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25 December 2011

less than 1 week until the past becomes the future!

Click Einstein-Minkowski Time Cone to enlarge.

Here it is again, updated, Vleeptron's Cliche-Free New Year's Greeting!


James J. Olson said...

And an early Happy New Year to you and SWMBO as well! :)

Vleeptron Dude said...

I had a math professor who liked to point out Great Public Spectacles of the Mathematically Arbritrary & Meaningless. The most famous global panic, of course, is the Millennium -- which has all the mathematical significance of your car odometer flipping over to a string of 0's.

We get this New Year's Odometer Flip every year -- IFF you follow the Gregorian faith system. If you got some whack lunar calendar tacked on the wall, then what happens to you on 31 December 2011 as midnight nears means zilch nada bupkis to you. You don't even toot one of those paper horns. But Gregorians are filling Times Square by the gazillions. To watch all the 9's flip over and become 0's.

So in a sense we are preparing to celebrate Meaninglessness & Insignificance.

But they are a vessel, and by tradition we like to fill this vessel with hopes for a better future.

How hard can that be? Look at how low the bar is set.

Happy New Year you & D! And everybody.

And why do we sing a song in Scots Gaelic that nobody on Earth understands anymore, and what are we all singing about? Maybe we're singing at the top of our lungs:

My cousin Edna was abducted
into a UFO by Aliens
They probed her with a turkey baster
and dropped her off on Route 112

If you know what that song really means, pls let us know.