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23 February 2011

Koch's pay phone: Want access to your elected official?

Associated Press (US Newswire)
Wednesday 23 February 2011


Prankster who duped 
Wisconsin governor 
says it was easy

The blogger who posed as conservative billionaire David Koch to prank Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says he is shocked how easily he was able to get through.

Ian Murphy is editor of the Web site the Buffalo Beast in New York. He said he came up with the prank Wednesday to test how easily Koch could speak to Walker when Democrats complained the governor doesn't return their calls.

Murphy says he arranged the call with Walker after speaking with two aides, including the governor's chief of staff. He says he made the call using Skype and posted audio online at 3 a.m. Wednesday.

On the call, Walker talks about his strategy in the state's ongoing battle over union rights and revealed plans to pressure Senate Democrats to come back to Wisconsin.

Murphy, posing as Koch, suggested Walker take a baseball bat when meeting with the Democrats and Walker joked he has "a slugger with my name on it."

Brothers David and Charles Koch have given millions to support Americans For Prosperity, which has launched a $320,000 ad campaign supporting Walker.

Fourteen Democratic state senators left the state last Thursday to prevent passage of a budget bill that would eliminate most bargaining rights for most state employees.

A labor group that represents 45,000 unionized state workers says it is laying groundwork for a strike if the bill is passed.  They South Central Federation of Labor of Wisconsin voted this week to endorse work stoppages by union and non-union workers nationally.

Federation delegate Tony Schaeve tells the State Journal that a strike could affect schools, governments and private businesses, but crucial services wouldn't be interrupted.

Meanwhile in Indiana, where Democratic lawmakers have also fled the state, the state's House Speaker says he won't concede to Democrats' demands that Republicans drop contentious labor and education proposals.

Most Indiana House Democrats have fled to Urbana in an effort to kill the bills. Their absence denies the House the quorum needed to conduct business. Democrats want Republicans to drop a voucher bill that would direct taxpayer money to private schools and a so-called "right-to-work" bill that prohibits union membership from being a condition of employment.

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1 comment:

patfromch said...

This story made it to a swiss paper now:

Same thing happening here. Multi-Millionaires are in control of the most popular right-wing party. These poeple actually managed to tell their voters, mostly working-class that a General Minimum Wage of CHF 17.-- is absolute nonsense. Those very same millionaires are making a profit off cheap labourers coming from EU states. The middle class is digging its grave with the help of the same populist right-wingers who tell them that the EU is a joke but do nothing about the increase of cheap workers, work regulations are bull and unions are useless. In the fall we will have general elections and this right wing party wants to win more than 30 % of all seats, possibly more. Unfortunetly the lefties and socialists were unable to do anything against the threat of right-wing deregulators by now. Being middle class my self I am astonished that my peers actually fell for this trick but support it with enthusiasm. They support the people who even told them that they are going to screw them, I find that most bizzare.