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19 May 2008

Hope in a keychain, Hope in a refrigerator magnet, Hope in a mouseclick

Click for larger & clearer.

Purchased at Union Station, Washington DC, at a souvenir shop specializing in political tchatchke. Outside the shop you can be photographed standing next to life-size cutouts of John McCain or Hillary Rodham Clinton or Barack Obama (all smiling).

The shop also sells the Hillary Clinton Nutracker/Ballbuster figurine; she crushes small testicle-like spheres between her powerful thighs. (I didn't buy one, I just gawked at this New Achievement in Bad Taste -- even in train station and airport souvenir shops.)

I also bought the t-shirt. Under the US Constitution, we always know when the absolute maximum last second that a president can still bother people and animals and weather and plants. After noon on 20 January 2009, the War in Iraq, Global Climate Change, torture, human rights and freedoms, and a huge volume of other disasters and pooch-screwings imposed on Earth over the past 8 years will, by law, become the hot steaming fly-swarming pile of shit on the desk of either

[ ] Hillary Rodham Clinton
[ ] Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.
[ ] John McCain

I also bought a coffee mug with The Bill of Rights printed on it. When you pour a hot beverage into it, your rights and freedoms disappear.

This company also sells the Bush Countdown Clock in a refrigerator magnet.

Click HERE any instant you like and see the latest precise countdown.

This is not a paid advertisement, I am just happy to point your attention to these t-shirts and battery-operated devices because, as they silently click away the 10ths of a second, they bring me great Pleasure & Hope. Soon this badly educated, vile, lying, ignorant creature can no longer pick up the phone and order the deaths of human beings, soon he can no longer poison Planet Earth and hasten the polar bear toward extinction.


Jim Olson said...

But Bob, what do you really think?

Vleeptron Dude said...

Oh dear, wasn't my intent or meaning clear? I do so try to make my intentions and my feelings clear.

I'm mad now I didn't buy the countdown clock refrigerator magnet.