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06 August 2011

PizzaQ! Lazy Kate, Mother of All

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From moNGO's educational outreach:  "Beauty Within 10 Minutes of Where You Are Right Now." (For specifics, inquire by Leaving a Comment.)

PizzaQ! What on Earth, Vleeptron, Hoon, Yobbo, Mollyringwald or the recently discovered new planet, Björkguðmundsdóttir, is this gibberish talking about?

In other words, if it makes no sense whatever to you right now, it DOES make perfectly defined, clear, comprehensible sense to one specific set of Bipeds, the elements of that set numbering into the many thousands.

Who are these Bipeds, and wtf does 


Lazy Kate, Mother of All


5 slices, white pizza, shallots, shitake mushrooms, fresh spinach, anchovies if you want anchovies.

1 EXTRA SLICE: Why are sardines packed so tightly together in the can?


Pick and scrupulously swear to obey the system of rigid rules you prefer:

[ ] Absolutely no use of Internet search engines, or of the computer (except to type your answer).

[ ] Google your ass off all you want. Call Klaas in Rotterdam on Skype. Ask your Mom. Cheat all you want.

It will be interesting to see which Rule furps back the correct answer. (Yes, how'd you know?)


patfromch said...

Okay, New England is well known for good fishing, right ? Reading all those Stephen King novels can pay off, you know. First thing I thought of that image with the lake was fishing

Could it be that Lazy Kate is the nickname of a special fishing rod or a hook ?

Vleeptron Dude said...

Nope. I just hate to post without a pretty visual image, and I look this one of a waterfall on the Mill River in Northampton. But the image has nothing to do with the PizzaQ.

And the PizzaQ answer has nothing to do with fishing.

Iceland's supposed to have some of the finest fresh-water fishing on Earth. If you want to faint, check out the prices of fishing equipment in the fishing shop at Keflavik Airport.

They also sell the most delicious smoked salmon I ever ate. Was it legal to smuggle it back to the USA?

My worst dread of going to prison is when my new cellmate asks me "What are you in for?"

misterfathersir said...

I don't know what it "means", but could the bipeds refer to the 60's soul (Philly Soul) group the Spinners? Or the 50's folk (The Great Folk Music Scare) group the Weavers?

Maybe Lazy Kate and Mother Of All are songs by the Spinners? Maybe I should rest for a looong time.

Maybe I'm in need of decades of rest

Vleeptron Dude said...

Hmmmm yours is the closest answer so far ... I suspect you've stumbled on the exact answer, but you are toying with Vleeptron.

No pizza. But it seems you could get your pizza if you wanted it.

patfromh said...

I recently saw a BBC documentary on the history of science and inventions in England and there they mentioned Spinning Jenny (btw it was most interesting, the show is hosted by people like that Dyson vacuum cleaner fellow etc)

if Spinning Jenny is the nickname for a weaving machine then so could be Lazy Kate. Now if this is a pune (or play on words as Terry Pratchett likes to call them) in american politics then I am lost because apart from Quinn The Eskimono I don't really know who is in charge right now.

The part about things of beauty you can reach in 10 minutes still irritates me. Of corse the local pub is just 5 minutes away, yet I don't think that was meant. Bloody metaphysics !

Vleeptron Dude said...

You are now tied with misterfathersir for


You've seen the TV ads for the Dyson vacuum cleaner? That guy is not Dyson the inventor. I know scientists and inventors, and they don't look that that. That guy is a Male Model.

He has a new invention -- a cooling fan with no blades! It just looks like a big hoop with no moving parts. (He calls it an Air Multiplier.)

You're in Switzerland and you can't find beauty within 10 minutes? You don't have to stand on the Beauty or touch it. If you can see an Alp, that counts.

patfromch said...

Well, he does the ads himself in Britain. Recognized him immediately.
I for one just live next to a forest, I can hear the cuckoos and owls and birdsong in the morning and can even take a stroll in the woods. That counts as Beauty.

Is Lazy Kate one of these acronyms like Fat Man, Little Boy, Spinning Jenny, Fat Bertha ? If toe this thing must be the origin of summer technical, but I be buggered if I know what. i still have the ones about the sardines in the back of my head, because I heard that somewhere before. Now let me see what I can remember about the Industrial Revolution from school....

James J. Olson said...
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James J. Olson said...

I asked Darrick, who is learning how to spin. A lazy kate is a part of a spinning wheel, which holds the bobbins to collect the now spun yarn. The 'mother of all' is the bar that is the main support on one particular type of spinning wheel to which the main wheel and other parts are attached. One assumes that SWMBO is the prompt for this PizzaQ.

Vleeptron Dude said...

How come nobody wants to answer the bonus question about the sardines?

In about 6 hours, in a New Post, the Winner of this PizzaQ will be announced. But I gotta get out of here right now.

misterfathersir said...

Sardines are packed that way to keep them from spinning.

The Biped in question is Pete Seeger. He was an original member of the Weavers and later went underground as one of the Sprinners. Ain't it amazing what choreography and matching outfits can do!
His 1990's Hudson River sloop was named the Lazy Kate and he had the Mother Of All dumb ideas when he tried to axe the power cable at Newport when Dylan went electric.

word verification is: itionsi, cool.

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