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13 August 2010

Hey! You in the Northern Hemisphere! Go outside around 2 am local time / look to the Northeast / PERSEIDS METEOR SHOWER!



Lazarus Lupin said...

Did you enjoy the show?

Lazarus Lupin
Art and review

Vleeptron Dude said...

I'm still waiting to see the show. Very nice clear skies -- but still only 1 shooting star. The best info I can grok says tonight's Perseids window runs between 2 am and dawn.

You seen anything?

If you look Northeast, you're looking at the Radiant, the spot in the sky from which all the shooting stars will seem to spew.

But if you turn to the Southwest, you see the same shooting stars fly over your head in a big fan of all whizzing directions.

You won't believe this part -- but it's FREE!!!!!

PatFromCH said...

It was raining in Central Europe last night. Bugger that ! Usually does when VleeptronZ announces Free Astrononical Entertainment in The Skies.