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29 August 2010

what's on Bangerday & Bratwurst @ Club Drek, next to Ciudad Vleeptron Underway Fudge Tunnel station / COMING SOON: The Ramones w Hanoi Rocks

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PatFromCH said...

Glenn Gould was very briefly toying with the idea of performing the infamous 4'33" by John Cage (for those woh don't know basically 4 minutes and 33 seconds of silence while the performer sits in front of his istrument with the sheet music which really exists) at Woodstock in 1969.
I wonder what the "rock" audience would have made of that. It certainly would have been a laugh and a spit in the face of his critics. His Bach is precise, clear, free of romantic influences and I can only hope that the Canada Nite aucience will appreciate this.

No clapping after the performance, Mr Gould will be very insulted. No stagediving either. Please advise tha backstage staff that lots of Arrow Root Cookies and Poland water will be required. And a sink with boiling hot water. The sound crew must be advised that the hum-along is part of the performance, as well as the creaking of the chair. Please provide a shelf for his pill collection and make sure that the backstage area is adequately heated. Thank you.

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