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15 March 2009

PizzaQ! Where's this? / Budge / Sint Maarten / blocked beach view / rioting, stabbing / Polka Fever / faux dreds

Click on images, good things could happen.

1 Whole Pizza Pie,
because yesterday (3/14 at precisely 15 hours 9.26 minutes, or somesuch) was Pi Day. And because I think this is a hard one.

HINT: It's a Place. Or the way they assembled this hieroglyph to express the name of this Place.

In the original "Stargate" movie, the nerd Egyptologist (James Spader) finds his colleagues translating the glyphs on the Stargate using the standard English-language reference, and mutters

"Oh for Christ's sake, this is all wrong, I can't believe they're still reprinting Budge."

He's muttering about the English giant of Egyptology Sir Ernest Alfred Thompson Wallis Budge (1857 – 1934), and referring specifically to

1920. An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary, With an Index of English Words, King List and Geographical List with Index, List of Hieroglyphic Characters, Coptic and Semitic Alphabets, etc.. London: John Murry. (Reprinted New York: Dover Publications., 1978)

Budge fucked up the Stargate translation -- with Budge, You Can't Get There From Here -- but you could get lucky with Budge on this PizzaQ.


My Caribbean Island was (and still is) the Dutch-French hybrid Sint Maarten / St. Martin. We stayed on the Dutch Side, at an absolutely swell and delicious and terribly friendly beachfront hotel, Holland House, in the jumpin hot hot hot capital Philipsburg, where S.W.M.B.O. bought some bling and I purchased a lurid sleeveless Bob Marley t-shirt (but I did not buy the Rasta Hat with faux dredlocks, there are limits to what kind of Tourist Clown Outfit I will wear in public).

I do wish to complain about the beach view at Holland House. As I relaxed in the Very Bright Sun, I was trying to gaze on the sailing ships and catamarans and yachts anchored in the harbor, and the beautiful tropical mountain vistas, but hundreds of young tourist women wearing practically no clothing at all kept riding down the Boardwalk on their rented Segways and blocking my view.

A petite outbreak of violent crime had erupted on The French Side, and 20 Gendarmes had been flown in from France to neutralize this whomp-ass threat to the Tourist Trade. English tourist got stabbed in the stomach in a botched robbery at the end of our Boardwalk, but he lived. Philipsburg accomodates sometimes as many as 4 giant cruise liners and their thousands of driveby tourists each day.

Elsewhere down the Antilles, RIOTS against high food prices and a variety of Paris' broken promises and ignored petitions were breaking out in the capitals of Guadeloupe and Martinique. Our Island was just getting over an epidemic (the newspaper's word, not mine) of Dengue, which patfromch says is sometimes also called Polka Fever. (That doesn't sound good.) I drank Carib beer, pretty damn tasty. I think I also had a rum drink with a parasol in it.

In private correspondence, patfromch guessed Sint Maarten
by a process of ratiocination he has explained to me, but which I can only ascribe to Magical or Jungian principles.

Our other correspondent from CH, twolegsnotail, also amazingly guessed correctly. Your Pizza Account will be Credited; and pat's Tourist Postcard from Sint Maarten is wending its way to CH.


patfromch said...

The first thing we have to do is throw all our ideas of the western semantic tradition overboard. Hieroglyphs are a bloody complex affair with different meanings in differcnt contexts, be it reilgious, historical or just descriptive. they can be read phonetically or in a semantic way being descrptive. There are no fixed rules neither for descriptions, indications or grammar. I can only assume that Budge, being an occultist failed to understand the distinction and effed up.
The first icon we see in the image is a staff. Now your average hieroglyph translator would depict that as an s. But the staff also represents health or well-being (folded cloth). It can also mean her or hers. The bunny can represent events in the past, the verb "to be". The squiggly line represents water, a pronoun or the letter n. The other one represents the letter t, the sign for bread or a bun or father. The last one is definetly used when indicating the name of a city or town.

Phonetically the whole shebang reads s wn t and the sign for city. It must be descriptive, but descriptive hieroglyphs are a tough one, even if you have the Gardiner number.

And now I need a lie-down. An afternoon well spent with Vleeptron ! Yay !

Anonymous said...

I got it!!!
It's Shithouse.

Do I also quailify for the 4,000th customer?

Sorry to all your followers for crashing the mastership with the Bob Rivers shoutdown.
Come back soon your Vleeptronship.

Oh ya, I'm NOT Tommy Merchant and I'm sorry for the stress I may have caused. There is no Tommy Merchant but I thought you of all beings would/should have known.
I used to think that Mary Alice Williams was a NYNEX concoction. Now I know she's a real person and couldn't have possibly watched over ALL NYNEX customers while their families lounged just inside those patio doors.
Hopefully knowing that there is no Tommy Merchant will not affect you the way that knowing there is a Mary Alice Williams has unsettled me.
Rest with peace, sailor.

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Since I must remain ANON. as long as The Google God is watching I'll have to assume a new identity. So for now I'll call myself "imsooldmydoghasarthyritis".