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20 February 2010

PIZZAQ: wtf? Identify this ... uhhh ... thing

Click image, maybe gets bigger.

4 Slices of Pizza, unpasteurized French soft cheese.


Mike said...

Uhh, it's a blobfish.

RheLynn said...

Yes, it is a blobfish. But, considering you have posted it we shall now call it Bob. It will make a good Bob. Mark agrees. Bob? Meet Bob.

patfromch said...

Looks like that grumpy old bloke down at the pub.

Anyways, another proof that evolution is scientific fact. Without saying that this blobfish is particularly ugly, here are some strange animals, I like the sea devil:

If you have seen Our Blue Planet, you will probably remember that there is this deep sea fish where the female is 90 % bigger than the male, when they mate they will be pysically stuck together for the rest of their lives. Design ? Pffffff....