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13 December 2008

Full Moon Friday Night -- closest to Earth since 1993, great show, big tides / PIZZAQ: Name the Craters!

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BBC TV viewers and readers sent photos they took of the Full Moon, which last night was nearer to Earth than it's been since 1993.

Besides a spectacular view, last night's historic perigee also generated dramatically high tides around the world, most noticeable in such tide-active places like Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, and Inchon, Korea.

During last night's perigee, the Moon was 221,560 miles / 356,566 kilometers from Earth.

Upper left: The Full Moon from Ed Blagden's garden in Nairobi, Kenya -- 7000 feet / 2134 meters above sea level.

Lower right: Rumna Mandal used a telescope and digital camera to take this closeup from Florida. No details available on the kind of scope or camera.

1 MEDIUM PIZZA WITH SHALLOTS, GARLIC, MUSHROOMS & SAUSAGE if you can identify either of the two craters at the top. To selenologists and Apollo astronauts, they must be as familiar and famous as the Eiffel Tower or Graceland.


patfroch said...

Herschel Crater ? There are so many craters and mares with funny names up there on the Moon. Darwin, Foault, Plato, Lowell....(and, not to forget, another person with an unssolved PizzaQ)

Wasn't Herschel the guy who first discovered Uranus together with his siter and wanted to call it George (after King George) at first ?

Anyway, even if I am wrong, at least I still got the coolest music /soundtrack to that PizzaQ: said...

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