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18 October 2010

The Islamic Center 2 blocks away and around the corner from Ground Zero / Whoopi Goldberg & Joy Behar tell Bill O'Reilly to shove his nazi hate mouth up his ass / God Bless 30 Percent of America

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"The View" is a Monday-through-Friday daytime TV show with a bunch of women sitting around on living-room furniture talking about the things that a bunch of women sitting around on living-room furniture talk about. It's been on American TV forever and is wildly popular. I've watched it maybe 3 times, I like the episodes where some of the women get up and try to punch Elizabeth Hassendorfer in the tits, and then she starts to cry.

Most of the time it's a really nice tea party with linen napkins and beverage coasters, and nice people talking about nice things, and usually trying not to say vulgar or barnyard things, but every once in a while Elizabeth Hassenpfeffer says something so stupid, ignorant and offensive that some of the other women start to punch her in the tits, but so far the production staff has prevented any actual punching or kicking. Elizabeth Klaggenzupper was a college softball player and married a professional (USA) football player, and I think she was dropped on her head from a big height when she was a baby.

(Okay, her name is really Elizabeth Hasselbeck, and she got famous on that stupid reality show "Survivor." She's on "The View" because they had to find one woman in the USA who could say nice things about George W. Bush, the Republican Party, Sarah Palin, banning abortion, and the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. They found Elizabeth Hasselbeck.)

If Joy Behar jumped out of an alley and tore out my gall bladder, I wouldn't know who she was or why she was famous or was one of the women sitting around on living-room furniture on "The View." There are some real smart, witty women on "The View," but as a general rule it's pretty light on Nobel Economics Prizewinners and quantum physicists. They talk about shoes and cosmetics and hair a lot, and sometimes a guest cooks them a new recipe.

If a famous man -- politician -- gets caught cheating on his decent, devoted wife, and it's a really icky extramarital scandal, and the guy really did many absolutely despicable things, and "the other woman" was 26 years younger than the wife and mother of his (legitimate) children, "The View" will devote the entire month of April to what this guy did and how smarmy it was, and what, in a just and decent world, ought to happen to this guy, and what ought to happen to his young hottie Kikki La Bamboom. The words "castration" and "gelding" have come up more than once. "The View" has very serious and consistent feelings about Holy Matrimony, and about noisy public deviations from this valuable social convention.

The Big Brain on "The View" is actress/comedian Whoopi Goldberg. It's a dream job. Imagine getting paid Big Bucks just to shoot off your mouth about anything or anybody. In most real human experience, that's the express train to getting fired or divorced or arrested, or declared Persona Non Grata.

A few days ago, the guest on "The View" was Bill O'Reilly from Murdoch's Fox News Channel.

O'Reilly usually doesn't make guest appearances on other programs. He's most comfortable barfing out his belief system on his own Fox show "The O'Reilly Factor," because nobody interrupts him or calls him a liar or an idiot.

O'Reilly chose to tell the ladies on "The View" why America shouldn't allow New York City's Muslims to build an Islamic Center/Mosque about two blocks from "Ground Zero" -- the site of the former World Trade Center.

He blamed the terror attack of 9/11/01 on Muslims. Hating all the world's Muslims works really well on "The O'Reilly Factor," so he thought he could have a Hate-All-Muslims party on "The View."

Things got heated, and although O'Reilly tried to use his copyrighted debate style -- he's famous for screaming "Shut up!" to guests -- Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg most assuredly did not shut up, and finally they just walked off the set, after making it abundantly clear that they thought O'Reilly was a sick fuck and right-wing moron.

The Goldberg-Behar walk-off became a huge cause celebre. It almost seemed, for a moment, that something important had actually happened on "The View."

We now return you to a recipe for chicken pepper casserole, and new makeup that's environmentally safe and friendly.

I like Whoopi Goldberg a lot. (Almost enough to make me want to watch "The View" again.")

I think Bill O'Reilly should be shoved in a rocket and sent to be the permanent USA Ambassador to Pluto.


Stop me before I leave a comment on "The View's" message board again. I'm ...


Submitted by jameskpolka 17/10/2010 11:53 am PDT 


O'Reilly said 70 percent of the American people don't want the Islamic Center built.

Freedom of religion is in the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution -- the Bill of Rights -- to remove it once and forever from the momentary whims of a religion Popularity Contest.

If Fox News Channel's on-line Question of the Day asks:
Do you think the Islamic Center 
should be built? [NO] [YES]

... and 99 percent of the mice click [NO], the First Amendment guarantees that the Fox Digital Lynch
Mob's results have no bearing or influence on the right of NYC's Muslims to build their Islamic Center.

And, thanks chiefly to George Mason and James Madison, the First Amendment will also guarantee the right of Jews to build a synagogue where they wish, the right of Mormons to build a Temple, the right of atheists to build an Atheism Center, regardless of where Fox's Hate-o-Meter needle points next week.

For Fox and O'Reilly, it's all about the hemmorhoid cream ads on their most popular Hate segments. At Fox News Channel, Muslims are tied with immigrants from Mexico and Central America, if hating them ratchets up ratings.

70 percent don't want it built? Fine. I'm going to wear a red-white-and-blue t-shirt that proudly says:

That's 93,000,000 Americans. I shouldn't feel too lonely. And they're probably a very nice, mellow bunch.


Ryszard Wasilewski said...

I appreciate your thoughtful use of statistics in this post. However, I do feel a little uncomfortable about your generalization and negative stereotyping of mice ("...and 99% of the mice click [NO]). I hope that you are aware of a growing population of mice with fully functioning human brains, who's influence, while not yet apparent, is bound to swing the political pendulum back toward a left-of-center drift.

Lazarus Lupin said...

I don't "Want" the mosque built, but I don't believe it is the end of the world if it is. The problem with the arguments being made is simply one of a slippery slope, how far away isn't far enough?

lazarus Lupin
art and review

patfromch said...

Agree with the comments by the gentlemen above.

I live in a country where the construction of moseques and minarets has been banned by the voting public with a huge majoirity. during the campaign I used to think that this wasn't about the minarets per se but about Fear Of Strangers. Whatcha say to that ?

Whoopi Goldberg is a fellow Atheist, good to see her give that drunken irish midget O'riley (who spent his last vacation here, dear me) a kick in the whatsnames

And think of the mide ! Would somebody PLEASE think of the mice ?

Ryszard Wasilewski said...

Mosque? Who's definition is that? Not perhaps an Islamic Cultural Center with a prayer room. I'm sure you'd both be welcome there.

Janice said...

Such a great article it was which there are some real smart, witty women on but as a general rule it's pretty light on Nobel Economics Prizewinners and quantum physicists. They talk about shoes and cosmetics and hair a lot, and sometimes a guest cooks them a new recipe.Thanks for sharing this article.

Vleeptron Dude said...

Hiya Janice, so very pleased you enjoyed the post. I haven't thought much about the Ground Zero Mosque brouhaha for a long time. Islamaphobia certainly hasn't evaporated from the USA, but is it possible the Ground Zero Mosque right-wing Faux News Channel synthetic controversy has just blown away like dust and will not bother Freedom of Religion again? That would be a sweet gift for the best parts of America.

Who are you, where are you, what are you, how the hell did you find Vleeptron and this-here post?