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05 February 2010

Birthday Bob / Why does a fireman wear red suspenders? / Euclid for my birthday! / Fish for my birthday! / Zoe's reopens!

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Birthday greetings from my Army buddy Ron who lives in the USA state shaped like a right-hand mitten. My guess is Ron is verrrrry close to my age, 'cause we both got hosed up by The Draft = Universal Military Conscription. Actually, I'm probably older 'cause I dicked around from college to college, and when I finally got drafted, all the other draftees in my training company called me Old Man. I was 22.

I've already opened two birthday presents from S.W.M.B.O. -- a really nifty set of heavy-duty red suspenders (to keep my pants up), and a new set of the entire Euclid's Elements of Geometry (English translation of course, my ancient Greek ain't that hot). Also some books on the history of Greek math by Heath.

Small birthday dinner party tonight, me and some pals, at the just-reopened Zoe's Fish and Chop House in Hadley, Massachusetts USA. Hooray! Zoe's delicious food and wonderfully pleasant hospitality is back!


Mumfacolyte said...

Lincoln read Euclid when he was forty -- "taught himself the Euclid" I should rather say. That was my ambition, at a time when 40 seemed old to me and the prospect far off.

In my case, 40 came and went without the study, and I recognize it may not happen (I have the discipline now but not the luxury). Nevertheless the same 5 Dover editions have rested on my shelf for a long time -- remain in good condition for those Dovers were "meant to last" as you recall.

The bookmark is still in the Heath (history) where I made some headway, but I would have to begin afresh at this late date, and don't know if my addled brain could grasp the concepts now.

Hope you have better luck with it and happy B-day.

Vleeptron Dude said...

hey hey hi hi Mumfacolyte, please go to the next post, this entire subject deserves a post of its own. Thanks for the Comment!

Jim Olson said...

Happy Birthday!

Vleeptron Dude said...

Well I think all in all I did indeed have a hot ziggety fine birthday -- and delicious and healthful to boot!

Cat Census:

You may know Elmer Elevator the Maine Coon Cat and Priscilla the Ferocious passed away. We recycled our grief into

* Stewart Wallace Darnley, the marmalade polydactyl tabby, and

* Mimi, aka Yvette Mimieow, a Turkish angora -- whomp-ass white fur ball. She had been on Death Row at an unnamed shelter and had been mostly caged for 6 months.

Amazingly enough they and Benedict Spinoza Cat have all grouped, bonded, packed seamlessly within days of arriving, practically no more hissing, and Stewie and Benny are Bestest Friends (like Spongebob and Patrick) and hunting companions. Mimi is still a bit standoffish but has regular intense fits of needing human touch and contact. She gets more trusting and more comfortable and confident with each day.