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22 December 2011

response to previous post & comments / Ron Paul the Goofy & Screwy / Bush & Obama the Really Dangerous

Yo Christian Divine -- Merry Christmas! Peace on Earth, Good Will to All!

Yo Atheist -- Happy Solstice! Wear a warm pullover!

Okay, here is the deal about Ron Paul.

He's nuts -- albeit a nut-case whose Texas Gulf Coast constituents have been re-electing to the US House of Representatives a gazillion times.

So I start by a short scientific description of this odd kind of psychiatric disorder -- accompanied by tens of thousands of adult voters who all believe the same loony things which the central nutcase espouses. Most nutcases have to wander though the psychiatric ward alone or accompanied by one or two hospital orderlies. Ron has tons of adoring unsupervised companions and adoring fans every 2 years.

Oh, after the Air Force flight surgeon time, Ron changed specialties and became an obstetrician. His US House of Representatives website proudly announces he has delivered something on the order of 3000 babies.

So if political doom were ever to befall Ron and he lost his cushy congressman gig, he has this other day job skill he can fall back on, in a world with no shortage of pregnant females. As for his obstetrical expertise, I would gladly refer my pregnant wife, daughter, granddaughter, or mistress named Tiffani to his care.

The book calls Ron a Republican, and indeed it is the Republican nomination for the US presidency which Ron is running for -- and leading the field in the Iowa Caucus (the big pre-election popularity contest in a few days).

But Ron is not and never has been a Republican.

Ron is a Hard-Core Red Meat Doctrinaire Ideologue Libertarian.

It's all about Freedom for Ron. Freedom from Government. Freedom from government-commanded laws. Freedom from Cops. (He will immediately, on taking office, end The War On Drugs.)

In Congress they call him "Doctor No," because he votes NO on ANY BILL which calls for the federal government to spend 1 penny of tax dollars.

He wants the USA immediately to get rid of the Federal Reserve Bank (USA semi-autonomous public-private Central Bank), and then return to the Gold Standard. Every single fucking dollar in the USA economic system must be backed by a piece of gold of some weight or the other. (We stopped doing that around 1933. Cf. William Jennings Bryant's famous "Cross of Gold" speech.)

Ron is muy loopy -- and knows it and is proud of it, and so's his mom. (We also have 1 Socialist in the USA Senate, Bernie Saunders from Vermont. Bernie describes himself as an "Independent.")

His newly elected US Senator son, Tea Partier Rand Paul, has expressed interest aloud, in front of live microphones, of returning the legal right to discriminate on the basis of skin color. Just like 1955. Just like 1840, for that matter.

I would love to spend a Paul Family 3-day Christmas weekend. The unique treats and traditions of Christmas on Planet Paul. (I like his part of the country, very close to Corpus Christi, Texas, where I was gifted with 1 free year, and enjoyed the crap out of it and its hospitable people. Great ocean beaches! Hot gun-totin' babes! Magnifico Food y Musica! Flaco Jimenez el Rey de Tex-Mex!)

By the way, Ron in 2008 and now, is a stellar fund-raising champion. And not millions from big corporations and slime like the evil gazillionaire Koch Brothers. It's ALL some poor schlub's crumpled $10 bill stuffed in an envelope with FOR RON writ large on it. The Ron Paul campaign has many eery resemblences to a Secret Kult (although the campaign scrupulously discloses every crumpled 10-spot to the election authorities).

All that said and acknowledged -- and if you don't believe my defamations and diagnoses, just call Ron's office yourself, and if you get U.S. Rep. Ron Paul (Republican, Texas) on the other end of the line, he'll tell you everything I just did -- and more.

Would I ever want Ron Paul as the President of the United States, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, and (this is a media title, it's not original) Leader of the Free World?

Hahahahhahahaha of course not.

But ..................

How much worse could President Ron do, to the world, to America, than the last two "respectable" loopydoopies? George W. Bush Jr. (Republican) and Barack Obama (Democrat). How much worse could Ron Paul, M.D., OB-GYN, screw the pooch than these violent psychos?


Is this too a symptom of Ron Paul's psychiatric disorders? Is this what we have been educated to believe? Vote for the War Guy! Nuke Iran! Victory in Afghanistan! Vaporize the Heathen Towelheads!

And the No-War Guy -- marginalize that whacko, he's just too weird, too dangerous.


James J. Olson said...

Oh, and Happy Hanukkah. :) Church is at 4 and 11 tomorrow. Might we see you?

PatFromCH said...

Yesyes I will have to wear a warm pullover anyway. Bloody cold outside.
I can see your dilemma and cannot offer a moral solution.
On one hand we have a whackjob who can only offer that he will not get involved into foreign wars or initialise one. On the other hand we have the yaysayers to the military industrial complex, also whackjobs, but not as bad.
Hm, where is Kant, Hobbes and Payne when you need 'em ?
But if the above fact is the only thing that speaks fo this Ayn Rand follower then I would choose the lesser of two evils and go with the Eskimo. Jus' sayin....

James J. Olson said...

Did you delete my previous comment, or did Blogger burp?

Pat said...

I think he has so much complicated life story. Somehow I did enjoy reading it. (grins*)

Tammy said...

Such a great article it was, the book calls Ron a Republican, and indeed it is the Republican nomination for the US presidency which Ron is running for and leading the field in the Iowa Caucus. In which the unique treats and traditions of Christmas on Planet Paul.Thanks for sharing this article.

Vleeptron Dude said...

Hiya Tammy --

As the veneer of sanity and integrity flakes off Ron Paul, it fills me with great sadness.

He and Dennis Kucinich alone in the 2008 race promised to end the USA's pre-doomed, foot-shooting, catastrophically expensive Asian wars. This time around it's just Ron promising to end our overseas wars.

What can I say? I'm a Vietnam-era Army vet. I'm easily lured toward a candidate who promises an end to needless, disastrous wars.

But Ron -- ah, screw it. A gay-basher, an anti-black bigot, and one of those political Alzheimer's sufferers: He forgets everything in his past that now proves embarrassing. It just never happened, or somebody else did it and he never knew about it.

So like how did you stagger into Vleeptron? Who are you what are you where are you? Who looks good to you in November? (I'll probably be voting Obama, but for #(*3&*$% sake when the hell is he going to shut down Guantanamo???)