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25 July 2011

An Earth Robot (Dawn) is orbiting the Solar System's biggest asteroid (4 Vesta)! It uses an ion (xenon) propulsion engine!

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A wonderful thing just happened! Earth humans for the first time sent a robot probe to an asteroid and put it into orbit! Then it began taking pictures of the asteroid!

The robot probe, Dawn, shoots through space using an ion propulsion engine! It shoots ions out its ass for velocity and acceleration!

The asteroid, Vesta, between Mars and Jupiter, is the biggest asteroid in the Solar System.

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patfromch said...

the german aqeuivaltne of NASA also has some images here:

Apparently after a year the probe will move on th another asteroid, I thin it is called Ceres. this is good stuff, positive news. Man is but an ass, as Shakespeare wrote and while other people plan to torture and kill innocent children other men are able to plan and execute trips to planets and asteroids !

Also reminds me of last time Halley's Comet was round. I sat there watching live images and I thoutgt. Well, the images are grainy and blurry, but we are the first to see this Comet in that quality ! Yay for Science !