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31 May 2011

Now for sale on eBay! Heavy water! 10 grams of deuterium oxide!

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Now for sale on eBay:

10 grams pure deuterium oxide (D2O, heavy water) in glass vial

Deuterium is a rare isotope of hydrogen (making up 0.015% of all hydrogen) that, unlike regular hydrogen, has a neutron.  This neutron doubles its mass and gives it slightly different chemical properties.  Full D2O molecules (as opposed to DHO molecules) make up about 0.0000023% of all water molecules. 

Deuterium oxide, or heavy water, is about 11% heavier than regular water.  It also has a higher melting point and higher boiling point.  It is nontoxic, though it cannot be taken as a replacement for regular water. Studies have shown that a body water mass of about 50% deuterium oxide is fatal. Deuterium oxide is used in some nuclear reactors as a neutron moderator.  Regular water and some other materials can also be used for this purpose.

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