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21 May 2011

Okay 70 minutes until The End of The World hereabouts! / hot white babes go to the head of the Rapture line!

Click image to enlarge.

The website from which I filched these two images of The Rapture pointed out that the artists seem to suggest that all the lucky Christians who will be wafted directly to Heaven are white, Caucasian. 

I grew up in the racially segregated USA South, and now find it particularly dismaying to discover that Heaven may also have a WHITES ONLY sign on it.

The bottom image has the characteristic art style of Archie Comics. If that's correct, it's because (Wikipedia:)


In 1973, [Archie Comics founder and CEO John L.] Goldwater "licens[ed] Archie for evangelical Christian messages," despite his personal Jewish faith, feeling that the "sentiments were in line with his wholesome family message." The comics were written and illustrated by one of the Archie regulars, Al Hartley, and were published by Spire Christian Comics.


Besides being white, the bottom image suggests that being a hot young babe is a definite advantage for being chosen for the Rapture. 

And why not? You have a problem with that?


pattheatheist said...

Religion is grober Unfug, nonsense and has no logic at all. For nobody knows the hour etc blabla but St. John had this vision of the apocalypse. And that Rapture thing doesn’t make any sense, not even as very bad science fiction. Bleh ! I can only hope that some of these deluded people will be shellshocked today after it dawns on them that they have been tricked.

Vleeptron Dude said...


This 2000 movie was a huge hit, mostly shown in churches, about The Rapture:


"Left Behind: The Movie" is a Christian based film released in 2000 and starring Kirk Cameron, Brad Johnson, Gordon Currie and Clarence Gilyard. It was directed by Vic Sarin. Left Behind was proclaimed by its creators as the biggest and most ambitious Christian film ever made.[1] It is based on the Left Behind book series and also the first in a trilogy, followed by Left Behind II: Tribulation Force and Left Behind: World at War. The MPAA rated the film PG-13 for violence.


Buck Narrates saying, "How do you describe both a beginning and an end, we should have known better, but we didn't... (At this time the title "Left Behind" appears on screen")... what does it matter what we think we know, in the end there's no denying the truth." A young television journalist for a news network called GNN, Buck Williams, reports from Israel about a new technology with which food will grow almost anywhere, he is interviewing Israeli scientist Chaim Rosenzweig. He calls this a miracle. Suddenly, Arab Mikoyan MiG-29 fighter jets fly over, attempting to attack Israel with a vicious air raid. The sun disappears even though it is still in the mid-day. A missile hits near Buck and Chaim as they retreat to a military bunker. The jets start exploding and crashing down even though Israel forces didn't fire a single shot and a commander states they how Israel, "can't get those planes up". Buck runs outside with the news camera and records the drama as some GNN executives and reporters watch back in Chicago. The jets explode and crash to the ground and the entire force is destroyed ...

[lots more at Wikipedia]

patfromch said...

I have seen that one, at least parts of it, posted the trailer in the lsst post. I want to know what the enemy of reason thinks. Very funny movie when yu had a few beers and have a soft spot for horrible b-movies like Plan 9 or It Came From Outer Space.