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01 August 2011

If it's Monday, it's the First Day of Ramadan! Ramadan Kareem!

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Okay, so I filched the calligraphy for "Ramadan Kareem," the universal greeting which means "a generous Ramadan." Look, I don't speak, read or write Arabic. So to wish my Muslim neighbors a fine Ramadan, I am forced to filch. Please forgive me. I would credit the artist, but the website I filched it from did not credit the artist. If she/he recognizes her/his work, Vleeptron owes the artist a pizza.

This is a little downer-and-dirtier than other Vleeptron Ramadan and Eid greetings, because (as happens from time to time) Ramadan snuck up on me, I just realized it was upon me a few hours ago. When I was in Quebec a couple of years ago, there also weren't a lot of screaming neon signs that it was Ramadan.

received the Holy Quran during the month of Ramadan. Muslims fast from morning to sundown each day of Ramadan. The month requires acts of charity and generosity, and services at mosques feature a reading of a thirtieth of the Quran, so a Muslim can read the entire Holy Book during Ramadan.

Tawdry and ignorant though this Vleeptron greeting is, I'd like to dedicate it to two young men in Orthodox Muslim garb who (after I had wished them Ramadan Kareem) had a very hard time getting across the US-Canadian border. I sincerely hope they managed to wriggle out of their troubles in a very brief time and continue on their journey.

This greeting -- Vleeptron hardly ever misses a year -- is part of the Vleeptron project to reduce hate, suspicion and interfaith ignorance on Planet Earth. The word "neighbor" does not specify how close a neighbor has to be. A neighbor could be just over my back fence. Or a neighbor could be in Jakarta while I am in Massachusetts. 

But we're all neighbors on Planet Earth, and being Jewish or Christian or Hindu or Muslim or  Swedenborgian or atheist does not relieve us from our bonds of neighborhood.
Ramadan Kareem!


PatFromCH said...

Today is also the 72th birthday of my country of birth
I like the old one much better

if it is still August 1st in your part of the world then hit to see a Swiss Gogle Doodle

Peace and love to all, whoever and wherever you are !

carlacryptic said...

Coolio! :D

Vleeptron Dude said...

Hiya Hiya Carlacryptic --

So terribly happy it touched something Happy in you.

You know I'm a wretched visual artist, but mail art has given me a way to say things -- well, I don't know how else I can wave my good feelings toward 1,570,000,000 of my neighbors to wish them a good Ramadan.

Now I gotta snoop through your art. Thanks!

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