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14 July 2011

Monster aaaah! Monster aaaah! Monster! Monster! Get outta here Monster!

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Fred Schneider is ... oh never mind. He's Really Somebody, with a long history of being a Very Big Somebody, and if making money is any kind of criterion for whether you're Somebody (Donald Trump and Rupert Murdoch, by this criterion, are Somebody), Fred Schneider has turned his unusual skills and talents into quite a lot of money.

I suspect Fred doesn't blow it all on 28 Lamborghinis and Hispano-Suizas. But I would love to know what Fred Schneider spends his money on.

I do feel compelled to say that according to Wikipedia

Schneider is well-known for his sprechgesang which he developed from reciting poetry over guitars.

Where Fred is now I don't know, but he's spent a lot of his adult life in Athens, Georgia USA, home of the University of Georgia. Clearly Athens, Georgia must be a surpisingly odd and unusual place, with regular volcanic explosions of unique, original and enormously popular music.

Anyway, over the years Fred has released a few solo albums, and this song, "Monster," is from his first, "Fred Schneider and the Shake Society." He and some remarkably talented friends made this video to go with it, and apparently MTV ended up banning it. It was too dangerous for young and impressionable viewers to see on Planet Earth.

But you can see it on Planet Vleeptron. We're not scared.
Nothing that comes out of peoples' brains and mouths scares us on Vleeptron. If you're not pointing a gun or a knife or making a fist, we're not scared.

(If you are caught brandishing weapons, it's back to the Akira Kurusawa Zeta Beam Drome for you, pal, and you get a one-way zap back to Earth.)

* * *

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lyrics by Fred Schneider
music by John Coté
from the album "Fred Schneider and the Shake Society"


[spoken:] I saw it officer,
It looked prehistoric ...

There's a monster in my pants
And it does a nasty dance
When it moves in and out
Everybody starts to shout

Monster, aaaah
monster, aaaah
Get outta here monster!
Monster! Monster!
Get outta here monster!

There's a monster in my pants
And it does a naughty dance
When it sees the light of day
You can hear the people say

Oh no, a monster!
Oh no, a monster!
Oh no, oh no, 

oh oh a giant monster
Monster! Monster!
Oh no, a giant monster!

Shut the window, bolt the door!
Don't wanna see that monster no more!

There's a monster in my pants
And it does a modern dance
When it comes into a room
People hit it with a broom

Take that monster!
Take that monster!
Take it! Take it!
Take that you awful thing!
Take that aaah!
Take that aaah!
Take it! Take it! 

Take that you naughty thing!

And they don't wear pants
on the other side of France
But they do wear fleece
to protect them from the beasts

Monster! Monster!
Oh gee, a great big monster!

There's a monster on the run
and it wants to have some fun
When it flies up in the air
all the people stop and stare

The guys give a yell
and the girls start to shriek 

when they see its giant claws
and its razor-sharp beak

[spoken:] Gosh would you look at that thing?
And I thought dinosaurs were extinct!



patfromch said...

Apparently Schneider is still touring with his old band. You know which one. Apparently they did perform in February 2011 and are on. tour

Vleeptron Dude said...

I saw the B52s -- fronted by Fred, of course -- in Saratoga, New York a few years ago, and geez they're a wonderful mix of Fun and Good Human Vibes.

Several times I've posted stuff on Vleeptron that screams


and ascribed it to the B52s, but actually TPaM is a song from Fred Schneider & the Shake Society.

Would you know Sprechgesang if it bit you in the ass? It was certainly new to me. It seems to be 1st cousin to Sprechstimme, which is also a total stranger to me. I suspect it has to do with great opera soloists who are wonderful actors, but aren't really very good singers.

I do love the Monster video. You can always tell when a work of art or literature or music was INTENDED to piss off the censors and the cops.

In the USA, one of the B52's biggest hits was "Roam." A fan wrote the poetry/lyrics and sent it to them.

All these people -- they just make Planet Earth a better place, funnier place, happier place, smarter place. If they're cruising anywhere near your part of Yerp, rob a petrol station and buy a ticket.

foxpawpress said...

hahaha! you got me smiling, gotta love that monster! never know with cats. The yard is full of baby rabbits, plenty of food to keep a pissed off cat away for a while, as a political statement, while dining on gourmet rabbit rarebit. I heard sounds which I think might be thunder. A good time to walk around the neighborhood, looking for a freaked out cat who wants to come home. See ya later! :o) The book lives! said...

Oh my god, there's a lot of worthwhile info here!