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10 August 2011

Lazy Kate, Mother of All -- PizzaQ is answered!

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The PizzaQ asked what

Lazy Kate, Mother of All

means. Several commenters danced around the answer pretty closely, but James J. Olson a.k.a. RevJJ nailed it, and thus wins the pizza.


 James J. Olson said...

    I asked Darrick, who is learning how to spin. A lazy kate is a part of a spinning wheel, which holds the bobbins to collect the now spun yarn. The 'mother of all' is the bar that is the main support on one particular type of spinning wheel to which the main wheel and other parts are attached. One assumes that SWMBO is the prompt for this PizzaQ.
Wednesday, 10 August, 2011


Hiya Darrick!

Last week S.W.M.B.O. and I went to a spinner friend's house looking at some kittens she'd ended up with. (It seems as if we'll be adopting two of them.)

In the house I saw a kind of spinning wheel I'd never seen before, and asked. The spinner said it was a louet, and believed it was originally a Dutch design. It's not the wheel she uses for most of her spinning, but she said she likes it a lot.

Lazy Kate is indeed the component that holds the bobbins of spun yarn. And Mother of All is indeed a brace off the main brace of the wheel.

Spinners ... Weavers ...

Oh, the sardine bonus question: Sardines are packed so tightly because sardines are worth less than the olive oil they're packed in.



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