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30 January 2012

Postalo Vleeptron commemorative: my pal Diedrick's 81st birthday! (less crappy v.2)

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maldives tours said...

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Vleeptron Dude said...

hey Maldives Tours ... I'm in Massachusetts USA ... what Big Airport do I fly to to get to the Maldives? Karachi? Mumbai? Can I get to the Maldives by sea ferry?

maldives tours said...

Hi, Vleeptron Dude.
Getting to the Maldives, unfortunately, not easy, often have to pick up low flights, but these little troubles certainly be forgotten as soon as your foot set foot on the ground of one of the Maldives resorts. On the island Hulule an international airport.
In one kilometer from the airport is the capital city of Maldives, Male ', where you will bring in ten minutes on the national boat "dhoni". Flights to Maldives carried by companies such as Emirates Airlines and Qatar Airvays, and more charter companies. In addition, you can fly to the Maldives from neighboring Sri Lanka, the airline Srilankan Airlines. This option is especially optimized for the budget tourists traveling to India and Sri Lanka, and wanting a little change of scenery. From October to May (season on the islands). During the flight, look out the window necessarily Inside, you will appreciate those wonderful pictures that make the island against the azure depths of the Indian Ocean.

Vleeptron Dude said...

Hi Hi Hi Maldives Tours!

Thanks for replying! Thanks for the Airport Target information!

Did your parents name you Maldives Tours, or are you best known by a more informal name? (I'm Bob.)

Sri Lanka! Okay! I'd love to check out Sri Lanka!

BUT ... okay ... I am sorry to be such a picky traveller ... BUT ...

I love boats and ferries. Is there a boat or ferry that takes passengers from anywhere to the Maldives?

I hate big commercial airliners ... but of course to get from USA to Maldives, I know I will have to do a lot of airline flying. Okay, I accept that.

But it would be wonderful if a leg of my journey to or from the Maldives was by sea.

Salam to you! Namaste to you! Happy Year of the Dragon!

James J. Olson said...

Your blog ate one of my posts again. I wished Diedrick a happy birthday. :(

Vleeptron Dude said...

my blog has been actuing funny lately, like gremlins or kobolds are running around behind the scenes.

But again, 'twas not I who 86'd your comment.

Have you noticed that I just divorced Ron Paul?

This means that all sane and decent candidates for President are, like, okay with wars without end, amen. 2011, it was just reported, was the deadliest year of the Afghanistan War.

For the Day Before My Birthday, I saw "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy" at le Arte Cinema Boutique in Amherst, ate at the Route 9 Diner, and then slept in a Sleep Laboratory on University Drive with a gazillion electrodes sticking out of my head and a TV camera staring at me.

Home again jiggety jog! and Whately Inn for dinner!

maldives tours said...

Hi, Bob.
I do not know whether you can get to the Maldives on the ferry. But I suppose it's possible.
Of course, my parents called a beautiful name. My name is Vitaly. I live in Ukraine. In the state of Massachusetts are aware of the existence of such a country? :)
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Anonymous said...

Once you land in Male the Capital, you can catch a ferry (Dhoni), speedboat or seaplane to the variousMaldives resorts