian stuff. Helping to make a better community for all the people.

Everybody in the church is super-familiar with the little cartoon symbol for the church, it's been printed on every church document for decades. So I filched it (and colored the windows to reflect the colors of the Rainbow).

But how do you make a picture of community justice and social activism for a better community? And show that the church, and its spirit, and the spirit of its members, are at the center of the committee's activities?

I stole the Sun from a NASA image site. I made the Rainbow from scratch.

Dude -- it's HARD to draw/draft a rainbow! You have no idea! Blood was trickling from my ears and I was gobbling aspirin like M&Ms!

I left out Orange, to keep the Rainbow down to manageable size. The other colors are in the proper Natural Order of the colors of real rainbows. I think.

Anyway, my brother said he loved it and now we have to find out if the members of the ABC love it. Maybe soon it will be wildly familiar to about 1000 people, everybody will know what it is and what it means.

I don't think it's half-bad, considering what they're paying me (U$ Nada).


patfromch said...

(Atheism turned waaaaaay down)
Well, I like it !!! Looks cool and it fits. At first I thought it was for a Kindergarden or Retirement Home, but I must say withouzt any sarcasm that it fits "the brand". Dunno if the ABC will consider the Sun as a pagan symbol, but it would be cool if they accept it.
(Ask SWIMBO about the meaning of the Sun for the Celts, Ost-, Westgoten and what have you and be prepared for some interesting insights)

In other somewhat related news
THURSDAY NIGHT IS FIGHT NIGHT ! patfromch and ExSweetiePie will battle over Evolution vs ID this Thursday at 8 pm local time with reference books, logical argumentation and a carton of beer. She will take the ID/Creationist side, I will represent Evolution. Come around y'all if you are in town.

Vleeptron Dude said...

As you can see from my post, I took considerable effort to Disguise the name of the church and the real name of the committee.

But I'll bet Vleeptron's Man-On-The-Cloud, our Correspondent and Professional Expert on the Protestant Reformation can guess the church's Denomination. (2 Pizza slices, anybody can win.)

The 1st Sherlock Holmes / Kommissar Hans Berlach clue / klew is that they have a Committee like this. In other words, this church has energy and focus on community Utopian stuff. Not every church would think such activities are appropriate with their theology. Some Protestant denominations are focused entirely on The Next Life, and consider it inappropriate to meddle and interfere in matters to try to fix things on This Life. To some denominations, that wouldn't be Theology, that would be Politics.

The "Kinder-friendly" look of the logo is very intentional. Activities of these kinds -- for example, anti-racism and anti-racial descrimination -- can, in the USA, get you in trouble with the FBI. The High Ugly Moment of this kind of tension and trouble was in our Red Scare McCarthy Era in the 1950s, and even wrapping your activism inside a church was no protection against government hostility.

So the look of the logo couldn't have an angry clenched fist and scream


I intentionally gave it a Happy Warm & Fuzzy Bunny Kindergarten Sesame Street look. (To hide the committee visually from Homeland Security.) The idea is that the Committee's goals are Family-Friendly rather than subversive or threatening.

The Pagan thing ... the suggestion that these folks might be Sun Worshippers ... very observant, Kommissar Berlach!

But this church is very famous -- notorious even -- for a very liberal theology which tries to make a comfortable place of worship for a huge spectrum of beliefs. Even Atheists & Agnostics can find a home here, and if your idea of Gott looks like The Sun and is very Nature-flavored, that's okay with these folks.

The Rainbow is beyond any FBI suspicion, it is copyrighted by the Old Testament as an Official non-Pagan symbol in the story of Noah. (Genesis 9: 8-16)

And Herr Gott can't make a Rainbow without first putting a big bright Sun in the Himmel. So if the Rainbow is 100% Judaeo-Christian, then so is the Sun.


Hey, that Evolution vs. Intelligent Design fight sounds great! And certainly will go great with beer!

What are famous Schweitzer beers? I don't think I know the names of Swiss beers.

Put me down for 10 New Suisse Francs on the Natural Selection side!

patfromch said...

Your bet has been placed. Can you imageine how long it will take to explain Natural Selection to a new age hippie chick ? That will take 2 beers at least ! She claims that Dawrin was a self-centered liar, that there is NO proof that men and apes bear the same ancestory, that Lucy is a fake just like the theory behind Evolution because it took too long etc etc.
SP has read a lot of books about the Celts and ancient germanic tribes and Paganism, my fault, I gave her Lord of the Rings. Now I have to deal with that New Age BS on Thursday.

At least to my knowledge the Protestant Church in the US and Europe may have different values. I had to go to protesatant bible teachings in school and cannot remember ever hearing of Heaven or Hell, the focus itself is very much on this life and Social Activities within the community. but then again, religion has not played an important role in Europe since the french revolution.

Hmmmm that rainbow reminds me of those flying yoga types from back in the 80s or Protestant Youth meetings or the old logo of the Green Party. Hmmmmm......
Something just startet ticking away in my head, this track must be followed to win the Pizza. I can sense it, but cant grab it

Vleeptron Dude said...

Obviously you have never encountered (USA) Southern Baptists. Hell Hell Hell Hell and if you do everything Perfekt, maybe a little Heaven. Maybe.

Anonymous said...

Actually I am so glad I never have

i am still hunting for Pizza. There is a Rainbow Church, more than one actually. And i distinctivly remember seeing Rainbow flags out in the streets and balconys when the Iraq War broke out that were used as a sort of Peace flag.
(That mondrian church is cute, I actually saw mondrian paintings at the Fondation Beyeler together with stuff by jackson pollock which was pretty cool. No Klee tho.)

Jim Olson said...

I recuse myself. I have driven past Brother's church, and my Husband is an ordained minister in Brother's church's tradition.

Vleeptron Dude said...

In private e-mail, PatfromCH has won the Pizza! Unitarian-Universalists! Or as we nickname them, the U-U's! (Pronounced You-You's.)

Vleeptron Dude said...

Hey, Man-On-The-Cloud! Did you like my design?

patfromch said...

In the infamous and very funny Terry Pratchett books the University there is known as Unseen University or UU. Hm.

I like your desing indeed. I had always thought tha Unitarians were hardcore fundies, but apparently not. Cool for them.

Fight Night is over. She grasped the idea of natural selection and reverse engineering but had proiblems in understanding the fact that species can evolve from one to another via different stages or transitional forms. She is still a New Age Hippie Chick but at least not a Creationist. She still denies Darwin and the idea of ID applealed very much to her. GRRRR time that I show her the german version of this movie (which also takes place in your part of the world)

Jim Olson said...

UUs would blanch at the idea of being considered hardcore fundies. They are largely not even Christian anymore.

Your design is great, but more importantly, what does your Brother's church think?

patfromch said...

Sorry Rev, I meant that lot, I got confused ....

Oh, and Bob, let us know if they accept it. It looks cool, I really mean it and you know how I think about these issues. Looks warm amd embracing and open and tolerant.

I also would like to know what the "Atheists" are doing there :)
(and when I can turn on mine again that I turned off in the 1st post)