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22 August 2011

1st Day Issue / Postalo Vleeptron: Very Long Half-Life Ionizing Radiation Symbol / Get Used To It

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First Day Issue
Postalö Vleeptron
Very Long Half-Life Ionizing Radiation Symbol
Symbols of the Future / Get Used To It

I'll write more about this curious new symbol later, maybe tomorrow. You probably have never seen one of these signs before.

Well -- there's always a first time.

Here's a hint: Try Finland.

You can't possibly imagine how much highly radioactive crap we've generated since oh about 1900. And we've never given much thought to what we were going to do with all the spent, wasted crap, which typically has a half-life that can be in excess of 100,000 years.

Well, okay, finally a few freakazoids and visionaries have given some thought about what to do with all this Hot Crap, and they've even begun to construct facilities to store the Hot Crap safely (they hope) and keep all biological life safe from the Hot Crap's radioactivity for oh well 100,000 years or so.

Plan A, which is in very common use in this era, is to ship the Hot Crap to dumps on impoverished Third World islands. North Korea also gladly acccepted your used highly radioactive Hot Crap for decades. But there are suspicions these naughty Communists were doing more with it than just burying it in Waste Zone 228.

The world has been managing its highly radioactive waste largely on the Honor System for a century.

And some of us seem not to have been entirely honorable about their Hot Crap.

But this new symbol is designed to have CLEAR SIMPLE MEANING to any reefer-smoking idiot teenager who should wander by in 38,000 years. No matter what he can or can't read and understand. 

Notice the familiar trefoil symbol. It actually was designed to have NO MEANING WHATEVER, by the nuke industry, so all the trefoil signs wouldn't frighten the neighbors. 

The new sign has some slightly more candid and unambiguous symbols. Like the FLEE FOR YOUR LIFE symbol and the Skull.

Postalo Vleeptron liked it so much they made it into a stamp, to begin familiarizing the populus with it. They're going to be seeing more and more of these signs as the millennia fly by, so the sooner they know what it means, the better.

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